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Can today be a day where we are kind to each other?

I'd like that.

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Hey, I made a "rules light" TTRPG named Kobolds In Space! (With a lot of help from my friends, mind you!)

I've also made a couple collections of 5e compatible magical items, complete with write-ups by Mox the Kobold Paladin!

The best part is, they're free! (Or $2, or pay-what-you-want, whatever.)

You can get them all here:

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Yes, hello.

I would like

To buy

The right words to say.

The ones that will make

My friends


About themselves

The way I feel

About them.

Yes, please wrap them carefully.

I'm not skilled at that either.

The two genders, Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands

"Everyone can take pleasure in murder, it's not exclusive to sponges."

"My only regret is we haven't started tonight's game so it doesn't count as a D&D out of context quote."

"I'm not kicking it, I'm catching it with my feet."

Alpha male

He's still in the early stages of development

Maybe wait for the public beta

"I'm not going to tell you the stats for a god, but they might have a high Passive Perception."

"I get my sword ready and hide behind a sturdier looking party member."

"Either it will work and it'll be amazing, or there will be a fire."

D and - I cannot stress this enough - also D.

"Barry, edit that out! ... No, leave it in, people should know."

"I'm at the point where if it is literally on fire I will settle for it."

I've had days like that.

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