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The Matrix is unrealistic because it's a movie where a black man and a woman tell a straight white man that everything he knows is wrong, and he just accepts that.

I'm also impressed that a kids show which primarily tries to sneakily teach kids about geography and cultures from around the world would put the main characters in legit mortal danger. 👍

Of all the cartoons I've watched, Carmen Sandiego is the *last* one I'd ever have expected a "holy shit" level plot twist from.

TBH I probably would've spent the ~$30 on this guy just for the pun, but he also looks fuggin' awesome so there's also that.

So last month I decided to give Mythic Legions a shot and ordered a few figures when they were having a "stock sale."

Then it took a month for them to process and ship my order. :P

But I managed to bring one of them to work to mess around with, so I could get a feel for the line.

May I present: The Boarrior!

Yes really.

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A Hat in Time is coming to the Switch on October 18th.

it was fun and cute but also i bought it used 'cause they kept jon tron in and also i've heard some not great things about the dev. point being there's gonna be a physical release so maybe you can do the same

Update 3: Got my refund and it was exactly enough (like, to the $0.01) for me to order a replacement Darkwing. I think it's safe to consider that a win! ^_^

Update 2: The seller was super cool when I contacted them about the issue. I mean I figured they probably just weren't aware when they listed the stuff, which is fair enough, but yeah.

Anyway we came to an agreement where I get a partial refund and they're even letting me keep the busted Darkwing, which is a bit of a surprise (I offered to send it back but I guess they don't want to go through the hassle).

Either way, works for me!

Some dudes *really* need to get the eff over The Last Jedi.

Update: I was able to fix Dreadwind and now aside from a couple of unsightly stress marks he's in really good shape and transforms just fine.

Darkwing is fucking broken. The screws in his torso were too stuck for me to get moving so I couldn't open him up to fix the mechanism, and when I got frustrated I tried to force it and broke the peg so now the head won't lift out of the body at all. I had to pry it out with a screwdriver. Now part of his visor has a scrape on it. :/

rant in caps 

Oh cool. I recently bought a bundle of 3 vintage TF figures (Dreadwind, Darkwing, Chromedome) that were incomplete but listed as being in "very good" condition.

Dreadwind's arm sliders are half off their tracks and could break if I tried to transform him without taking him apart and realigning them, while Darkwing's powermaster gimmick seems jammed and his torso spin/head reveal mechanism is totally jammed up.

This displeases me.

It's also kinda funny because, since 3/5 of the shelf is made up of combiners, there's technically 10 robos in that shot instead of 5.

My shelf of Korean robos isn't as full as it once was but it's been curated to perfection. ❤️

I reorganized the Omega Supreme shelf because *another* one is in the mail and also decided to snap some pics to show how different they all are in terms of scale. Samus Amiibo included to hopefully provide a bit more of a common point of reference with regards to size. :P

Or maybe focus on let's plays and make a game out of it.

"Guess which game they're playing!" or something. :P

I'm kinda tempted to make an Instagram account that just posts a random "YouTube face" per day.

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