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I need to be more protective of myself and my mental health on here. I've curated a nice little corner of the fedi and I need to keep it that way. That's probably gonna mean more liberal use of unfollows, blocks, etc starting now.

This means please feel free to unfollow/block/mute me as well if you ever need. For real. Take care of yourselves. ❤️

If anyone on wants to switch and likes nerdy shit, I recommend requesting to join here on elekk. There's at least one actual witch here too (it's me!) who would love to talk about witch shit

Okay fedi, let's get controversial.


Oh, yesterday I saw this sick antifa sticker just a bock away from both my home and work (I live close to my work).

i believe in robust public transit, which is why my fursona is a catbus

A threatening threat 

meta, instance block, lots of aweful 

“The thing about giving a pass to writers from ‘a different era’ is that they weren’t the only voices of their time - they just drowned out the ones who did better.”

what if we kissed 😳 in a healthy relationship with strong communication and mutual effort & respect for each other 😳

For #horror fans, Nightscape Press is doing a GoFundMe direct fundraiser to raise money for RAICES w/a horror short story anthology.

The collection looks really interesting on its own merits and the money goes to a good cause, so I'd suggest checking it out!

How about instead of working today I just tidy up my house for my sister's visit, play FE3H, and talk to my friend about her VTM character?

Okay fedi, let's get controversial.


I notice that since coming here, Zlatan mostly makes headlines for his chirping, not his playing. And predictably, the day after :aufc: won the Capeones Cup, he's once again talking about how one of his teammates is "too good for MLS."

Okay then you can both leave?? Like, there's the door. Go. It's super easy.

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