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Okay, I’m gonna do a new post because there’s been a new influx of people.

Hello! I’m Morgan, or KBY30 if you prefer.
I write Nintendo fan fiction, or at least, I’m supposed to be.

I do art sometimes and I do music even more occasionally, and I’m also a wannabe voice actor, so you know, hmu.

I’ve been here for more than a year I think at this point, but I’m pleased to meet all of you new people!
Welcome to the cool place!

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List of Things I Won’t Allow (Pinned Toot) 

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I guess I’ll do this too, because I’m a bandwagoner and a follower.

Like Mister Beret, I’m not gonna do the likes thing either.

All of the answers will be unlisted so I don’t spam the timeline as much as I do anyway.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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My brother: "Are you drawing your waifus?"
Me: "YES, YES I AM."

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🎵 (He bashed the fash!) He bashed the monster fash 🎵

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If you fuck up.... That's okay! It happens.

What you need to do then is legitimately apologise, actually understand where you went wrong, and then fix it. Make a legit effort to learn and fix it.

You get called racist? We are all unlearning generations of racism. Just admit it, apologize, learn why it was racist, and correct yourself.

No need to make a scene. No matter how embarrassed you are.

Just apologize and move on. You can gush about your embarrassment later, after you patched it over.

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Art commission needed! Boost/tag please! 

Well, I’m gonna have to take a break now and let the paint dry.

First, I’m gonna paint it white so I have a nice flat color to paint onto.

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Now I just gotta let the glue cool and then I can start painting it.

And I still have a bunch of leftover cardboard.

Now, I am gonna piece together the handle.

It’s really long

Okay, that sheet’s all nice and rigid, so now I gotta map out the shape of the head.

I think this looks alright.

Okay, I’ve got two sheets of the same size and length, but instead of gluing them together directly parallel to one another, I’m going to rotate one by 90 degrees to increase the structural integrity.

I just gotta wait for my glue gun to heat up.

So, first things first, I need to find the biggest piece of ‘board to make the blade out of.
This oughta be big enough.

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remember that comment i got asking me about that romhack i stopped making like almost two years ago?

go on, take it.

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