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I accept most follow requests! I just like to make sure you're not a bot or a suspicious person. I'm a lot more likely to accept or follow back if you have a meaningful bio and at least a bit of a toot history.

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1. A game that had a lasting impression on you 

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Hey everyone! I've never been on a site quite like this before, so please be patient with me as I learn the ropes.

You can call me Mister Beret, or Beret for short. I have a variety of interests, including video games, amateur game making, tabletop games, and uh... okay I guess I just really like games.

That aside, I'm also getting into writing, drawing, and painting, and I'm looking for a place to foster friendship among fellow newbies. I look forward to chatting with everyone!

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Extended Intro, Long List 

I have one main reason for wanting to get better at drawing: to make fan art of the things I love that don't get any fan art.

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Mastodon: The Good, The Rad, and The Snuggly

There are three ancient methods known to instantly summon a Beret into your vicinity:

1. Mention Battle Network
2. Mention Ys
3. Mention Skies of Arcadia

facebook, positive 

facebook, positive 

I don't know what it is, but birds really like to fly right in front of me while I'm driving. I've had to swerve out of the way to avoid them so many times.

Stop that birds! I don't wanna hit you!

So yeah, I know I said this earlier but it bears repeating: do not verbally abuse Customer Service employees. They are people and have feelings, and you may end up hitting a very personal nerve and completely destroying the feeling of emotional safety they had where they work.

ah, perry the platypus, you've fallen into my trap! by continuing to be wrong on the internet i have forced you to keep responding to my inane posts and expending your emotional labour!!!

I'm amazed at how many Battle Network fans I've seen on here! There's only ten of us in the world, and apparently we all gravitated towards the fediverse? I'd literally only met like one other person who'd even heard of the series before coming here

This race for social clout is aggravating, menial, and, honestly, damaging to the psyches of everyone involved.

If you don't have "clout" then you don't feel worthy.

If you do, you either feel better than others, or you feel anxious because you have to keep it.

And all of that bullshit. Bullshit that doesn't actually have a true effect on anything that fucking matters.

It negatively harms everyone involved.

One of the like, biggest problems with radicalization or learning activism from the internet is that it's often skipped over how incredibly important it is to find something, anything, to be your safe space to turn off and regroup. A show, book, an activity like knitting or hiking, just anything you can do where you aren't thinking about injustice

So, uhh... I just finished writing a really long thread about Pokemon Yellow, and I think I'll post it here.

This is from a playthrough I started a while ago. I didn't come back to finish it until recently, and I'd even planned to do, like, a commentated playthrough. But then I just... didn't? But I do have a lot I want to say about it, so buckle up! Here's a bunch of my stray thoughts about pokemon gen 1.

*takes ginormous breath

Okay, I think that's everything I wanted to say! This was all thrown together from scattered notes I took while playing the game, and I honestly had a ton of fun writing it!

Sorry again if I clogged anyone's timelines, and thank you so much if you actually bothered to read all of my incoherent rambling!

pokemon gen 1, conclusion 

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