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dont repost my toots with cws without asking first.

i will probably say yes! but if you dont ask ill be upset

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Btw if I ever rec a movie or you are interested in a movie I talk about and want a list of CWs pls let me know. I might not get to you immediately and it probably won't be comprehensive but I'm happy to do it so you don't spoil the whole thing trying to figure it out of it's ok for you to watch.

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Lil reminder to followers both new and old:

I'm and real life sex and sex talk makes me uncomfortable

I'm and my pronouns are they/them.

I'm and no that doesn't conflict with being non-binary.

I am mixed , and am part Mexican. I don't view it as anything that supercedes potential white privilege but I am very vocal/touchy about bigotry against both and non-Latinx POC.

I have that is currently untreated and live life with that struggle.

tmw i realize why the first default Pawn you get in Dragons Dogma is named Rook

only milly can open 


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just look at the way he simps his soump like SLUPSLPSLPSLPSP

I've not been nearly vocal enough on this account relative to the amount of followers as I have here but: Support Black peers. Support Black Communities. Black Lives Matter - not just the Black folk *you* like personally. Everyone on this platform, regardless of whether I like them or they like me, DESERVE a safe place to exist, to communicate, and to walk down the street without fear of being beaten to death by the people who claim to protect them.

Collecting all the Chaos Emeralds so I can Knuckles Snap all of Clout from existence.

Also for the record, I've generally not HIDDEN it but I am @scoots so have fun with that if you want to just remove what remaining semblance of a livelihood I have on the internet purely out of some sort of beef related spite.

If you hate Milly, I don't want your money.

If you hate Mint, I don't want your money.

If you think it's your god given right as white person to decide what POC get to be valid and which are just Token cause you don't like how they talk, just fuck right the hell off fam.

Listen, if standing up beside the POC in my life causes me to lose money from the whites that have decided they aren't being POC correctly, so be it.

I may have the memory span of a goldfish but if I remember anything, it's the people who have wronged me.

really raise my eyebrow at anyone who doesn't take the plight of American Indigenous tribes seriously

wish my part of texas had tribes to give land back to but the whites fucking genocided them

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