It's basically been my whole life for the past 2 weeks

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Anyone else been playing a lot of skyrim again since the anniversary update?

food, ph(+) 

I did a pretty good job eating healthy today

I wish my cats would let me hold them more often

Paula Polestar and Kumatora are gay and in some cases it could get, I guess.

imagine anyone from a "sjw" mastodon instance actually wanting to use your shitty fork of tusky

slime dot global announcement:

husky (app) -> can get fucked

husky (dog) -> good, deserves pats

Nazi app can't even bring you to the nazi instance because the creator is afraid of being called out for it lol

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Imagine undoing the core conceit of your app because you're a coward without conviction

"HuMaNs ArE iNhErEnTlY SeLfIsH"

Fuck off cunt.

Wtf sleep you can't just make me dream about a new kid icarus and eeveelution that's mean

ableism, i'm so annoyed at NT people 

Nothing like neurotypical people telling autistic people that they understand their disorder better than the person living with it.

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