Any R-Type fans around? If so, you may have missed the cool news that R-Type Final was getting a sequel...And that it's out now!

cephalopodcasts, no talk, only blublub and fwssh

Apparently PlayStation Network is down, so this is a great time to remind folks that companies shouldn't be charging for online multiplayer on consoles.

Consoles are hundreds of dollars & you already pay for internet & electricity, so they shouldn't be charging on top of all that for online multiplayer.

sometimes i think gamers forget that games are crafted by people and that they're not some magical formations from the ether

if a game is excessively grindy, probs by design

if a game has timers, those are 100% set by devs

next to nothing with a game is set in stone

It's wild but Musashi: Samurai Legend gives a peek at what The World Ends With You could look like in 3D and it's...Not bad at all, imo!

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Hey, did you know that The World Ends With You's distinctive art style was arguably first seen in Musashi: Samurai Legend for the PS2?

Just found out that Google's attempts with Stadia are practically a beat for beat recreation of the failings of an old service for the Atari 2600 called GameLine.

Tech industry insisting on not learning its own history would be funnier if it didn't waste so many resources and time in the process...

i wonder if there's a game out there about tending to robots, like taking care of pets 🤔

telling folks grind is bad in their game with grind is like telling a Dark Souls fan it would be better with difficulty modes.

apparently it's a no-go area asking for death. but like, some JRPGs learned setting encounter rates was good, so i still have some dim hope that gradually we can see grind fade out from games.

much like hoping every game (where relevant) will have subtitle font sizes, cutscene pausing & skipping tho, it's a slow process.

blergh, *this delay on

that's what you get when you quickly revise stuff!

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Bit of a bummer this delayed on the Spyro Remastered Trilogy, but hopefully it means they'll be better when they land:

Maybe it will also mean they fit the games on one disc? Doubtful, but would be interesting.

Pokémon Go users should carry a deck of Pokémon cards around so that if their phone dies, they can still have a pokébattle.

This toot was just an excuse to teach myself how to input 'é' for when writing Pokémon.

oof, so Nintendo's coming after ROMs, essentially destroying basic archiving of games, and now Bethesda's finding the legal loopholes to try & take out used games sales:

What is *with* the games industry doubling down on terrible practices?

Hmm, The Quiet Man from Human Head Studios continues to be a curious looking game. It appears to be a 3D brawler, which I can't say I've seen too many of lately:

modding vision: i'm gonna make all sorts of cool stuff and it's gonna be flashy

modding reality (w/ some games): when i finish editing these xml files in Notepad++ it's gonna be tight!

(i totally forgot there was a notifications tab to this)

Collision is mad stuff when working without dev tools. =O

btw if you've not played Everything this year, don't worry! It's okay! It's literally just one super chill game to play if you get a chance.

Highly recommend it if you're feeling stressed.

I think Spyro 3 had some really good tooting moments of melting out mammoths.

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