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Can today be a day where we are kind to each other?

I'd like that.

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Hey, I made a "rules light" TTRPG named Kobolds In Space! (With a lot of help from my friends, mind you!)

I've also made a couple collections of 5e compatible magical items, complete with write-ups by Mox the Kobold Paladin!

The best part is, they're free! (Or $2, or pay-what-you-want, whatever.)

You can get them all here:

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Yes, hello.

I would like

To buy

The right words to say.

The ones that will make

My friends


About themselves

The way I feel

About them.

Yes, please wrap them carefully.

I'm not skilled at that either.

Please note that "good" is of course a personal opinion and I am not about to claim the games you like are any less valid than the games I like.

I mean, I wish there was no need for me to say that, but this is the internet, so I need to add that disclaimer.

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I consider a game to be good if I am already thinking of how my next play-through will be different before I finish my first one.

Incomplete list of games that have fit this description, now or in the past:

Civilization (Any version)
Sims 1 and 4
Warcraft 1, 2, and 3
Neverwinter Online
Dungeons & Dragons

"Gorillas don't tend to have octopus beaks."

"There's a lot of this robot that shouldn't be part of this robot."

"The 11th level ranger doesn't really need advantage."

*The ranger then rolls a 2 twice in a row.*

"Oh! Oh."

"Was that a good "oh" or a bad "oh?" I can never tell with you."

"There were many, many terrible ideas in sequence."

"You do recall that I adventured with you for a while."

"It is very windy."

"I'm wearing a jetpack and probably carrying most of a machine shop."

"The kobold workers are far more capable than we are."

*DM has a coughing fit.*

"With your high skill check you remember that efreeti in their home of the Elemental Plane of Fire are slave owners."

"I am no longer conflicted."

"Is a fire elemental bigger or smaller than a bread box?"


"OK, is a bread box bigger or smaller than a skunk cage?"

"Wait, I gave you a moon that's also a space station. I'm part of the problem."

"Can we be tiny kobold Sith?"

"But are the Scots Sith? I've never seen a Sith wearing a tartan."

"You have my attention but I don't know how we got here."

"Wait does that mean Chroma's The Doctor and I'm Rose? I'm literally a time wizard!"

"There is no kobold more qualified than you to build a giant robot."

"OK but I feel like there should also be a kobold to tell me when to stop building a giant robot."

"It is impressive but I don't know how to respond to that."

"If they really want healing I've been trying out new flavors for the jelly I'm using to cast Cure Wounds."

"Every word of that sentence terrified me."

"My character suddenly doesn't need healing so much."

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