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Winning a tournament in FE3H should raise a char's morale imo, that shit is nice and you get money and stuff for it, way 2 go

do you even lift (your friends' spirits)?

FE3H, lewd 

Here is a finished a #fe3h commission for @MmeLibertine !!
Their Byleth with Claude and Edelgard being cute together !!
This was super fun to do, thank you for being patient with me :tialove:
#Art #MastoArt #Chibis #Commissions

FE3H, lewd 

there is no reason why gyms shouldn't be run as a free public service

uspol, cummings 

NSFW, sex acts in a painting 

it's still cold and it finally feels like fall and this is the best dang thing

looking left bc u wont act right
looking right bc u left
looking up bc u let me down
lookin down bc israel is unjustly occupying palestine

Welp I downloaded Destiny 2 and will probably give it a try again, because I can't help myself.

Gonna fight for all my AMAB enby friends cause y'all valid as all get out n we need a tea party to roast the cis spaces that only invite AFAB enbies cause they low key view AFAB enbies as women and thus safe and don't see AMAB enbies as valid

Autocorrect loving these CAPS

Security threat for Galaxy S10 phones 

"Don't Watch This" on Netflix is very well named because you shouldn't. Ugh.

The natural evolution of my bird mask is to get the rest of this ensemble.

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