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Hey you! Do you have a twitch account? You should give me a follow at:

What am I streaming?

Currently: Breath of the Wild playthrough with the Linkle mod and a few others, Sonic Rush, and my First Playthrough of Helheim Hassle

In the future? Far more Sonic, more modded Nintendo games, and more new indies! And I’ll take requests!!

I have a schedule and highlights! So you’ll have something to watch while I’m not streaming!

You can even just follow to show some support and get me to the coveted 50 for affiliate!

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Trans Femmes, Let me be abundantly clear:

Do not go to Kathy Rumer in Philadelphia for bottom surgery.

She's a butcher.

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Hi I'm RC! I'm new to this instance!

I'm a 32 year old pan, poly trans lady with a massive chip on her shoulder.

I normally post about video games (mostly Sonic games, JRPGs, and various indies), old anime, board game design, and work frustrations.

When I'm feeling good I'll post selfies and post about food.

When things get real, I'll post about social science deep dives, queer theory, and general pro-union anarcho-communist stuff.

I'll be going to grad school in October and I'm trying out some new hobbies (drawing, streaming, learning German). So I'll be navigating some interesting life changes!

If you want to see me semi-competently handle some challenges or just wanna see cute selfies and dorky opinion, gimme a follow!

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You: *Identify as non-binary*

Me: *Falls instantly in love*

I'm cancelling today's big stream because I'm very tired and I should take care of myself!


Food poll 

Hey, I'm ordering Chinese from down the street. Want anything?

@RC come hang out in my back yard the weekend after next and we'll do it

At a church function right now and cannot stop thinking about playing one of my hell games.

This shirt is so perfect lesbroan and I love it so much. Please don't think about the fact that this is my third day wearing it. U gotta break it in

here's a little picture i drew a week or so ago hello

I have Lonely Rolling Star Stuck in my head

Still thinking about my idea for a D&D class for Hymnist or Faith Singer kind of an inversion of a bard mechanically. More strictly a spellcaster that gets power from others joining their song. If they are high enough level and get enough people to join them, they can be some of the strongest casters in the game.

It’s shocking that it hasn’t really been done to my knowledge. Shows a big gap in thinking from the main creatives there...

People think it's impossible to write a Lawful Good Paladin and have them be fun, interesting, likeable, or at all any sort of human but Adventure Time has Finn so I think people are just lazy

In BPM almost all reloads are multi part and to the damn beat.

There is a gun that has 4 shots and a three part reload and when you nail that sequence! :chefkiss:

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I played Bullets Per Minute for a total of 3 hours today. The game is good gets, you in the zone.

Shame the rogue like elements are a little unbalanced, but they tend to fade away when you’re in the zone.

Did You Know: When people say "OMG" they're actually referring to Oh My Goddess?

Fuck, just thought up a really, really good nonbinary username/online name:

Mx. Mxyzptlk

A romcom about a nervous AI assistant and a vocalist for a metal band 

Panic Bixby Scream Girl

Heck it, I bought Bullets Per Minute.

It has an instant visceral appeal!

IDK, if I'll play it on stream, but I know playing it will feel awesome!

@ les fellow leftists

je peux vous faire un sharkanarchist et / ou un sharkommunist

35e pièce

lavables en machine, conviennent aux enfants (pour la nouvelle génération de gauchistes v_v)

RT appréciés

learning statistics is exactly like learning typography, in that it's probably worth doing and brings you exactly zero pleasure and much excruciating pain when you see other people fuck it up, which they do constantly

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