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Introduction Thread 

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thoughts on the fediverse 

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1. A game that had a lasting impression on you 

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And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

I think I've already stanned Tamashii a few times on here, but I'm gonna do it again: her gen 2 review is one of the best pokemon videos I've seen. She really appreciates the roleplaying aspect of the series in a way that I haven't seen from many reviewers:

There's plenty of the standard, quick, commercial reviews. Like, the ones briefly going over a game's basic features and stuff, but there's almost no reviews that really go into a lot of depth analyzing the games, despite its huge fanbase, and I have no idea why.

For pokemon being such a popular series, i feel like there's not very many in-depth reviews out there of any of the games. It's weird

It seriously only takes a few minutes on birdsite to make me appreciate what we have here.

Just spent a little while on birdsite for some reason.

Not doing that again anytime soon.

Wow, poor Type Zero got almost no love. I'm guessing just not many people have played it?

feeling old 

feeling old 

You ever mistake a bot for the real person and then sit there for like ten minutes trying to figure out what in the world they're trying to say?

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Under socialism I would want to see something like Rumble Robots but good. No more of this stupid card business, just colorful, distinctly-shaped characters engaging in tactical RC robot battles. With how much technology has advanced in the past couple of decades, I cannot even imagine how cool it would look.

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us politics, privacy (+) (boost with CW) 

I'm still in a JRPG mood but I'm extremely indecisive. Which should I play?

(I may not actually listen to the recommendations, and feel free to pick multiple games, but I'm curious what people think)

JRPG fashion should really just hurry up and be normalized tbh

Been gone for the past few days cuz I haven't been feeling well, but I'm back now!

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Imagine being so resistant to the cold that you can just roll around in the snow and not even be bothered by it. That'd be awesome.

Are there any city building games that have in-depth options for exploring and interacting with your city? I like the idea of a city building game, but I don't *just* want to observe and build from afar; I want to get up close and personal and really play with my creations.

The closest things I can think of are Animal Crossing and Minecraft, which are close but not quite the thing I'm looking for.

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