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Update 6: Things have quieted down for the most part, but one of the losers doesn't seem to be able to let it go just yet (or maybe it's because I didn't mute him the first time, I dunno). So now yet another bootlicking rando is trying to report me to the FAA. 🤷🏻‍♂️​

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Update 5: Still going. Woke up to 2 more, and a third popped up just a few minutes ago.

What's really annoying is I posted a new YouTube video that I want to share, but I know if I share it on :birdsite: it's just gonna invite the chuds over to the channel.

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[cw: eye contact in video]

Brawn on the Fourth of July - Studio Series 80 Brawn

Update 4: Wow, one of these losers even stalked me over to Instagram.

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Mutual aid, unexpectedly stuck away from home 

I'm so sorry to be asking for help again
My fiancé is home for the week and we were hanging out and they were supposed to drive me home

But they're having a medical issue and had to take medicine for the pain and can't drive me home now

I've been gone awhile and need to get back to let my dog out

I really appreciate any help

My PayPal is

Cash app is $bonemasque

Update 3: Uh-oh, a blue checkmark is mad at me now, too.

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Like seriously, what is happening? First I've got people getting snippy over a drone article and now Gamers are mad at me because saying a custom Xbox looks neat is somehow anti-Xbox bias. Is this because it's a holiday weekend and people have nothing better to do?

Update 2: Now someone on :birdsite: is trying to report me to the FAA, lol

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Update: I've since also received a couple of messages along the same lines on Facebook, which is interesting because my FB isn't linked to my SlashGear profile or any of my other social media accounts (except maybe Linkedin?). So that's fun.

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Two messages on Facebook now, too. One of which came through in the last 30 minutes. Did this story get shared on 4chan or some shit?

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lol, some rando (and gun-humper, going by their profile) on :birdsite: randomly decided to @ me over a story I wrote for SlashGear last week about "5 ways to take down a drone" or however we phrased it. Trying to call me out or something because 4 of the 5 methods are a "federal offense" (which I think is actually wrong unless we're talking about gov/law enforcement drones but whatever).

Thing is it's clarified within the *first paragraph* of the story that most of these methods carry a level of legal (and sometimes physical) risk. With subsequent sections reiterating that it could be dangerous or get you in a lot of trouble.

I guess yay for me getting my first dipshit who didn't bother to read the article before mouthing off?

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ticks in North America, yes there are pictures 

Whisk, I promise this is not a subtoot, you just made me think of it:

There are a couple major kinds of ticks in North America. The two that you have the greatest chance of running into are deer ticks and dog/wood ticks.

Deer ticks are small - adults are about the size of a sesame seed when they're unfed. It's also relatively rare that they attach to humans. Deer ticks are the ticks that carry the vector for Lyme disease.The look like the image on the left. They parasitize deer and very small mammals (mice, voles, etc.) -- in fact, mice is where they pick up Lyme disease.

Dog/wood ticks are much larger; they're about the size of the end of a thumbtack when unfed. They are the ones you're most likely to encounter, especially if you have an outdoor pet. They do NOT carry Lyme disease, but they do transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tick paralysis, so don't let the lack of Lyme disease stop you from picking them off!

Before you ask, I don't know which species of tick propagates that infection that makes you allergic to red meat.

However, it seems to be the case that all species are repelled by on-brand insect repellent with deet. I use Off! (and gain no benefit by saying so); use whatever you prefer, as long as it's strong and has deet.

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uspol, scotus 

Today's SCOTUS decision, in my eyes, essentially means the end to a requirement that patients consent to medical procedures.

Here's my rationale: one of the standard analogies is to imagine that you wake up one morning and discover that you're attached via tubes and wires to another adult human being, who is in a coma. These tubes and wires are providing nutrients to and waste disposal from this other human being; you are expected to consume additional nutrients and process additional waste on their behalf. You must bring this person wherever you go for nine months; at that point they will wake up and you will be freed. If you disconnect yourself before that, the person you were attached to will die.

Today's SCOTUS decision says that you don't have a right to disconnect yourself from that person; if you consented in the first place, you don't have the right to withdraw that consent, and if you didn't consent and the attachment was forced on you, then you still don't have the right to pull yourself away. Once you are attached, your right to self-determination ends.

(This is a vile decision on every front, but even if you are not and will never be in a position to have an abortion, this decision affects you, and you should be aware of that.)

I love how when I was growing up I was always worried about looking like too much of a "dork" or "nerd" or "loser" or whatever, then I hit 40 and now I have to actually think about what I eat and wear a night guard and I just do not give a shit. 😅​

update 2 re: toy ordering rant 

It sat in Ohio for a full day (*after* already clearing whatever thing they needed to check by like 10am), and was just sent on this morning.

This shit should have been in my hands on Friday.

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They Didn't Stop To Think If They Should. And Yes, They Should - Miniforce Super Tyraking

*cw: eye contact in video*

Suddenly reminded of how weirdly... mean? the Arkham games were to Harley. Like one line about her being "not very bright" was bad but there were several and it all just felt so specifically out of place and mean-spirited.

update re: toy ordering rant 

Update: DHL finally ssent the package out of LA this afternoon. And tracking just updated to show that it's at the hub in Ohio.

The same hub it originally arrived to the US at.

It arrived in Ohio, they sent it to LA, *sat on it for 2 days*, then sent it back to Ohio.

Seriously, what was the point of paying so much to ship this thing quickly if they're just going to drag their heels *and* ping-pong it around the fucking country?

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