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I've decided to move my account to I'll set up this account to redirect soon for anyone who wants to follow me there, but I'm not entirely sure how the process works, so it might be a minute. The account is @Beret

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some basic rules for interacting with lewd posts 

I don't tend to post much lewd related stuff as of right now, but if I do, here are some basic boundaries for interacting:

- If we're mutuals or we interact fairly regularly, then mild flirting and teasing are okay, as long as it's nothing really explicit.

- If we aren't mutuals and don't interact regularly, then general comments and discussion are still okay, but probably not anything beyond that.

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something important to know about me 

I don't think I've actually explained this in a while, and some newer followers might not know, or people might have forgotten. So here's an explanation/reminder:

I have thalassophobia, which is basically a fear of deep water. It's very situational, so it's not as if I can't enter water at all, and in fact, I actually love swimming under the right circumstances! But under the wrong circumstances, the fear is paralyzing.

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Read before sending a follow request 

I only accept follows from people with a relatively detailed bio and a decent toot history! If I refuse a follow request, it's probably nothing personal, but I just don't know enough about you to be sure if I'm comfortable with you following me.

Of course, if I do know enough about you and you turn out to be a nazi or nazi sympathizer, then save us both the time and don't bother.

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Introduction Thread 

Hello! I'm Beret! Your friendly neighborhood Guy Who Talks About Videogames and Not Much Else!

I like to play games, talk about games... uh... listen to others talk about games. I like games.

But I do have other interests! I also *make* games and draw and write sometimes. Allegedly. I mean, that's what they say, but I'm pretty sure it's just an urban legend. Watch closely for a few years and maybe you'll find evidence, but don't count on it.

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I've decided to move my account to I'll set up this account to redirect soon for anyone who wants to follow me there, but I'm not entirely sure how the process works, so it might be a minute. The account is @Beret

CW meta 

Besides, why is my resilience being compared to what's required of people experiencing actual, physical violence? Why is that an acceptable prerequisite for coming to a social media site to chat with friends?

I cannot consistently keep that up, for my own sake. And if being able to post without CW is simply too important to you, then just say that and we can part ways.

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CW meta 

“If you can't even handle hearing about it, then what about the people actually experiencing the violence”

What about them, how are they gonna be helped by some stranger on a gaming social media site being forced to hear about it without warning? They aren't; it doesn't help either of us.

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CW meta 

It's simply not feasible or productive for me to be engulfed in discussions of violence 24/7. My brain just can't work that way.

Y'all gotta understand, we're talking about more than just mere discomfort. Depending on my mental state, seeing posts about real-world violence can sometimes send me into a near-panic-attack. If you think that's an acceptable cost for being able to post without CW– and don't even treat it as a serious concern at that – then I don't think I can be around you.

Are there any anime musicals? Like, Disney-style musicals, where characters will burst into non-diegetic songs in important plot moments.

I'm trying to think of some, but they're all western. Which is weird, considering how much great music there is in anime.

personal (-), covid-adjacent 

Ugh, a con I was planning to go to seems to have been canceled. For good reason obviously, but it just sucks. I only get to go to cons a couple times a year, and it's one of the things I most look forward to. It's the closest thing I get to a vacation.

I was in pretty desperate need of some big thing like that to shake me up, and that was even before the quarantine. That need has only multiplied over the past few months with how much I've been stuck in the house.

covid adjacent 

Well, I just left the house for the first time in about nine million years, so that was nice.

subtooting someone who won't see this 

Thinking bout the time I saw someone do an anti-CW-boost a while back. They literally made their own separate post without CW, with the original CWed post in quotes, so that they could share it without the CW

Like, why? I honestly can't imagine any reason for someone to be that strongly against the concept of giving people fair warning for what they're about to read.

cold take around here, relationships 

platonic, romantic, and sexual desire/attraction are three separate things, not three levels of the same thing, and one is not the logical progression of the next 👏

Is there some sort of western equivalent for light novels? And I don't mean regular novels or short stories, per se. I mean specifically western stories with similar stylistic conventions that are also prose-based and around the same length.

We've had a lot of western animation that takes influence from anime, but as far as I'm aware you don't see the same thing much outside of animation.

click here to feel old 

The Gamecube is almost 20 years old

re: Ys poll, lewd 

Hm... I've had to think about this myself, and I'm still not totally sure. I'm kinda leaning towards Dogi topping Adol, but I could easily see them being switches too...

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Skies of Arcadia, implied ending spoilers, poll 

Who do you think Vyse ended up in a relationship with in the epilogue?

@stolas horror isekai where the protag gets transported to our universe

Reverse Isakai where when the truck hits the hero, the truck gets transported to the fantasy world.

random thoughts 

Why is "no shoes, no shirt, no service"? What about pants (or shorts or skirts or something I guess). I'm pretty sure if I entered a public building wearing only a shirt and shoes, I'd still get kicked out

The English: “Look we made all these words from like a half dozen languages”

English speakers: “Oh good, so you must have some helpful pronunciation guidelines”

The English: “Lol, Worcestershire”

complaining about SAO 

And it doesn't seem like the character is supposed to be conflicted, because it never calls attention to this (as far I watched anyway, up to the end of the first season). It seems like the show just genuinely couldn't decide what he was supposed to be, so it tried to make him both at the same time and it ends up feeling really weird.

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complaining about SAO 

So @Morgan got me thinking about SAO again, and one of the things that really gets to me about it is that the show can never decide what kind of character it wants Kirito to be.

Half the time it portrays him as this lone wolf edgeboy who only looks out for himself and thinks he's better than everyone else, and the other half it tries to portray him as a nice shonen hero guy who cares about everyone.

Ys poll, lewd 

Who tops who?

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