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YOU GUYS @scoots drew my panda-totally-not-a-sona and I love her 😭 she needs a name, I'm the worst

go commission @scoots, do it now!

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gems commission by @orrslaw! Corun (left), the eldest, is a deep, starry sapphire. The younger sister is on the right, and we're still settling on a name for her. XD She's a purple diamond. OCs by me and @demimom, char design by Orrs Law.


Anybody got any spare stringfish they wanna sell me


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Hey if you can please don't go to the grocery store until April 3rd so people who have been waiting for their food stamps can get what they need!

I'm laughing so hard right now

"ahahahaha dispensaries are an essential business
eat shit, Garfield, drugs are great"


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I would really love a peacetime fantasy RPG. 

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If you look at Memphis, or Atlanta, or New Orleans, or Houston and think that those places are lesser than whatever fucking Northern or Western city, you're an asshole and you likely have some sort of fear of black people.

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