Hey, I made a "rules light" TTRPG named Kobolds In Space! (With a lot of help from my friends, mind you!)

I've also made a couple collections of 5e compatible magical items, complete with write-ups by Mox the Kobold Paladin!

The best part is, they're free! (Or $2, or pay-what-you-want, whatever.)

You can get them all here:

@Crash This looks fantastic and I can't wait to try it out, but part of me REALLY wishes you called it Kobold Space Program

@RedFuture I was going for a Muppet Show reference, but this is also delightful.

@Crash This is awesome, picked up a copy. I've run a couple 5e adventures of "GOBBOS IN SPACE", and even the most reserved player starts gnawing through air vents to plant improvised explosives under the captains chair

@Phancypants We may have had multiple strategies to murder and/or save the leader of the Moon Kobolds.

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