Alanah Pierce has started a “Good Gaming News” series because “there's enough negativity on the internet” and I'm here for it.

In my vault purge for the new season, I have finally breached a weapon class I previously thought un-breachable: exotics.

I just defaulted to always keeping them, so I think I have nearly all printed. Until today:

Since is slowing down for now, I'm having a lot of fun in .

It's a gorgeous pixel art metroidvania that's fun, challenging, and has light RPG elements and build variety. Runs great on PC and Steam Deck.

Souldiers launched with some rough edges in the difficulty department, but a couple of big patches seem to have smoothed that out. I think it fits in the 'tough but fair' bucket, like Souls.

I'm 26 hours in and really enjoying it.

After seeing a meme earlier today, I thought to myself “I wish I liked Monster Hunter more. But I’m not paying full price to try the new one.”

Steam just sent me a notice that it’s on sale so basically you can thank me for willing this sale into existence just with my thoughts.

"The Postmaster is almost full!"

Well has the Postmaster considered expanding its resources? I see a wall back there ripe for knocking down. Think outside the box.

Sony made the lead female protagonist of masculine as hell. Barely no curves and rough non feminine features. Unlike the average woman.

Pic from the game on the left, fan made on right. Hire fans lol 😄

invests a bunch of money in , makes a big hullabaloo about a bunch of partnerships coming, and then Discord voice chats finally come to… . Lol.

Apparently there’s a small exotic ornament glitch that allows previewing multiple ornaments for fun fashion shenanigans.

Of course, only one exotic is equipped in-game, this is just a preview trick. Check comments for explanation.

I accept that I suck at PvP, but this new phrase from Lord Saladin in about how "the Cabal have a term for how bad you sucked just now" is over the line.

Like fuck you dude I'm just here for the seal and title you're the one who defected to the space rhinos go touch some grass

How is a Calus bobble-head not available for (pre) order in the Store. I would like to speak to your managings.

I just grabbed a few accessories from JSAUX, recommended by people in the official . The “upgraded dock,” a travel case, and USB-C angle charging adapter. All ship later this month, I think.

Got a 15% off coupon code for signing up to their newsletter. Seems generic so maybe you can use it too: jsaux2022.

This is a nice origin story of a popular YouTuber. She explores lots of lore and in-game design of , Souls, and other games.

Hey folks, I have an idea for revamping the Hunter arc super in 3.0: How about being able to throw the staff around and either retrieve it back like Thor's hammer, dealing damage in both directions, or to instantly teleport to it. Great ad clear and movement tool, zip around the room bursting mobs with electricity.

Light attack = swing for melee damage
Heavy attack = throw in horizontal line
Light attack = recall
Heavy attack = teleport to it

It could also make for some good LOL moments when a hunter throws their staff off a cliff and accidentally teleport to it instead of recall it. 😄

As someone who loves indie games, it feels nice to see more good YouTubers like not just enjoy them, but believe in them for the same reasons I and many others do.

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