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The ___ is/are here, but not evenly distributed. 

The otters are here, but not evenly distributed.

The memes are here, but not evenly distributed.

The fire is here, but not evenly distributed.

The fediverse is here, but not evenly distributed.

The kobolds are here, but not evenly distributed.

The genders are here, but not evenly distributed.

The space sharks are here, but not evenly distributed.

The paraphrased William Gibson quote is here, but not evenly distributed.

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All 16 sessions of the first arc of , our all-kobold game are now available on Patreon for as little as a $2 patronage.

For the patient, we'll be releasing 1/week between now and July 27th on our free podcast

and my (unmonetized) YouTube channel.

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suddenly remembering that one time I was playing #DnD and one player had a stealthy catfolk character with a nearly unpronounceable name that meant "quiet movement through the leaves" in catfolk language and cried when the group just nicknamed him Russel (rustle)

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"So just to be clear: The one that isn't down ... is down."

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I accidentally made my DnD Karen character really into ghosts.

like... really into undead enemies.


"This place is slightly haunted."

"There's older gentlemen here?"

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asking for monetary help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

aight i've found someone i can stay with in seattle

now i just need to raise money to actually get up there

i need around $200 for a train ticket and anything else you can spare for everything that'll come after (phone bill, food, etc.)

my paypal is

thank you so much, all of you, for everything

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This is likely a consequence (at least in part? maybe?) of me reading so much Asimov as a kid. His stories were imaginative, but don't look at Asimov's writing if you want to see a healthy relationship that's anything other than platonic.

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I think, at this time of my life, one of the worst things about me having no idea how to recognize flirting is that I can't include it in my fiction.

Like, so many of you are writing and even RPing things that include budding relationships, and all I get to do is say "Yeah, these NPCs are an item." Everything happened behind the scenes because I couldn't write it to appear on camera.

I always have to fast-forward to what I know, which is "these characters are comfortable with each other."

"Tragically, this is cannon."

(This time the spelling of "cannon" is not a typo.)

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