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I need to be more protective of myself and my mental health on here. I've curated a nice little corner of the fedi and I need to keep it that way. That's probably gonna mean more liberal use of unfollows, blocks, etc starting now.

This means please feel free to unfollow/block/mute me as well if you ever need. For real. Take care of yourselves. ❀️

I wanna do something but I'm so mentally and physically wiped out

oh gosh my nibling saw the snapchat of my roasted potatoes & immediately started signing "more" 😍😭

the word "drama" 

more meta 

@strawberry and I are happy to announce the Sornieth Zine, a #FlightRising fanzine!

Our theme for this zine is Home, and what that means to your clan.

We’re currently looking for contributors for this zine, and apps are open until September 19, 2019 at 11:59 PDT. Interested participants can either work by themselves, or with one other person.

Solo Artists/Writers:
Collabing Artist/Writers:

The final product will be a free PDF e-zine

ATL ICE presence, unverified 

FFS you don’t have to want to procreate to respect children’s personhood.

it's actually extremely easy to be cool as hell and chill, online

"GREAT!! I'M HORNY AGAIN!!" I screamed, slamming my laptop shut in the packed Starbucks.

it's like a bath, but of smaller animals instead of water. disturbing and fascinating.

did you know about anting? wherein birds cover themselves in ants? anyways, here's a picture of a bird doing this.

Trauma and "drama," racism 

Trauma and "drama" 

Me when the timeline starts rocking about a topic I have no knowledge about

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