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My :dnd: Campaigns 

Critical Knowledge (Mon 7:30pm EST)

Described as my most chaotic game, which is saying something. I used to get apologies for this game "never getting to the plot" but I love that most of the plot is 100% player decision. I can do very little prep for this game but frequently have to think things up on the fly.

Pack Tactics (Tues 7pm EST)

Yes, this game is less chaotic than Crit Knowledge, in spite of it being an all-kobold campaign with as much Spelljammer as I could convert to 5e. The party accidentally lost the moon early on, but they got it back. Now they've recently built giant robots that are certainly not infringing on any Power Ranger IP.

Critical Recovery (Sat 5pm EST)

I could say this is the most "normal" of my campaigns, but that still leaves a lot of room for chaos. The party started off being resurrected by a god who made a bargain with each of them under what is now known to be false pretenses. Now they've created a new god by helping a celestial guardian ascend using a convoluted series of plot points and somehow need to stop the first god from trying to kill them. Again. Oh, and the monk has an item that if broken could destroy the world. Said item wants to be broken.

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Can today be a day where we are kind to each other?

I'd like that.

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Hey, I made a "rules light" TTRPG named Kobolds In Space! (With a lot of help from my friends, mind you!)

I've also made a couple collections of 5e compatible magical items, complete with write-ups by Mox the Kobold Paladin!

The best part is, they're free! (Or $2, or pay-what-you-want, whatever.)

You can get them all here:

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Yes, hello.

I would like

To buy

The right words to say.

The ones that will make

My friends


About themselves

The way I feel

About them.

Yes, please wrap them carefully.

I'm not skilled at that either.

"You are now a small creature carrying a medium sized creature on your back."

"You find yourself in a lobby."

"Oh, no, they're going to tell us to vote for stuff!"

"There's also no one telling you to come here to buy a snack."

"I just wasted a 3rd level spell on you, you're coming with us."

skyrim, caps 


"The sword is not cursed. It has no potassium benzoate in it."

"There was a reality patch, the direction of gravity is now down."

"Do a barrel roll!"

(This makes 100% canonical sense and that makes it even better.)

"You don't fly all the way up but you're halfway there, living on a prayer, kitten on a stair."

"Burp is not innocent, but Burp is innocent of the charges of which she's accused."

"I think brain fog can be passed on to other people because I'm numbers."

"This is my one character who would not try to burn this town to the ground."

"Because I put a library in the middle of it."

"My one weakness."

"You also neglected to mention the whole 'killing a god' thing to your monk friend."

"Maybe wait a couple of gaming sessions. Months! I meant months!"

"Maybe don't tell everyone that Asmodeus approves of your business plan."

"Hell is where the patron is. That can be parsed many ways, they are all correct."

re: Imbalance Ep 3 


A parallel brand.

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Imbalance Ep 3 



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