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i wish people would stop excusing bigotry as a ‘slip of the tongue.’ a slip of the tongue is me saying fuck around my sisters’ young children because that’s a word that’s in my every day vocabulary. it wouldn’t just slip off your tongue if you weren’t already comfortable saying it in places you knew you wouldn’t get backlash for it.

Forgot to clarify “again.” I had Quakeblast a year or two ago and sold him and regretted it ever since but I couldn’t ever find him for an even remotely reasonable price after that. I lucked out on a recent auction. 😁

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I kinda can’t get over how happy I am to have Cloud 9 Quakeblast (a 3rd party “Masterpiece” style Transformers Shockwave figure from several years back), and with the simple but very effective custom work on it. Basically I painted his “face” black and his eye yellow, painted the inside of his chest silver so it stands out behind the translucent plastic better, and painted his elbows silver so his silver shoulder bars wouldn’t look as out of place & random.

Last night I found a video of the voice actor for Aerith in the FFVII Remake playing the full game and encountering the character she voiced for the first time and it's just so goddamn pure (Aerith shows up at about the 1 hour 14 minute mark).

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🚨 game release 🚨 

after a year of exclusivity im releasing my game Restricted Airspace publicly. the game was inspired by a fear i carried for years that Beirut would be destroyed -- a fear that came true last month. so on the 40th day after the tragedy, the traditional day of mourning, im releasing a version of the game with no antagonists, no explosions, no smoke, no inevitable loss.

all proceeds go towards the reconstruction of Beirut.

TFW you find a listing for an incomplete (but complete enough) Transformers grail you never thought you'd have a chance at getting, at a price that would make slowly restoring one piece-by-piece actually possible, but it's still too much for you to spend right now. :blobscream:

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on discussing covid-19; a statistic to slip to your uncle bob on facebook who is still adamant that football season will happen penn state has reported that around 30% of the student athletes who tested positive for covid-19 now have heart inflammation

so it's very much not a "but student athletes are in shape, they'll be fine!" thing

work rant, covid 

I've been getting so fed up with work and having to be the Mask Enforcer. So, so many people just do not give a shit (even the people who want me to be the mask enforcer).

And on top of that, one particular office that I've never been fond of seems to be stuffed to the brim with complete assholes (with one or two exceptions). It's like the jackass who runs the place can't hire decent people. So in addition to the constant having to deal with mask-holes I also have to deal with unnecessary attitude from people who probably weren't even alive when I started working here (this is an exaggeration but I'm mad).

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Like in the year leading up to Persona 5 coming out they removed 30+ Persona 4 designs I'd done (yes I'm still mad about this), and those were some of my most popular sellers.

I'm sure they did it because my aesthetic was similar to P5's design style, but I made my designs like *3 years* before they even teased P5. -_-

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Wow, looking back at my shop I'm surprised at how well a lot of my designs hold up. I kinda want to get back into it but Redbubble is always pulling my stuff down (and leaving straight-up screen grabs from tv shows or concept art alone) so I still feel like it'd be a waste of time and effort. :/

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Many thanks to the person who purchased a Rainbowbadook T-shirt!

Unfortunately I only make like $2 and change fro the sale so there wasn't much to donate to Trans Lifeline, but I rounded up to $5. :P

animal cruelty mention (not detailed), YouTube 

TIL that YouTube, while cracking down on smaller channels for complete nonsense as they tend to do, has done fuck-all about channels that literally abuse animals (severely) on camera.

This kinda makes me want to stop making videos and delete my account.

theme month idea, pun 

If I had enough pics of our cats with their tongues sticking out I'd post one per day and call the month "Bleptember."

I'm way too proud of that photo, btw. I managed to get them to hold hands and balance without needing any special tricks or stands or anything like that. It's pure articulation and balance. :blobaww:

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So I’ve started going in on the new Ocular Max all-in-one Assaultus (Transformers Bruticus) combiner and even though I only have Volatus (Blastoff) and Incursus (Onslaught) so far I’m loving what I’ve messed with. They might look a *little* messy with all the panel and joint lines but they’re super pose-able and expressive, and just plain solid and fun to mess with.

Also apparently Onslaught and Blastoff are a couple in the comics so I had to try for cute poses. 😍

TF toy stuff, looking for buyers 

Hey all,

If I were to hypothetically get my hands on the Trahsformers Earthrise Thundercracker + Skywarp 2 pack, would anybody here be interested in buying Thundercracker off of me for the cost of a regular voyager figure ($30 USD) + shipping?

I really only want Skywarp and I'd rather Thundercracker go to someone less random than an eBay buyer, and I feel like it's more fair to offer him up for a normal price rather than the absurd scalper prices.

If nobody's interested I'd just sell him on eBay probably, but I figured I should ask around first.

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