I think I'm going to retire this acct. I'll prolly move over to @0x1C3B00DA@edolas.world full time once I cull/migrate my follows

Oh, cool. Another article shitting on from someone who never mentioned the game before its closing announcement.


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I really wish Gargron and co would take a look at the #Hubzilla source code. Most of the largest issues with #Mastodon have been solved over here. Users are constantly complaining about mastodon's lack of support for multiple accts. Hubzilla has that solved with multiple channels per acct. Nomadic identity would solve the acct migration issue. This was especially notable after mastodon.rocks went down and witches.town declared it was closing. Hubzilla's ACLs would be a much better system than mastodon's opaque 'privacy' system. User's are constantly asking for more things to be hidden and mastodon adds another one-off option to fix it instead of using a holistic privacy system like Access Control Lists.

It's really cool to see @switter pushing forward. They've become really active in its development, which is great to see.

I'd love to see their swlisting layout merged into the project. An instance admin could use it to highlight a hashtag specific to their instance. Here on @the_elekk, it could be or . Over on 🎺.☕ (toot.cafe), it could be , , etc. It would be a cool way to enhance the niche of an instance and make it easier to find people.

Is there a tool to mirror a twitter acct to a acct? I know about crossposters, but they require you to log in to both accts. The twitter acct isn't mine. It's an artists and she just posts her work and I'd like to be able to see her work on mastodon


Does anybody on here play ? I'm thinking about getting it on . I'd be interested in hearing personal opinions on it.

Have any of the streamers on tried hosting their videos on yet? Is there a peertube instance with any gaming videos?

What is going on with :overwatch: ⁉ Queue times have been ridiculously long and I keep getting matched with stacks.

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I may be in the minority here, but I do not see brands and corporations on Mastodon as inherently bad, or ban-worthy. Will they push their marketing? Yes, they will. They won't behave any different here than on other social media. Some of them I may even opt to follow (hello @Purism!), because they post content I'm interested in.

As long as they don't disturb the instance, as long as they don't spam or harass people, I really don't see the problem.

Is there any read-it-later service other than that has a decent webapp and Android app, cross platform sync, and a dark theme?

It's too bad oxidized.systems never took off. 😞 A instance would be a great way to keep up with the community.

I really don't like the compose column being moved to a FAB. It seems like a pointless change, we lose swipe functionality, and it makes search less discoverable. And if your argument is saving space, it doesn't actually save you space and it's completely unnecessary on a tablet.

looks like a cool project. A wearable keyboard/mouse is an awesome idea and their one-handed typing method sounds neat. I don't really wanna drop $150 to try it out, though. 😞


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Reminder that Ultrix.me is now open to registration! My goal is to provide a general instance with as much uptime as possible, while always using the latest version of Mastodon.

It's running on a dedicated Linode VPS, so it's super fast, especially if you live on the US East Coast. Tell your friends!

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Nice. First time I've seen a big games publication mention is a post about the game not doing well and its been run by multiple publications. None of which wrote about it when Epic released a new hero every three weeks, or when they switched the map for a brand new one, or revamped the entire gameplay, or released any major art update.

It feels real shitty when the game is ignored for years and only gets attention when it's not as big as a runaway hit


LOL. On an article about an exclusivity deal, Game Informer lauds the availability of choice. Two options is all anybody could ever want, right?


Watching a friend play and they're going through all the emotions and having all the same reactions I did playing through the intro. That game has one of the best intros in gaming. It really draws you in and makes you question things you wouldn't have thought to question.

I really liked Prey. I think I'm going to replay it now

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