apparently the party item offset glitch is also one of several glitches which can cause an egg containing a nincada to evolve?

which results in having two eggs in your party, since nincada's gimmick is that it evolves into ninjask and simultaneously into shedinja? and both of them remain unhatched

which is pretty funny but not as trans

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okay i have a lot of problems with pokémon swoosh but

i just found out about the party item offset glitch?

which allows ♂️ combee and salandit to evolve into the ♀️-only vespiquen and salazzle, and also allows espurr to transition in the process of evolving into meowstic

so maybe, pokémon swoosh is good?

long critique of my little pony: a new generation, which will spoil the plot if you haven't seen it 

i've pretty much been saying this nonstop since i saw the film but: making the g5 intro movie an explicit pseudo-sequel to friendship is magic, taking place in the future of the same equestria, was a huge mistake

this is basically because it doesn't at all take place in the same equestria, and it would be a stronger film if it didn't try to pretend it did?

all of the familiar locations from g4 equestria no longer exist - maretime bay is kinda sorta like ponyville, zephyr heights is kinda sorta like cloudsdale but also kinda sorta like manehatten but also it's actually intended to be the place that used to be canterlot, bridlewood is kinda sorta like the everfree forest but actually it's more similar to that part of tangled (2010) where the scary bar patrons all have a dream?

considering it's the future, it does make sense that we have new towns and stuff, but also the rules of the setting have changed a lot: being a princess is now a hereditary title rather than something you earn by doing some really cool shit, cutie marks appear on only one side of each equine, and most importantly...

the film's plot revolves entirely around the idea of the three pony kinds being racist and horrible to one another, and the supernatural consequences the world imposes because of that prejudice

specifically, the unicorns and pegasi have lost their magical ability to cast spells and to fly respectively. you'd expect that the earth ponies would also have lost their subtler and more unique magical powers, but that's never mentioned and it's implied it didn't happen because hitch seems to have fluttershy powers? so, pegasi and unicorns are magicless now, and the adventure is about uniting the ponies to restore their magic

and that's a fine supernatural consequence in itself! it's a logical outcome of the problem kind of, it makes for a good adventure story, it's not a bad way to start your new generation of mlp

the problem is that if this really is the same equestria we know from g4, we actually already know the supernatural consequences of racism between the three types of ponies in that world? several episodes of friendship is magic already covered this exact situation. the ponies don't lose their magic. instead, terrifying ice spirits feed off their discontent and produce an endless winter that destroys all the crops, so everypony starves to death unless they stop being fucking racist

there is no eternal blizzard in g5 equestria? the world seems to be functioning normally, sans the ponies' magic. where did the ice spirits go, and why didn't anypony lose their magical powers when they were racist in g4

additionally, in g4 equestria, normal weather is completely artificial. clouds and rain and storms just do not happen of their own accord - they happen because pegasi fly up and move the clouds around, and there's a big ol' weather factory in cloudsdale that makes new clouds and rainbows and stuff. the pegasi of g5 equestria have been completely unable to fly for hundreds of years and therefore unable to manipulate the skies, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the world's weather? everything is working normally, somehow

the standard day and night cycle of the world also 100% require magic in g4 equestria - princess celestia magically raises the sun each morning, and magically lowers it again at night. how is that happening when nopony has any magic? we absolutely see day and night happen during the film, and before magic is restored, so it can apparently happen without magic now?

also, the adventure to restore ponies' magic requires hunting down a set of macguffins, because of course it does. that's fine. but the three macguffins absolutely never appeared in g4 at any time. what are they? why are they necessary now for ponies to have magic, rather than something more familiar like the elements of harmony? why isn't this just a completely new, distinct setting where the weather creates itself, there just happen to be a set of three crystals that give ponies their magic, and being racist means becoming nonmagical rather than freezing

there's also so much technology that i have no idea how it works. g5 ponies have touch phones and social media and elevators, but they don't have any magic - so what's powering all this stuff? g4 equestria had a bunch of modern tech too, but it also very explicitly had access to magic to make all that modern tech work, and electricity was explicitly a form of magic as well so it oughtn't be available either. we see a critter wheel providing energy to the dance dance revolution machine, but you couldn't possibly fit a critter wheel into pipp's phone for example

everything about my little pony: a new generation would just work better if it weren't supposed to be taking place in the same equestria. it's a new world with ponies in it, and it follows slightly different rules to the previous world with ponies in it. maybe they have nonmagical electricity, maybe weather works like it does on our planet, maybe day and night just happen because the planet is rotating rather than because a magical princess raises the sun each day. all of that is completely reasonable to posit as the way a new setting works, but having an existing setting that we've already established doesn't work that way suddenly work that way without explanation? not so much

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you know, i have to be honest, like

like, to be quite tbh

I drew Xenia, the funny trans Linux fox, for my girlfriend!

here is a yeet for today btw! i played the demo for warioware get it together

i really liked it!! and i sincerely hope the full game doesn't ruin everything with horrible predatory pay-to-win-style mechanics for no reason, like a bunch of other switch games have for no reason!!

cryptocurrency enthusiasts reply to this so i can block you

it's gay and queer and cool and sexy and powerful and subversive and versatile and beautiful to be fat

okay it got really good actually

the first twenty minutes or so are. surprisingly awful? absurdly so?? and then after that it gets excellent

it gets good more or less around the time izzy starts contributing to the dialogue, because she's a fantastic character and kimiko glenn is amazing

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our protagonist is essentially doing fantastic blackface?

i don't think they thought this through super well

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i, uh

don't super love how it starts, actually?

i am concerned

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