This is an impressive and varied roundup of a bunch of design and lore details woven throughout .

Brainsucker have brain surgery stiches. The doll responds to gestures. The nightmare areas are all stacked vertically. Willem sprouted spores. 😱

Between two full GoS runs this weekend, I helped nine people get Divinity. Feels good.

Good morning. Before starting work, I had to check in on my first-ever new home in . I then rearranged some furniture and placed my garden gnome. He’s dressed in black and wears sunglasses It was a good start to the day.

Later today I will begin planning an organized protest of Tom Nook's capitalist debt slavery oppression so that we, together, can dismantle The System.


is the first game in a long time where the hype has me tempted to try it, even though I'm pretty sure it isn't my kind of game.

Watching Half Life Alyx gameplay.

- Little story and pacing things seem off for a HL game
- I still don't see reasons for why this had to be VR only
- Sure, the last HLs broke new ground, but they did it on existing PCs tons of people already owned. VR setups are nowhere near as popular

TIL that, when Street Fighter the film came out, they also made a Street Fighter The Film: The Game.

But in the Mortal Kombat style of stop motion + live action models of the film actors.

It's terrible and amazing (also the second game played here).

Even though I can’t play Bloodborne ever again for the first time, I’ve found the next best thing is watching YouTubers play through it for the first time.

Bonus points for those who haven’t played ANY Souls-likes, tell their chat to offer minimal help and avoid spoilers, etc.

My fav so far has been Marz. She’s great, and actually the one who inspired me to try Bloodborne (my first Souls-like) in the first place:

If Silksong doesn’t get a release date tomorrow, I say we raid Nintendo HQ. They can’t stop us all.

Wow. r/GamerPals has become quite active, for obvious reasons.

Felwinter’s Helm (the new Warlock helmet) apparently has some sort of functioning Ghost eye in the back. 😳😄

It’s also much more powerful than I first thought. Will have to tinker this evening. Might be great for Seraph events.

Here’s a great breakdown of the Souls genre, a brief history of how game genres evolved, why this style of game deserves a dedicated genre, but that it should not be named after Souls.

Game Maker’s Toolkit is a great channel. I recommend subscribing.

😄 Quite fitting for the character, really.

God of War Hack Reveals Villain Is Flipping You Off Behind Your Back - IGN

Three things for (new) and expectant fans:

1) This is a great tips video of the Smaller Things that lots of others don’t cover:

2) Rusty repeatedly claims we’re pretty close to Silksong’s release; “closer than we think.” Sounds like he knows something

3) Where does Rusty live and what is his worst fear I don’t mean any harm I just want to talk no really I promise

I want to make a YouTube video about “How to prep for Trials,” except it’s about all the ways to cope with loss and rejection.

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