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New & Prospective Follower Orientation 

I'm β€”
β€’ Lesbian
β€’ Giraffe
β€’ Bitch
β€’ Thot
β€’ Queen

i like to play video games and post about being broke, depressed, and horny

i am a which means i love other furries but also i hate other furries it's

always okay to boost, reply, and dm until i say otherwise. if i didn't want you to interact, i wouldn't let you see it ;2c

i'm also and (among other things)

that's all i got rn, check my pinned posts for more

β€” :giraffic:​

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non-fursona art thread

1. gift drawing from a former friend, stormy
2. giraffe jessica by @hammerhead
3. jojo meme giraffe edit by @fluxom_alt

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art thread πŸ¦’

this is Geometra, a leukistic reticulated giraffe. hobbies include: getting Buff, looking So Good, and Girls. pals call her Gea. she loves hexagons

artist credits
1 opposumfieldrecordings
2 sheepkind
3 lumberjade
4 @Zest

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hi, i'm jessica "sapphic giraffic", formerly of

i'm into lots of different games, mostly pokΓ©mon, animal crossing, and warframe lately. i'd like do more board games and tabletop, but y'know... quarantine and shit.

looking to make a fresh start over here on

let me know if there are any questions

Was reading and evidently those gladiators who had nets and pitchforks were the twinks of the gladiator world

the tomboy femboy route is a superhighway that goes both ways

when academics talk about how inaccessible academia is they almost always are talking about jargon. which, don't get me wrong, there is a conversation to be had there. but that's like step 5, and step 1 is "having $50 on hand per article I'd like to read"

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the monetary gating of knowledge is one of the most disgusting parts of academia that no one inside academia talks about lol

Lgbtq Israel hat 

the most cursed hat in my grandpa's collection. happy pride month

i'm here to remind y'all that Squand exists, a product who's advertising encapsulates, so perfectly, the kind of hype marketing that was thrown in your face

So like, people wonder why Disney movies set in China or Chinese inspired settings do so poorly in the actual place, but it's not very surprising if you consider that all of them just use the aesthetics to keep pushing a very western rethoric.

e bothers me because I don't know what it is. Like it appears in all these places, but why. What is it

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Ο€ is cool cause it's the area of the unit circle. Just look at the unit circle, see how big it is? That's Ο€ bigness

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what fish lady is mika talking about i need pics to make an informed decision

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