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Read before sending a follow request 

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Introduction Thread 

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thoughts on the fediverse 

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1. A game that had a lasting impression on you 

You know that guy on Miiverse who was known for just commenting on how the water looked in every game?

I feel like that's me in another life.

mastodon social is the home of completely normal profiles like:

Guy who follows 1,600 follows and has 104 followers and only 7 replies (none of which are showing on their profile) and a three word profile.

pol, vague 

@MisterBeret it's also possible to have 6/9, or even 69/69. Neither of those is as nice as they sound.

I don't know how vision is measured, but I know that 20/20 is supposed to be the best. So is it possible to have 4/20 vision?

hot take? I don't think it's that hot around here tho 

hot take? I don't think it's that hot around here tho 

bigotry is a tool of isolation meant to render the people dependent on a system that only seeks to exploit them and will abandon them at the first sign of nonconformity or rebellion

only love will save us all

Pokemon will kill a cool feature and replace it the minute they can't use it to show off Gen 1 anymore, next game giga evolutions will be replaced with Pokemon dance battles so that charizard can get a new cutscene where it spins on its head while spitting fire

I apparently forgot about Monday again, so here's some Pokemon Colosseum music for a late

“good” vs “bad”, abuse 

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