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PlayFrame Dan is 8 episodes in to Horizon and he still hasn't figured out that he can tag enemies when being stealthy and it's stressing me out so much.

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Autism Speaks, eugenics, birdsite 

Anyway I wrote about Disney+ for Unwinnable and it got posted to the site today. :)

Hooboy. Got into a discussion (an actual discussion not the internet version of a discussion) with the UPS guy about faith and religion and whatever version of Christianity he's into is extremely old school and rigid - to put it mildly.

Like "Saints that people pray to for good health and whatnot are actually demons in disguise" type stuff.

I know this is hardly news but it's kind of irritating how I'll intentionally mention what I use to panel line or paint a figure in a video or IG post but people *still* comment to ask me what I used. -_-

I'm both disappointed and relieved that I was outbid at the last possible second on an auction for a Great Goldran set.

Disappointed because it's the kind of set I've wanted for a while but never imagined I'd be able to afford one, and relieved because that shit's expensive, lol.

I forgot that I was going to get Diana a fancy new pillow for Xmas (sometimes her old pillows leave her with a sore neck or shoulder). But she texted me to tell me she hurt her shoulder again, which reminded me, so now she's getting a fancy new pillow.

I *was* planning on selling this guy because I have the Nemesis repaint in the mail right now but it's such a cool (and actually good) figure that I'm seriously doubting myself. Like maybe I can mentally justify having two of them if I use alternate heads and battle damage pieces or something.

Ugh, this always happens! I always decide I'm going to sell a figure, then when I get them off the shelf to take photos for eBay suddenly I'm like "No I want to keep it!" :P

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The first time I bought a truck, I had been fossil hunting all day, I was absolutely covered in mud and I smelled like a foot, my hair was matted and tucked under a shitty baseball hat.

But I just thought I’d stick my head in the showroom to see why they had.

A salesperson came up to me and somewhat tentatively asked “can I help you?” and I was like “oh, yeah, I need a truck!”

And they looked me up and down and quietly said “w-what happened to your old one?”

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US friends, in case anyone could use the reminder I'm hearing that open healthcare enrollment is closing on the 12th of Dec! Get it while the getting is good!

I'm riding the line between "angry" and "just really tired"

And here comes a second group 2 to take up space, lol

Group 1 of 2 is still just hanging out in the lobby ruining my chill with their noisy baby and door-blocking selves. -_-

"Oh she thought it went upstairs"

There's literally no reason for any person who knows how to logic to think that, and she never even attempted to go upstairs when she came back to the proper area, besides!

These pediatrician folks are really trying my patience. One of them was spread out across the hallway on the second floor (blocking foot traffic with a stroller, herself, and 2 kids), two groups were hanging out in the lobby for like 20 minutes, and one of those groups was managing to block both the stairwell exit *and* the door connecting to the residential side of the building while *also* wandering into the obviously separate residential area for no goddamn reason other than stupid.

So far today I've had to walk about a mile in the cold and rain, was attacked (in as much as something the size of a gallon of milk can, anyway) by a dog, crowded into a room with sick children, engaged by idiots who think putting girls in the Ghostbusters reboot is the worst affront to humanity ever, and splashed by a dumb kid who tossed their crumpled water cup into the garbage (and missed).

I'm still trying to stay upbeat but damn.

So I recently joined this Discord server for a toy review channel and some of the people on there are not great.

Like, "Hey this new Ghostbusters trailer looks cool!" devolving into "Grrrr they put icky girls in the remake!" kind of not great. -_-

That took a very long time but I've finally finished updating the descriptions on 500+ videos. -_-

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