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New & Prospective Follower Orientation 

I'm β€”
β€’ Lesbian
β€’ Giraffe
β€’ Bitch
β€’ Thot
β€’ Queen

i like to play video games and post about being broke, depressed, and horny

i am a which means i love other furries but also i hate other furries it's

always okay to boost, reply, and dm until i say otherwise. if i didn't want you to interact, i wouldn't let you see it ;2c

i'm also and (among other things)

that's all i got rn, check my pinned posts for more

β€” :giraffic:​

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non-fursona art thread

1. gift drawing from a former friend, stormy
2. giraffe jessica by @hammerhead
3. jojo meme giraffe edit by @fluxom_alt

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art thread πŸ¦’

this is Geometra, a leukistic reticulated giraffe. hobbies include: getting Buff, looking So Good, and Girls. pals call her Gea. she loves hexagons

artist credits
1 opposumfieldrecordings
2 sheepkind
3 lumberjade
4 @Zest

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emotional tonight and I love this picture so much

look at my gals πŸ₯Ί

It is so fucked up that we have the ability to keep houseless people from freezing to death and we just don't.

if you can afford a second home, why not just give it to someone who can’t

Could a depressed person do this?! *does bare minimum hygiene maintenance*

y’know how sometimes you gotta kinda

i saw left at london guest star in a youtube video and when she was introducing herself she said "you might know me from" and tried to quote herself from her 2 famous vines but her voice changed so much that she can't even do her pre-transition voice anymore, it was very funny

Someone on the chicago reddit posted a 10 second video of a coyote taking a dump in Lincoln Park and that’s the kind of content i crave

stealing his look to make the same guy, except he's barefoot and named Gordon Feetman

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the gf said "Holy shit, you have to come to Limsa right now and see this"

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He was dabbing and playing with a gun and playing the chocobo music and everything

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RT @[email protected] Buns: *across the room sweetly loafing together*
Me: *cries and takes out phone to immortalize this moment*

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