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hi there, I'm Sailor!! i'm a masc non-binary person in my mid-20s, sometimes i do art!! my pronouns are xe/xem/xyr, please ask if you need help with how to use these!!

here i post about general life stuff, my journey trying to get in to art school, video games, and just whatever i think it neat or relevant

sometimes i might say or boost something that is NSFW, so please do not follow if you're a minor!!

spends most of my life trying to make my voice deeper

goes out of my way to do a high pitched voice at work because i am trying to make a dog comfortable

my adderall has worn off and now my brain doesn't work

wait, yall are actually gay? i thought that was just a bit...

No one person has ever died from hitting the bong too hard….,,, it is MY DESTINY to be THAT PERSON

Mutual aid request 

$35/$300. Thank you so much for your help, both now and in the past. Again, if you can lend the money that is every bit as helpful as a gift, just make a note on the transaction and within two months I should be in a position to pay it back. Boosting is also a huge help.
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle

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okay so the store manager at the location im training at is totally on board!! the salon manager told me i'm really good at my job and she would love to have me

the next step is to talk to my original store manager and hope that goes well

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gonna talk to the store manager about transferring today


i'm home from work!! time to relax after bathing dogs all day

Therapist Hunting 

update: i have an appointment on the 6th to do my intake!!

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tomorrows gonna be a busy day at work but it's my last day before my weekend, which i get an extra day of this week, so hopefully it won't be too bad

Begpost, I need money ASAP, boosting is appreciated.

I still don't get the payment for teaching math. So, now I barely have money to buy foods. Please help me.

My Paypal:

#BegPost #Help

i'm training at a different store than i work at but i'm like

actually hoping to transfer here

stopped for a coffee on the way to work today and it was next to a subway that had a drive thru

but the drive thru had a touch order screen instead of having you talk to a person???

the future is now

this chicken looks like someone was trying to make a chicken costume that a human man could fit inside of

Therapist Hunting 

i'm going with the other therapist they sent me the bio for, definitely not swayed in any way by the fact that she had a picture of her dog in her bio

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Therapist Hunting 

the place sent me the bios of a couple of therapists i could see for the things i need help with

one of the bios had a line that was like "i'm a friend, sister, daughter, and mother" and that just

rubbed me the wrong way but i'm not sure why??

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Therapist Hunting 

i emailed a few places and a couple of them got back to me

one place said it would be 4-6 weeks before someone could get to me

another called and said they were full

and one other place emailed me back to say they're able to get me in

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