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Honestly please don't request to follow me if your whole account is a bit. I'm glad you found something that makes you happy but fuck that is really boring to me and not what I'm here for, thanks

good news, everyone! watching streamers play ArcheAge Unchained has killed my fleeting desire to play it!

stolen content takedown, req for help 

Hey, it's YoutubeWalkout.

If you feel like supporting it, it's no youtube time until 13th.

That includes and newpipe, so don't let me catch you suggesting invidious to people during the walkout.

christianity, a church does a nativity scene fucking excellently 

@red So THAT'S why the tagline is "His Master's Voice"

Gab but trust me it's good 

Gab but trust me it's good 

I am the atworkposter who scrolls through the TL, showering love and boosts on all your nightposting things

us colonization 

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you a stroke of inspiration ✨

detatched sleeves = good
thigh high stockings also = good

those gloves that only have one finger hole for like the index or middle finger and leave the palms uncovered and go up to like the elbow = also cool looking too and good

... i may be a touhou

FFXIV/ ShB MSQ Spoilers 

this literally has to be the best norman architecture in the world. 12th century. knocked my absolute dick off I could not believe this space. chapter house for what was an augustinian house, now Bristol cathedral. unreal I couldn't even photograph the decoration properly

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