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AAAAA Dude still so surreal that I won this art fam. I'm so happy!!! Artist is @Rno71 on Twitter!

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intro post 

My phones at 75% now, is that good enough?

Just remembered the last line in Rise of Skywalker and got big mad all over again oops

So I'm at this electronics store and I need to charge my phone and I found an outlet near a fancy chair you can sit in so uhhh. Guess it's time to loiter

What is it with Nintendo making descendants of stuff from the ocean extremely hydrophobic

Hifumi Takimoto falls under my long list of characters that I love from shows I have never seen before

When you look around for an adult before you realize that you are the adult

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This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Haunted Callie Calimari doll that drinks all your Pepsi and calls you a bitchn


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Drew it with dusty old markers, added a few touches in digital

#traditionalart #digitalart #mastoart #creativetoots

Her mood is the complete opposite of mine right now.

Still though, tenki no ika sounds pretty dope ngl

If Weathering with You took place in the Splatoon universe everyone would die

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y'all love smash bros but won't think about SMASHing the system and helping our BROS brought down by capitalism

Dude I keep forgetting that Shinkai made Children Who Chase Lost Voices, like idk why I keep thinking it was Hosoda who directed that

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people out here going "where's the next miyamoto???" like he hasn't been making movies since 2006...

Hmm, I feel I'm much more interested in anime movies nowadays than I am with regular shows

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I just realized I still have a christmas tree emote in my name still. Guess it's still December for me lol

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