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Twitch Self promotion 

Hey you! Do you have a twitch account? You should give me a follow at:

What am I streaming?

Currently: Breath of the Wild playthrough with the Linkle mod and a few others, Sonic Rush, and my First Playthrough of Helheim Hassle

In the future? Far more Sonic, more modded Nintendo games, and more new indies! And I’ll take requests!!

I have a schedule and highlights! So you’ll have something to watch while I’m not streaming!

You can even just follow to show some support and get me to the coveted 50 for affiliate!

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Trans Femmes, Let me be abundantly clear:

Do not go to Kathy Rumer in Philadelphia for bottom surgery.

She's a butcher.

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Hi I'm RC! I'm new to this instance!

I'm a 32 year old pan, poly trans lady with a massive chip on her shoulder.

I normally post about video games (mostly Sonic games, JRPGs, and various indies), old anime, board game design, and work frustrations.

When I'm feeling good I'll post selfies and post about food.

When things get real, I'll post about social science deep dives, queer theory, and general pro-union anarcho-communist stuff.

I'll be going to grad school in October and I'm trying out some new hobbies (drawing, streaming, learning German). So I'll be navigating some interesting life changes!

If you want to see me semi-competently handle some challenges or just wanna see cute selfies and dorky opinion, gimme a follow!

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You: *Identify as non-binary*

Me: *Falls instantly in love*

cities that sound fake
-san Francisco
-new york city
-new hampshire
-las vegas

That being said, today is the first day of my comic a day challenge. I would post it up, but it should be inked and relettered and I don't wanna do that.

Vague and spoilery for Kevin Can F*** Himself 

They make the political subtext text.

Patty continues being the best.

Is is girl power or is it gay?

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Watched the season finale of Kevin Can F*** Himself.

It good.

It's.... Not a good paper and I only have a few more hours to improve/complete it....

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I stayed up all night working on a paper and it's still not done yet.

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Tuca and Bertie is being obnoxiously gay in the latest episode and I love it!


Does anyone else just eat tomato paste?

I like to have it in sandwiches as a spread. It's tasty

Hark! Tis the amazing flying contraption known as a zeppelin! It is adorned in the branding of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio in the United States of America! Indeed it is a wonderful sight.

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I got Jess a job with me. Which means it pays above minimum wage and isn't delivery!

anyways, she just got the job, so she won't be getting a paycheck before rent is in.

And well, besides me, there's also her spouse London, and their child I love more than anything, Lucille.

If anyone could help them out, that would be amazing

for me, and for her.

Thank you <3

@londonshine for venmo (0309 if prompted)

$glamorshark for cashapp

Yeah, I'm bisexual.

I'm attracted to women and Brendan Fraser.

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