if you make a game and i Have to be a man

you made a bad game



stop making games.

Okay, because apparently this needs to be said:

If you are a woman, you are a woman. Nobody is taking that away from you.

Some people who e.g. who get pregnant or who have vaginas are not women.

So we talk about those things in terms of the people they're actually associated with, not the gender they're traditionally associated with.

Referring to people by those traits is not denying your womanhood. It's including other people.

more dwarf fortress tilesets that change the ♂ and ♀ glyphs to look more like bags and amulets imo

especially if those symbols being used for another thing in the game is just completely ignored

your honor, my client has “people who are referred to as “your honor” DNI” in their bio

meow mew myu prrrrr nya nya meeeew meow meeeow

boost if u agree

bro, just heard about this thing called the united states...... fucked up, someone should do something about that

Alice needs to send a secure message to Bob

Using a secure out-of-band channel, Alice sends a message to Bob

Further Research:
- none applicable, we've solved cryptography

opening social media in the last 4 years is like 

ah! manmade horror! straight from the United States of America! right into my eyes!

"recognizing trans people diminishes women" is the same shit as "recognizing LGBT marriages diminishes straight marriages" and hearing it isn't any more convincing this time. Just trying to stoke a fake-ass rivalry between people bigots are terrified of facing as a united front

kinning the moderately large level one rats you kill in videogames

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