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YOU GUYS @scoots drew my panda-totally-not-a-sona and I love her 😭 she needs a name, I'm the worst

go commission @scoots, do it now!

Disconnected from 2 people who've brought malicious disruption into my life. Strange, how hard it is to disconnect from people who hurt us. "Ignore it", "Be the bigger person" are often excuses to stay in a toxic situation because it's effort to get out.

For me the worst part of not getting enough sleep is the nebulous, difficult-to-shake feeling of despondency and loneliness.

Suggestions (sincere ones) for beating this are very welcome.

shouts to @vestal got me looking through my camera roll.

this is rodin's 'the clouds'. two figures embrace in the barely material world. these bodies are shifting and changing and disappearing and emerging together. soft skin and muscle collapses into billowy abstraction. I want to vapourise with them

Hands down, this is the best mashup of midcentury furniture, cocktail culture, and robotic age styling. Alleged to have been inspired by the moon landing. Vintage bar by Borghesani, 1969. (Photos by an unknown 1stDibs seller and Kelly Wearstler)

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something reassuring ✨

Not actually surprised it took most managers an actual global fucking pandemic to realise that maybe working from home is a good idea!?

I have a new account on @vicorva and I can't import followers from due to the instance being outdated.

Please do follow me on my new account for more microfiction, catposting, and talking far too much. :blobowo:

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Every single white person needs to watch this today.

botanically lewd 

This flower is called a clitoria. And yes, you can eat it.

on racism and human nature 

While ethnic conflict is a common theme of history, it isn't human nature. This is one of those correlation and causation things. Ethnic conflict, "tribalism", "us vs. them", war itself, that sort of stuff, that isn't built into human nature. That's what happens when things have gone wrong. The natural state, the default, human nature is far more amicable.

And paleontology is shedding light on this as well. The Neanderthals were a species of humans who lived lives remarkably like our own, they built tools and boats and were as intelligent as us.

The initial consensus among paleontologists was to assume we wiped them all out, violently, with spears and dogs, because they vanished from the fossil record within 10,000 years of when we came out of Africa. This assumption, that racial differences would have caused fighting and that we killed them all... well, it turns out that's probably not what happened...

A fascinating read about very cool changes in the United States ag community. I hope they become widespread! tl;dr big farms using cover crops to provide produce to their communities.

"Berns collaborated with Emmons to design the first chaos seed mixes, and contends that this is a carefully planned intercropping system that was first developed centuries ago by Indigenous farmers across the Americas."



This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

Just a reminder that the US is celebrating "independence" today while still holding Puerto Rico, the (US) Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands as colonies.

liberals: calm down conservatives, no one is saying death to america
me: i was saying death to america

People would still need mental health interventions, including psychiatric medications and therapy, in your preferred post-capitalist utopia.

Do not use leftist politics to justify ableism, anti-intellectualism, and science denial regarding mental healthcare.

Animal Crossing, moon chair, help 

Would anyone craft me a crescent moon chair for #AnimalCrossing?

Pretty please? :ablobcathappypaws:

I have the ingredients, just not the DIY! Halp? :ablobcathappypaws:

I'll also give bells, NMT's, wood, whatever you need that I may have! :3

Same for the astronaut suit! :_stars:


twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder what you're at 🦇

My favorite.

if y'all encounter folks who seem wibbly on whether the police should be abolished and don't want to read, point them to this series of podcasts on Behind the Bastards called "Behind the Police":

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