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My name is Morgan. I’m 21 years old, my birthday is October 28th, and I’m cis. He/Him, please, but They/Them is acceptable.

What else

Oh yeah, I’m asexual which doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions, and it doesn’t mean I can’t feel love. It just means I don’t want to have sex. I have a romantic partner— @heartles

I’m white, my family lineage is from western England and Wales, and then in the 1800s they moved to West Virginia for jobs, and then eventually settled in Northeast Ohio (Erie tribe lands), where I live now.

I’m 5 feet, 9 and a quarter inches tall (or about 176 centimeters), and I weighed around 140 pounds last time I checked.

I have dark blonde hair and a naturally red beard. I know.

I take meds to address my mental health problems, including (but likely not limited to) depression, anxiety and ADHD. These are not an excuse for my behavior if I act out, and I don’t claim them to be excuses for acting out.

Sometimes, I like to talk about things that don’t depress me. Like cartoon shows, movies, music, writing— especially my fanfics and original characters— video games sometimes, and art occasionally.

My favorite cartoon shows include (in no particular order)
Gravity Falls,
Star vs. The Forces of Evil,
The Owl House,
DuckTales (2017),
Avatar: The Last Airbender,
Danny Phantom,
Steven Universe,
Adventure Time,
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power,
Little Witch Academia, and
BNA: Brand New Animal, among others.

(I also like Loki and WandaVision, but those aren’t cartoons.)

My favorite movies include:
Toy Story through Toy Story 3 (but not Toy Story 4),
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,
The Little Mermaid (1989),
Kubo and the Two Strings,
Beauty and the Beast (1991),
Aladdin (1992),
Steven Universe: The Movie, and
• The Back to the Future trilogy, among others.

(Talk to me about animation! I love it— especially Disney animation.)

My favorite video games include:
Fire Emblem series games— especially Fire Emblem Awakening,
Super Mario series games— especially Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Bros.,
The Legend of Zelda series— especially The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks,
Kid Icarus: Uprising,
Splatoon series games,
EarthBound series games,
Super Smash Bros. series games— especially Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and
Celeste, among others

(Mostly Nintendo games, but I also like non-Nintendo games like Minecraft, Celeste and Valve games)

Some of my favorite genres of music are Jazz, Classic Rock, March, Ragtime, and Electronic (usually House or Dance). I also really like Flamenco and other Latin genres.

I do art of my original characters occasionally, but as I mentioned, my art tablet is broken and I currently do not have the money to replace it. Before you ask, no I do not accept commissions, but if we’re friends I might draw you something for free anyway.

I like to write and experience other stories, so if you need or want assistance with a story you’re working on I am happy to offer a second pair of eyes if you want.
I usually write about my own characters, but I also write fanfiction about other characters, mostly from Nintendo games.

As for non-media related things, I’m a big fan of Natural History Museums and Art Museums, I try to go on nature walks regularly, and I’m a big fan of trains— especially steam engines.

I believe, that in a perfect world, all people should be treated fairly and equally, should be given according to their need and give according to their ability and means, and should cooperate and work together and communicate honestly and openly with one another.

I don’t label my ideology as anything specifically because I don’t think labeling it really matters.

I’m Morgan, thank you for reading.

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Thank you to the lovely and talented LordYunaa on twitter for this! :claire:

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Anyway I’m probably gonna try to get some sleep now that it’s finally quiet

I mean, he’s not wrong, July 4th is not a day worth celebrating

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My city cancelled their fireworks because the mayor said “today is not a day for celebration” in the wake of the Jayland Walker shooting

Annual reminder that 1812 Overture has nothing to do with America

Anyway it’s nearly 4:30 am so I’m gonna hit the sack I think

I used it for my pfp as well as the one I made for jaina’s birthday and the one I made for omni’s birthday

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I came up with this rendering style later in 2021 after I got my new tablet, but I couldn’t find any images from then on my Google Drive

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2020’s philosophy was “new decade, new character designs” I guess.

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Everything I drew before 2018 was so ugly and washed out lol
God the colors looked like shit

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These are the very first pieces of art that Ehailia and I ever made of our OCs.

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7 is a thematic number in this fanfic project too lmao

This project has taken up more of my life than I would like to admit

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I feel so old

I used to be a teenager

Where did that go

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