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AAAAA Dude still so surreal that I won this art fam. I'm so happy!!! Artist is @Rno71 on Twitter!

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intro post 

Fantasy football but for Splatoon.

Fantasy Splatfests

Hey it’s guy fieri and were rolling out in search of flortvornite

@MairuzuRoxs aaaaaaauuuuuuugghghhhhgghbeudneksndokzndoendkabaidnekwmdjod

no one:

Guy Fieri on Twitter: Where we droppin' @Ninja? [Insert picture of him in Fortnite by a flavortown sign]

@elekkbot I need to write a 500 word paper, but I'm lazy as shit. Advice?

don't mind me, just getting hyped outta my mind for Hazbin Hotel

Hey remember Sonic Rush that great ds game that also has music with oddly high sounding sexual tension

🎢Brand new loooove song

* refreshes notifications tab and gets nothing * wow wtf

I'm sorry Mint for still not being able to tell if it's you or your bot posting at times

Elekkbot is being very coy, Imma just assume it mains Toon Link like I do because he is the best Link he is my SON

And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

YO EVERYONE!!!! Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (Steam) is $15.07 on Gamersgate!!!!!!

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