The fumes from it are also really bad, i feel pretty lightheaded and dizzy

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Going to buy some regular superglue instead tommorow

I got a job starting next week, its gardening so its only on days without rain

All I have to do is post about my height and violet will boost all her posts thirsting for tall trans femmes

The way she look at me like a head of lettuce

Fishing for jesus
Rye Bread
So very sus
In my head

i just learned that leon kennedy is in DbD and they turned him into a boywhore. i'm so happy. listen to these moans.


I just watched my wife spill sauce on her hand, then she proceeded to qipe rhe sauce up with a chip and eat it. Unhinged

Gonna kitbash an Ork VW Camper, name ideas?

Anyone want to buy me warhammer Orkz to paint

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