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New & Prospective Follower Orientation 

I'm β€”
β€’ Lesbian
β€’ Giraffe
β€’ Bitch
β€’ Thot
β€’ Queen

i like to play video games and post about being broke, depressed, and horny

i am a which means i love other furries but also i hate other furries it's

always okay to boost, reply, and dm until i say otherwise. if i didn't want you to interact, i wouldn't let you see it ;2c

i'm also and (among other things)

that's all i got rn, check my pinned posts for more

β€” :giraffic:​

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non-fursona art thread

1. gift drawing from a former friend, stormy
2. giraffe jessica by @hammerhead
3. jojo meme giraffe edit by @fluxom_alt

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art thread πŸ¦’

this is Geometra, a leukistic reticulated giraffe. hobbies include: getting Buff, looking So Good, and Girls. pals call her Gea. she loves hexagons

artist credits
1 opposumfieldrecordings
2 sheepkind
3 lumberjade
4 @Zest

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hi, i'm jessica "sapphic giraffic", formerly of

i'm into lots of different games, mostly pokΓ©mon, animal crossing, and warframe lately. i'd like do more board games and tabletop, but y'know... quarantine and shit.

looking to make a fresh start over here on

let me know if there are any questions

re: horny 

i am now in a choking mood, would like to feel hands around my neck

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instant overwhelming wake up hornt, where is my large hung monster top? need someone to wreck my ass and use me like a chew toy/scratching post, thanks

whoops i dropped my monster cw 

that i use for my Magnum Posts

I think the FFXIV devs should start paying Melissa a commission for how often she sells that game on the TL

Chaffwork: @Spooky4Gorgon I watched ur video and now I'm a catgirl, what did u do?????

hello perry the platypus! behold my newest invention: the siddoninator!

Blue Jays love peanuts. Sometimes if I'm late putting out peanuts a Blue Jay will sit on my deck and yell at me through the window.

The last photo shows one trying to carry two peanuts in its mouth at once. It wasn't able to carry both.

#birding #bird #nature #photo

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need about $50 for groceries and $60-ish for medical weed

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly


venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


ΒΏtΓΊ estas una chica jugadora? ΒΏΒΏΒΏy tΓΊ tienes los pies???

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