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a mastodon instance for people who like worldbuilding

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@Monzz Tabletop RPGs are a fairly old subculture that’s never really had much attention so, sadly, it’s not surprising they’re a haven for gross dudes :-/

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@Monzz (I also suspect the Old School Revival of being an attempt by the gross dudes to build themselves a new enclave now mainstream RPGs are getting inclusive.) This enrages me. Believe people when they report horrible behaviours like this article. Stand up for them. How can a subculture tolerate such a vile thread of syndrome in itself?

@Mycroft Just got back onto Mastadon after a break and see you're still posting your great screens. Remind me what server you play on? I'm thinking of heading back into the fray.

Hey there Mastadon, how's everyone doing?

I'll be moving to London in April, can anyone hook me up with some nerdy/geeky London peeps to potentially ask questions? Excited and terrified to be making this big move.

You guys, I got the job!

I'm moving to London in April!

I feel terrified and excited!

comfort zones, jobs 

So I'm applying for a new job. This is exciting and terrifying. Getting it would mean moving myself and my husband to another country, no, continent. This isn't a fun prospect for me who is very at home in my comfort zone.


There is a difference, I am learning, between doing what feels comfortable and doing what is best for me. I want to work somewhere that my speciality is valued. I want to have colleagues that are excited about my ideas. I am allowed to want this.

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thinking about #videogames that I really like, Her Story by Sam Barlow is a mystery game that knocks me on my butt EVERY TIME, so so worth a look!

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Via Twitter: "For blind gamers you can ask Siri on the iPhone to roll up to 2d6 or just say "Siri give me a random number between 1 and 20" You have a D&D die roller. Please Retweet this so the blind RPGers & people who care about them hear this. [Mastodon] RPG people lets spread the word please?"

#gaming #rpg #accessibility

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therapy, work 

My therapist says my biggest problem with my job is that I take it too seriously. But my job is something I'm passionate about. I find it difficult to articulate the specific problems I have at work as I am so burnt out that all my efforts seem pointless.

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ICYMI: I wrote a "quick" guide for new and incoming Mastodon users. Let me know if you find any errors or if I should change something!

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hey btw #tabletop #rpg #dnd #pbta people i love love love p&p rpgs it's my favorite hobby and i literally always want to talk about them so please by all means.

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I wrote up a brief introduction to Mastodon; hopefully it'll help new folks acclimate. Let me know if I need to change anything!

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10 Pointers On Mastodon For New Users (not actually) 

2. Don't question the awoo. The awoo is the awoo.
3. When you're trying to mutate a word, apostrophicals are a 'best practice' in Mastodon posts, if you want to be the Masto-most.
4: Don't denote numbers consistently, even in terms of the symbols following them.
5^ It'll feel weird. Roll with it. Masto's weird. Get weird. No, weirder than that. WEIRDER.
7? You don't talk about Masto Club.
8. Deprecated.
9. Lunch.

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