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Random facts!
- In northern California, have lived in CA most of my life
- Turned 42 this year
- 2 divorces, but I'm now in a wonderful relationship
- Have 4 cats (and trying to steal my partner's dog)
- Work full time as a lead for a technical writing team
- Enjoy reading fantasy/sci fi
- Trying to get back into archery
- I do the gameing thing
- I go by Rin
- I post in spurts, mostly I lurk
- I like crafting (mostly counted cross stitch, but I dabble in a lot of things - crochet is my current obsession)
- I'm a very picky eater.
- I think flamingos are pretty rad.
- I say things like "pretty rad."
- I check the female box on forms, but it doesn't really matter to me
- Sexuality is yes (self-identify as bi back from the days before pan was a thing)
- I have some mental health issues that I talk about occasionally, but I use CW as often as I can. (Depression and anxiety mostly.)


I have some jewelry from previous relationships that needs a home. I will even pay shipping in the contiguous US to get it out of my house. (If you're international and want to pay shipping, I will absolutely send it to you.)

The (small) collection includes rings, diamond stud earrings, and a pearl earring/necklace set.

No bad juju or anything about the pieces, just seems a shame to keep them tucked in a box when they could be living and shining elsewhere.

Work Sad and My Dumb Intuition 

I say at work that I hate being right.

People think I'm joking.

Get a ping from my manager while we're in another meeting, can I chat after the meeting? Of course.

As I get the message that she's getting ready to call me, my brain says, "she's going to tell you that we have to lose someone on the team."


Headcount reduced by one, we have to make a decision. The decision was easy, unfortunately/fortunately. I think the person could be brought up to speed eventually, but it's been a long struggle to keep them where they are now. They are aware of the issues, but damn I feel like we're being forced to give up on them and I know this is going to make them feel like shit.

Sort of hard to work on my project with a helper in my lap.

Procreate users - looks like there's a cool crayon brush pack available for free at Creative Market this week.
We just got back from a showing of Nosferatu at the local Crest Theater (does every town have an old Crest Theater?) accompanied by a live musical performance by the Invincible Czars. They also had squeaky toys when there were rats on the screen and we were encouraged to howl along when the "werewolf" (played by a hyena) was on the screen. They were awesome, check them out at and you can even download the movie with their score. They have show dates all through October. (They also said if the show is sold out to show up anyway; they've been getting lots of COVID cancellations.)

I have a Steam game key for a game that goes live later today.

Anyone interested in The Wandering Village?

Went to our local Pagan Pride festival today and picked up some goodies. I think my favorite might be these coyote baculum earrings.

Been working on my first commission the past few days. One of the waitstaff at the restaurant we go to a lot has a pet rat and asked if I could make a rat. (I bring projects in with me all the time there.)

I got the pattern from Etsy and did my best to match the fur pattern from a couple of photos.

I am terrible at product photos, so I just tumbled the yarn for my next project on the bed and used that as a "prop." Seems like something a pet rat would get into.

Pretty proud of how he turned out!

I have big plans to add fruit trees to the backyard next year. I'm looking at the options at a tree nursery and just, how do people chooooooose?

Even after filtering out my basic requirements, I'm left with half a dozen varieties of cherries and that much again for nectarines. I don't have room for more than one of each (also doing a couple other trees) and I have a major case of FOMO for picking the wrong tree.

I thought I was being clever and sent an email to their support team last night. Turns out they are closed on Friday.

Joys of living in California: Is it overcast or is it a blanket of smoke?

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i have finally decided where i am moving to, mew! :blobcat3c:

i am moving to it feels like a good new cyber spot for a computer kitten like me.

my new account is @netkitty ! please go follow me there :netkitty_w:

Things like this are why I haven't swept the porch this summer.

Team member reported a system feature she discovered this morning, "Did you know we could do this?"

No, I did not know. I am now terrified that I know and I need to figure out who to report this security gap to.

(Correct person has been notified and gap is being closed.)

Food, I am a massive spice wuss 

Went to a local Korean place for dinner. Ordered the pork belly with sesame leaves. Seemed innocent enough? Had to admit to the waitress that I am a wuss when she asked if there was anything wrong with my mostly untouched plate.

Went to Carl's Jr. for dinner (mostly a milkshake).

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