Alternate lesbian/sapphic flag (from another proposal based on sapphic symbolism)

**Correction**: the flag that resembles the demisexual flag with a green stripe is actually the demiromantic flag

i had it mislabeled as demigender and didn't catch it

if you already added these as emojis, you may want to correct that mistake somehow

everyone is ofc very welcome to use these as emojis on your instances

lots of custom emoji 


you can also now buy any of these as a button!

(disclaimer: i haven't had any made for myself yet so i can't guarantee zazzle makes good buttons or that they print well on the default background i chose, this was just the most accessible way to make pins for me :blobheart:​ )

note: there are size options and an editting tool if you want smaller pins, a different background, or a different pin shape!!

you can even have the design on a different product if you want (im about to make a sticker sheet, so maybe hold off on stickers tho)

@Dizzy may I give you a follow here? I like what I've seen of your art here!

@Dizzy I took the time to save all of these into a publicly shareable Nextcloud share. That way people can easily download them if they want.

@Moss "queer" flag
it's really uncommon to use from what i can tell,
but it's a good flag and i like it so it's here

@starkatt @Dizzy This is a great thing to consider and I was coming here to ask if it had been!

@starkatt i don't think i can reasonably make enamel pins of these, since they're not really designed for it and most companies seem to only do enamel pins in minimum batches of 50 per design

I can probably do button pins and stickers tho

@Dizzy the katloaf buttons are zazzle

they're Very Okay

clearly inkjet or laser printed, but, perfectly fine

@Dizzy very clearly made by a printer

but they're like, fine.

@resynth1943 @Dizzy because that's the best word I have to describe the quality?

they're not bad, but they're not quite great

it's just a piece of printer paper in a plastic case, and the paper doesn't even reach all the way to the edges

@resynth1943 @Dizzy i'm not the most eloquent person in the world, especially in off-the-cuff social media, and have a tendency to talk in circles and repeat myself

@Dizzy you should ask @WildePrints to help print you some stickers, I'm sure they would!

@shadow8t4 oooo rad thanks

i think i'll maybe stick with smth on-demand for now just cause it's a lot easier than printing a bunch at once and shipping it to people myself, but thank you!

@Dizzy hell yeah I completely understand that. Just wanted to throw that rec. out there.

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