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Can today be a day where we are kind to each other?

I'd like that.

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Hey, I made a "rules light" TTRPG named Kobolds In Space! (With a lot of help from my friends, mind you!)

I've also made a couple collections of 5e compatible magical items, complete with write-ups by Mox the Kobold Paladin!

The best part is, they're free! (Or $2, or pay-what-you-want, whatever.)

You can get them all here:

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Yes, hello.

I would like

To buy

The right words to say.

The ones that will make

My friends


About themselves

The way I feel

About them.

Yes, please wrap them carefully.

I'm not skilled at that either.

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New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up! Episode 369 is titled: "Much Blizzard".

In this one, I read to you about how unionization efforts are going at Activision Blizzard King. Also mentioned that there are job openings at Blizzard (Diablo related) and that Blizzard is a Comic-Con.

There is a TRPG on Kickstarter called "Hellguard: Curse of Caina". Inspired by Diablo and Castlevania, and created by some people who used to write D&D stuff.

Also talked about updates to Diablo Immortal (we are now in season two), feedback on the Diablo III PTR, and the reason why you don't see the Diablo IV beta on your

image description: A large crystal is shattering into smaller pieces. Above it are the words "Shattered Soulstone".

"So we slithered into the bathroom, and we're shuffling out. We don't shuffle every day."

"I use my fore paws."

"Wait, chipmunks have 4 paws?"

"Yup, they have hind paws, two. Very few of them have 5 paws, though."

"I rolled a mighty 7!"

"Well I rolled a fantastic 4."

"I see you, die that rolled a one again. We are not friends."

"If this was really a mall from the '80s, the fountain would be drained for maintenance."

"Once the water is all gone and poured across the front of the chipmunk..."

"Thank you for this paper cup of water, I shall put it in my pocket for later."

"They put a lot of extra stuff into the water, making it heavier. The brand name is "Heavy Water."

"Oooooh, I'm concerned."

"It gives you a healthy glow!"

"Ties go to the attacker. You nod better than they do."

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