Crowdfunding a bit of aid due to my husband and his mother contracting COVID-19. I have to lose a week of pay and given that I just spent a year unemployed, we don't have any savings to compensate for an event like this.

I also have venmo and cashapp
#crowdfund #mutualaid

mutual aid request, disability, post-surgery, trans no income 

Looking like it's gonna be about a month or two before I can even consider working again. For those who don't know, I had an ulnar transposition which involves physically moving the position of the nerve in the funny bone to the side of the arm and has a significant recovery time.

I genuinely don't know where the money for the next few months will come from and it's really stressing me out.
@xenocat $xenocat

If you wanna help us cover this... We are looking at $400 to do a full exam, full panel blood test with extra cost sedation cause she's an old bitch and doesn't like blood tests plus medication and a sub cute fluid for her nausea bc she's been so sick the past few days
$xenocat / Venmo xenocat

She's 13 and I need to make sure she's not getting kidney problems while it's still early enough to easily treat. She's my lil princess and I want her stick around for awhile

Commission sale for Halloween weekend! Valid until 11/02!

Now accepting fullbody and half body commissions! If you want a custom quote, I will manually apply the 15% until the expiry.

Well, the new job didn't pan out the way I was hoping, so commissions definitely won't be closing at the end of the month. I'm going to keep them open til I can at least make $600 (the amount I need to make it through the rest of the year.)

Still doing commissions to help pad out the week, since I’m getting no paycheck this week.

mutual aid request, income issues 

i do actually really need money to make it through the next couple weeks so if anyone has anything to throw my way and feels so inclined,

i am working retail during the pandemic and have been struggling to make ends meet bc i've been getting so few hours and on top of that got screwed out of my $200 bonus i was supposed to get as an incentive to work during pandemic

my kofi is
my cash app is $xenocat
and my venmo is @xenocat

People here need to stop having unrealistic expectations or placing blame where it doesn't belong. Think about this shit before you look like an ass or ruin someone's day. Thank you!

In a couple weeks I am getting literally only 6.5 hours for the entire week as far as hours go

Normally I get about 20

So I'm really gonna need to pick up some income to make up for that to make it through the month

So check out my commissions!

I'm worried that the baby thinks people can't change

Rhys just starting singing "yeaaaah I'm gonna fuck your dad" for no reason

friend Rhys is in a bit of a spot! his manager scheduled him for good hours… right when he’s needed to support his husband after a surgery. While we can’t do anything about the effects of his calling out, if you hate America and Capitalism please consider helping him recover the $70 in lost wages!

There are very few things I care less about than Eurovision

Very excited that a bunch of people will get to experience SaGa Frontier for the first time with the remaster. It's not a friendly game to newcomers but there is a lot to love once you learn its quirks.

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