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Hey you! Do you have a twitch account? You should give me a follow at:

What am I streaming?

Currently: Breath of the Wild playthrough with the Linkle mod and a few others, Sonic Rush, and my First Playthrough of Helheim Hassle

In the future? Far more Sonic, more modded Nintendo games, and more new indies! And Iโ€™ll take requests!!

I have a schedule and highlights! So youโ€™ll have something to watch while Iโ€™m not streaming!

You can even just follow to show some support and get me to the coveted 50 for affiliate!

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Trans Femmes, Let me be abundantly clear:

Do not go to Kathy Rumer in Philadelphia for bottom surgery.

She's a butcher.

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Hi I'm RC! I'm new to this instance!

I'm a 32 year old pan, poly trans lady with a massive chip on her shoulder.

I normally post about video games (mostly Sonic games, JRPGs, and various indies), old anime, board game design, and work frustrations.

When I'm feeling good I'll post selfies and post about food.

When things get real, I'll post about social science deep dives, queer theory, and general pro-union anarcho-communist stuff.

I'll be going to grad school in October and I'm trying out some new hobbies (drawing, streaming, learning German). So I'll be navigating some interesting life changes!

If you want to see me semi-competently handle some challenges or just wanna see cute selfies and dorky opinion, gimme a follow!

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You: *Identify as non-binary*

Me: *Falls instantly in love*

If you don't know about Mondragon, you should look into them. They're a giant worker owned and run co-op in Spain, built on socialist principles. The workers make the decisions. They're extremely successful.

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Mecha anime about Amazon warehouse workers who are given mecha so they can pick packages faster and are like "wait a minute, we have mechs why are we putting up with being treated like this?" and take over a warehouse, turning into a worker-controlled co-op like ala Mandragon.

I taught my mom how to read capital sigma notation a few days ago.

Honestly my favorite thing about Renais is that she doesn't have the mecha or anything she just runs around with a big ass gun and sometimes rides her giant mecha girlfriends

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I get the feeling that I'll get a similar car in a few years, but like electric powered.

They have a similar mix of strange design choices and cut costs on interior features.

Plus @bunny_jane has gotten the idea of electrics stuck in my brain.

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I miss my first car. It was a 2002 Saturn in that I had in 2014-2015. It was beautiful bright blue. It had a period of not moving for 6 months in Winter on Long Island. The exhaust system had a hole rotted through it. The brake system had fluid issues. My dad patched it up and it wasn't an issue for a while.

I liked the cheap interior, the general weird American interpretation of a Japanese car. I put tens of thousands of miles on the thing, driving all around Long Island and then up to Albany a few times.

The problems overwhelmed the car and it simply became unsafe. I swapped it for a lovely, weird little Fiat 500L, but I miss the cheap scrappy bastard.

*legions of data and information on climate change and wealth inequality are constantly churned out over decades, pointing to very obvious conclusions and solutions*

[White boomers]: *sleeping*

*one hoaxer calling himself "Q" posts absolute garbled, cryptic nonsense to a shitty online forum*

[White boomers]: "wow, so informative, I'm gonna base my life around this."

I know it's a bit old hat and dรฉclassรฉ to criticize the mechanics of MMOs, but whoever designed this quest clearly never tried to carry 20 zucchini from one room to another, let alone to another continent.

Currently feeling like I'm just in grad school to become the Sunday Friend from Disco Elysium.

Good Morning everyone.

I'm sad that I'm not taking in person classes today.
I'm also tired.

I'm hoping to pick myself back up soon though!

I'm just so happy that this game helps me continuously reexamine *spreads hands wide* all of this.

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I'm continuously having big brain thoughts about DE, but it's gonna be a while to place them.

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Fucking Disco Elysium... So fucking good. The Final Cut is really great.

Gonna make a YouTube channel of me just taking apart, reassembling, and softmodding 2DSs

Taking apart electronics is fun... Even if you accidentally break them....

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Oh! I did change the back panel of my regular 2DS with the lavender one.

I'll likely do a full swap on the weekend.

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