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I look forward to the day I'm given clearance to force-feed lit cigarettes to people who smoke right in front of the entrance at work.

So I still need to change Megatron back into a tank to see if I want to add any other paint details, but I really like how my trio of Cyberverse Adventure customs (painted to make them more show accurate) turned out! ^_^

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City of Heroes solved the level-gap problem in 2004 by letting lower level players become a "sidekick" and temporarily get the stat bonuses (but not the new abilities) of their friend's level so they could play together, and MMOs to this day are still going "this problem is insurmountable, people will just have to grind harder if they want to play with their friends."

Do developers even play games? Why are we still following the Everquest model in 2020?

And I'm done! Cyberverse Adventures deluxe Optimus Prime has been given a more show-accurate paint scheme (with some liberties taken for various reasons) and I'm quite happy with the results. :blobcatheart:

I am going through with the return (minus the cost of shipping) because I just don't want to deal with this buyer anymore, but there's zero chance they're getting refunded for shipping when they're the ones who messed up.

Now this idiot wants to "return" the order and is trying to say I'm lying when I said they gave me an address with no apartment number.

Jokes on them, because I used click-n-ship, which 100% goes through eBay's system and prints out the exact address that the buyer has entered. And I've attached images of both the shipping label itself and the order info page to prove thise.

tldnr: don't try to fuck with someone who has the receipts.

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This is an emergency. South Dakota is pushing to pass a law that would make affirming trans youth a crime. It is extreme and dangerous. If they succeed, it could start a tidal wave of these horrendous bills. We have already lost trans advocates in South Dakota and we need to lift up our people. Mobilize to oppose HB1057.

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It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

I got a message from the buyer that's just their (supposedly) complete address.

No "sorry," not explanation, no acknowledgement that now I have to wait for the thing to come back to me so I can send it out again because they couldn't be bothered to *put the god damn apartment number in the address*

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this is the clip i use to get people to start playing yakuza games

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Now it's looking like yet another thing I sold on eBay is coming back to me due to the buyer giving me an incomplete or just straight up wrong address. Wonderful.

There are specific people in high places that I'd love to see get shot out of a cannon and into the sun, but even then I'm not 24/7 thinking about how much I hate them.

Like I can't be 100% mad all the time about anything, let alone stuff that's actually good like diversity/inclusion/ruining the careers of scumbags/etc.

I just don't understand internet chuds.

Like I barely have the energy to stay mad about all the actually important stuff going on. How do these idiots maintain that 24/7?

I still think about Duke. He was a large, surly-looking tuxedo cat who was up for adoption in our local pet store a couple of years ago.

I wanted to take him home with us so bad, for reasons I won't get into here because it'd take too long, but we couldn't for reasons I also won't get into.

We never found out if he was adopted or sent back to the shelter but he pops up in my mind a lot. I hope he's found a wonderful and loving family, because it seemed like he really needed and deserved one.

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