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She be getting her splat on, bro!

Thanks so much @[email protected] for the art! I absolutely love it to death :blobmelt:

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@MairuzuRoxs it's rare to see something that's this ridiculously well-rated and not overrated

y'know sometimes I think Undertale might be overhyped, but then I remember the true pacifist's ending and nah, it's not. Shit's fucking great is what it is

yeah I don't mention it often but Cardcaptor Sakura is still like my favorite show of all time and you all should go watch it

@MairuzuRoxs well you see???? uh...... :blobthinking:​ You know that saying "if you let him take an inch he'll take a mile"? That's why you have to set a firm boundary of NO SHOOTING ME

Neku having a tendency to forgive people who have point blank shot him dead is a character flaw(?) I don't think I have the necessary brain power to process properly


today I learned Watame is a fan of MYTH&ROID, that's pretty dope

Still dunno what it says about me that I finished NEO TWEWY in like 4 days lol

Bad choice of words lol, I don't hate the game at all, quite the opposite actually. It's quickly turning into one my favorite Persona games ever. That said, I'm savoringnthis as much as I can because once it's over and I get to Eternal Punishment, I can either a) just deal with the inferior PS1 version of the game that the West got and play that, b) wait for the fan translation of the PSP version, or c) just bite the bullet and play the Japanese version LOL. None of these are something I *really* wanna do, but man I also don't want to just not play it, y'know?

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if you agree with anything Armstrong says you may actually be insane

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I wanna play Metal Gear Rising so bad just so I can see firsthand how genuinely incompetent people on the internet can be when it comes to critically thinking about anything a character in a game says

@georgespolitzer senator armstrong: exists to be a critique of american conservatism and the monstrosity at the core of that ideology

50% of libertarian gamers: uwu pwease do not be powiticaw and mean to me i am just hewe to pway video games without politics uwu

the other 50%: wow! cool ideology!

how to quickly show that Persona 2 is a *very* different game from other SMT titles

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