100% ok to blame all problems on capitalism

they actually straight-up quoted the section from the mario wiki that talks about how she's trans and her chosen name in america is birdetta

and then kept using her deadname anyway

down with cis

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i've been following along with a let's play for super mario rpg to help make sure i don't miss any hidden secrets and stuff

but then, i got to the boss battle with cathy in nimbus land? and the author decided it was appropriate to use the t slur to describe her, make fetishising jokes about her, and then act disgusted by the fetishising jokes they decided they needed to make??

fantastic :glaresip:

apparently there's a pro version of rectangle now?

not really sure what advantage it offers over the free open source version tbh

what are fun names for an obsidian vault (basicly a notes library)

currently mine is called "notes", which is: boring as hell? some ppl call it "vault" but then it's fiddly to distinguish from other obsidian vaults, since that's what obsidian calls the concept as a whole rather than particular individual ppl's vaults

i've seen one user call their vault a "pensieve" but i am Not Going To Do That for obvious reasons

"fighting your oppressors makes you just as bad as them" - your oppressors

I still don't get how I made that S76 post with detailed information on everything that happened - including multiple instances of straight-up misinformation spread on their end - yet the consensus around it was "GNOME bad".

As we get new Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty cards revealed, if you want to fit in with the cool magic players, just remember this one cool tip

When you see any card, look at the line of text immediately below the art. On the left, check to see if it says "Sorcery". If it does, post this phrase (write it down if it helps)

"this could have been instant speed"

You'll fit right in

also persephone was introduced at the top of this page with like. the most obvious trans flag imagery imaginable?

but um, it doesn't seem like that was intentional? she does have "old business cards" with the name "kore" on them rather than "persephone", but it's not otherwise treated like a deadname. love interests use it like a cutesy nickname or something?

this is a strange story

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okay so persephone just said she's "in training to be a sacred virgin like artemis"????????

this story doesn't seem to be aware that artemis is actually just a lesbian, which i am finding extremely strange

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started reading lore olympus

i'm confused because from the first few pages i got the impression that artemis and persephone are dating in this story? which makes sense to me??

but it seems like they might actually just be roommates????

wait, wait, wait... you're telling me these good, upstanding lesbians are HOMOSEXUAL???

just found out i've been playing smrpg Incorrectly every time i've played it

you are supposed to rotate cyclically through the bonus stat options each time you level up, which i have been doing?

but i have always started from the leftmost bonus (attack) at level two? and that's Wrong. the way you get optimal stats is actually to start from the rightmost bonus (special) at level two

it's like, attack and hp are the optimal stats to pick when you reach levels zero and one? which never happens in the game, since you always start at level one

also unlike mario & luigi, the bonuses are not randomised, so it's just a universally worse strategy if you pick the wrong bonuses

whoopsies! :blobcatgooglyshrug:

18: favourite protagonist
again i gotta gush about chicory

fave protagonist is pizza, the drawdog from chicory

they're such a good and precious doggo and i lov them so much

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16: game with the best cutscenes
hmmmmmm there are kind of a lot of options here

i'm kinda leanin toward octopath traveler? it's very good

especially primrose's story

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its pretty great when trans girls date each other I think

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