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Okay! I guess it’s time again!

Hello! My name is Morgan!
...Not that Morgan.
...Or that one, either— look, for clarity, I’m also known as KBY30.

I do ! And ! And writing about games w/ my sibling @Ehailia

My favorite games incl. , , , , and

I like Disney movies.

I have OCs! Ask me about them!

He/him is preferred, but they/them is fine.
I’m cis, DemSoc, and grey-ace.

Nice to meet you!

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The principal thing you should know about me is that all of my characters would punch a nazi if given the chance.

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List of Things I Won’t Allow (Pinned Toot) 

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I guess I’ll do this too, because I’m a bandwagoner and a follower.

Like Mister Beret, I’m not gonna do the likes thing either.

All of the answers will be unlisted so I don’t spam the timeline as much as I do anyway.

Let’s get started, shall we?

You show me a smash bros meme related to fire emblem, especially if it has anything to do with the amount of characters it has, and I will block you instantaneously.

I am not even joking.

What I’m saying is, I wanna do something productive instead of bitching right now

I should draw tetra and cry because she’s not getting in Smash

I’m tired and need to chill out.

Should I make music? or draw something?

Look, I will defend Fire Emblem with my life, to the ends of the earth and to my dying breath, from Smash Bros. fans or anyone else so says it doesn’t deserve representation in Smash.

All six of the fighters pass 2 characters are gonna be Fire Emblem fuck you

smash bros opinion 

I just remembered a shitpost mint made 

I just read “ranch flavored tortilla chips” as “binch flavored tortilla chips” and I’m unsure of what to do with myself


Every time I get out of the shower I end up looking like a british actor from the 70s

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