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PSA about anti-depressants and other meds; mention of suicidal ideation; but don't worry everyone's fine) :boost_ok:​ 

I've been on anti depressants over a decade. I get ECTs to help my depression because of the few meds that work, they don't help as much as necessary.

I have been on countless medications, and my records haven't always transferred, so there's sometimes the risk I'm put on a medication I've already tried and has failed to help.

Let me be clear. If you start feeling WORSE or downright suicidal after changing medications, that's a bad sign and you need to tell your provider immediately. I don't think they'll commit you unless you're a danger to yourself if that's what you're afraid of.

The medication may not help, sometimes it takes a few tries to get one that does, but if it makes things worse that's a sign you need OFF THE MEDICATION IMMEDIATELY.

🚨 Keep your providers in the loop! 🚨

And if you're now worried about this possibility, like I said, I've been on COUNTLESS anti-depressants. There are very few I haven't been on. This past week was the first time I had to drop a medication because it made me feel worse. (The only other notable one is when I had an allergic reaction to a new medication)

I want you to be AWARE of the possibility so you know what to do, but I do not want to scare you.

Take care of yourself.

And if you need a crisis counselor (you don't have to be suicidal)
text HOME to 741741 (US and Canada)
85255 (UK)
50808 (Ireland)

that's my "favorite" crisis line, but there are others, especially if you aren't in any of the above countries.

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If you’re white and out having a fun day trip or three day weekend bc of #MLK day, FUCK YOU.

Staying the fuck home in an ongoing global pandemic or standing in solidarity with your Black neighbors are the ONLY moral choices here.

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star wars rant sorry 

you realise star wars fans destroyed one of the best introductions to a sci fi character on film because they misremembered and then forced something that never happened onto the screen, right?

yes im talking about the whole 'who shot first' thing, because it pisses me off so much. They know it's greedo, but they'd prefer it if big awesome badass han shot first actually sowwi tehe- oh and also maybe legitimise han using 'parsecs' wrong pls thanks :3

when in actuality, that scene was perfect. han talks a lot of shit, he doesn't know what he's talking about, you're supposed to see this guy and think "shit he's talking like he's something special, what makes him so special?" and when greedo fires First and MISSES, you go "ah, he's lucky. he's ridiculously lucky." You learn EVERYTHING you need to know about han solo RIGHT THERE, in SECONDS.

that's why ben later says to him something like "there's no such thing as luck". you fools. you absolute fools. it was perfect.

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Hi, um,

I'd really like to do more guest posts and things this year. πŸ˜…

If you're an author, blogger, podcaster, or someone who would like to host a queer autistic fantasy author for a guest post, interview, or similar, please message me!

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Give black people your extra money.

Let black people be themselves.

Stop calling the cops on black people for existing.

Stop putting your feelings over people's humanity.

a chest in Immortals is bugged for us both >:[

Baby's room is painted, he's asleep in his bed in our room, his chalkboard is done for tomorrow's 9 month pic, the pro controller makes Immortals Fenyx Rising so much better. A fun and productive day.

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uspol, minimum wage, "the good ol days" 

Conservatives: "I miss the good ol days of the 1950s"
Me: "Grocery clerks made $18/hr adjusted for inflation"
Conservatives: "Not like that"

What they usually mean is they miss the racism/sexism/child abuse.
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valid to work through some things through the mechanism of identity and not have to continue using that identity after.

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Given it some thought and I'm offering Joycon repair services: I only charge for parts and shipping, labor is free because I enjoy fixing these things.

While the Global Event is going on, I'll also make sure to carefully disinfect before returning them to you.

DM me if interested!

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Selfie, ec 

With outfits like these it's amazing my family hasn't realized I'm queer πŸ˜…

Gloomhaven last night (my character leveled!), painting an accent wall in baby's room today. our Switch pro controller arrived just now, so when the wall is done we can try it out with Immortals Fenyx Rising!

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Anyone played any of the Pokemon fan games? I just got recommendations for Insurgence and Reborn

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somebody already make the joke that a person really into French culture is a Oui-aboo?

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uspol, bumble 

dating app Bumble disabled it's "political views filter" function after they figured out women were allegedly using it to identify and snitch out insurrectionists to the FBI.

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uspol, near future events 

so the next week or so is likely to be hectic.

my greatest hope is that each and every one of you has someplace safe and warm to be without needing to leave for at least that long.

barring that, keep yourselves safe to the best of your ability.

check on your folk. really check on 'em - people are worn and confused and afraid and a few moments connecting with another caring human can go a long way to easing some of that for a time.

disconnect when you can, rest when you tire, and know that there is still love and you're a part of that.

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got my phoenix in Immortals Fenyx Rising and immediately died to like... every enemy I tried to engage. >:[ time to explore a bit, get massively overpowered, and go pound their faces in

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Hello, friends!

It's time for this week's #MastoSourcedPlaylist!

It's The One About Water!
Almost 4 hours of songs about Water, Oceans, Seas, Raindrops, Tears, and... other... fluids.

Shuffle up and Enjoy!

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