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New & Prospective Follower Orientation 

I'm β€”
β€’ Lesbian
β€’ Giraffe
β€’ Bitch
β€’ Thot
β€’ Queen

i like to play video games and post about being broke, depressed, and horny

i am a which means i love other furries but also i hate other furries it's

always okay to boost, reply, and dm until i say otherwise. if i didn't want you to interact, i wouldn't let you see it ;2c

i'm also and (among other things)

that's all i got rn, check my pinned posts for more

β€” :giraffic:​

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non-fursona art thread

1. gift drawing from a former friend, stormy
2. giraffe jessica by @hammerhead
3. jojo meme giraffe edit by @fluxom_alt

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art thread πŸ¦’

this is Geometra, a leukistic reticulated giraffe. hobbies include: getting Buff, looking So Good, and Girls. pals call her Gea. she loves hexagons

artist credits
1 opposumfieldrecordings
2 sheepkind
3 lumberjade
4 @Zest

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hi, i'm jessica "sapphic giraffic", formerly of

i'm into lots of different games, mostly pokΓ©mon, animal crossing, and warframe lately. i'd like do more board games and tabletop, but y'know... quarantine and shit.

looking to make a fresh start over here on

let me know if there are any questions

inclusivity win! this landlord makes you pay rent for each of your headmates

β€œin law” terms are a popular running joke in my family because of my great grammaw

she was with a man she intended to marry, but he lost some documents and had a hard time finding them so they stayed common law

2 years in she finds out he has a whole other LEGAL WIFE and kids in a complete other house 12 miles away

anyway he bailed, died at like 55 and his widow and grammaw bonded over mutual hate/love of him and half sibling kids

Now grammaw Lois calls her β€œwife in law” Joyce every day.

you know, it's been 8000 years, when are we gonna get womancala

my wife’s girlfriend is so cute and sweet and soft and nice and pretty

how lovely to have such a gf-in-law

best investment I've ever made? this plushy 3DS case

taking wikipedia's description of life in gulags and pasting it into life under capitalism to see if anyone notices

i'm the fake gamer girl your reddit bros warned you about

*picture of the Incredibles villain in sunglasses and a floral shirt* Havana Syndrome

@HoneyMoon it sounds like a kuva lich name tbh. Noting some of the ones I've had, like Yujitrpu Miss, or my favorite, Frgrgg Kabiakoo

i love the sound of the phrase "ogg vorbis" this is an incantation of great power

quick what's the link for the thing that gets around news article paywalls?

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