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It's log
It's log
It's better than bad it's good! 🎵

Animate Object on something worn by an opponent.

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The existence of "smooth jazz" implies the existence of other jazz textures. 🎶

Rough jazz
Shiny jazz
Matte jazz

"That's a rather cryptic statement there, Crash," you might say.

And you're right, but if all goes well you'll see the results soon enough.

Good people are involved, I assure you.

Today I did a thing I've wanted to do for some time.

It is a good thing, I think, and I am looking forward to more of it.

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RIP. :-( Yes, I am copying-and-pasting as I prepare this post.

"Larry Tesler, a computer scientist who is most well-known for creating the seminal computer concepts cut, copy, and paste, died on Monday at age 74."

#UserInterfaceDesign #Computers

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Today was our first #DnD club meeting with students DMing. We had two co-DMs and they did a FANTASTIC job.

I got to play a kobold paladin named Mox. The other players included an 8 year old half-elf bard who played the recorder and had the noble background (the servants were rebranded as babysitters) and an 85 year old human wizard who was a folk hero because he saved a bunch of ants in a tree.

We had a lot of fun.

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I am once again asking for your financial support 

"Do you normally walk into firefights demanding money?"

"I think disarming the bomb is a good idea."

"I don't want to take cover behind the bomb."

caps, Star Wars RPG quote 

"There is no Star Wars OSHA."

"No, they all fell down pits."

"This doesn't look saaaaaaaaaaaaafe!"

"I look away for one moment and people are making deception roles without me."

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┻┳| •.•) It’s time

Google mention, odd coincidence 

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