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Just FYI if you come into my mentions being unecessarily aggro and condescending I will be a bitch in response and I reserve that right.

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dont repost my toots with cws without asking first.

i will probably say yes! but if you dont ask ill be upset

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no one:
absolutely no one:
me: my resident evil OC could beat chris redfield in a fight

if you know anything about me it needs to be that I like Resident Evil a little too much

mfw i get new followers who don't know why i keep talking about these two dudes "tyr" and "vijay" and im like yanks out 100 page outline for fanfic STRAP IN, KIDS

i stole this from Mint, I could never make anything that good but he said it was free

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xenoblade 2 used to be an 11/10 game but then they nerfed the repetitive dialogue soldier

if you don't have valak mountain's landscape etched into your eyeballs from hunting ice cabbage, are you truly a xenoblade fan???

if that music doesn't spontaneously play in your head when you see the text "xenoblade", you haven't played enough xenoblade

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am i just making my total evolution to just being a bara artist

"but rhys we're tired of them putting tyrants in everything even if it isn't lore friendly"


if there isnt a tyrant in resident evil infinite darkness, i'll sue

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