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Btw if I ever rec a movie or you are interested in a movie I talk about and want a list of CWs pls let me know. I might not get to you immediately and it probably won't be comprehensive but I'm happy to do it so you don't spoil the whole thing trying to figure it out of it's ok for you to watch.

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Lil reminder to followers both new and old:

I'm and real life sex and sex talk makes me uncomfortable

I'm and my pronouns are they/them.

I'm and no that doesn't conflict with being non-binary.

I am mixed , and am part Mexican. I don't view it as anything that supercedes potential white privilege but I am very vocal/touchy about bigotry against both and non-Latinx POC.

I have that is currently untreated and live life with that struggle.

@revolverocelot I would like one (1) SNACK brand individually-packaged snack

now THIS is the Latine representation I deserve, not bad haircut himbo Carlos from the original

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i can't quite place what poster that Mars Carlisle's Off Duty is a Lampoon of. It looks so familiar...

lookin at nemesis like "this bitch aint even got a HAT"

@revolverocelot someone make a mod to give every entity in resident evil evo hair

actually I'd be like Dr. Gediman with the aliens in Alien 4 too

workin at umbrella i be like Dr. Gediman from Alien 4 but with T-03

classic hair carlos looks like a dude who would say no homo

The Democratic National Committee can eat my entire fucking ass.

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