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Btw if I ever rec a movie or you are interested in a movie I talk about and want a list of CWs pls let me know. I might not get to you immediately and it probably won't be comprehensive but I'm happy to do it so you don't spoil the whole thing trying to figure it out of it's ok for you to watch.

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Lil reminder to followers both new and old:

I'm and real life sex and sex talk makes me uncomfortable

I'm and my pronouns are they/them.

I'm and no that doesn't conflict with being non-binary.

I am mixed , and am part Mexican. I don't view it as anything that supercedes potential white privilege but I am very vocal/touchy about bigotry against both and non-Latinx POC.

I have that is currently untreated and live life with that struggle.

i was simply exercising my freedoms when I stomped the scrawny LP man into a shelf as he tried to detain me with the authority bestowed upon him by the lawful entity "Target"

take me home

country roads

it's a me


mushroom kingdom

stompin goomba

take peach home


elizabeth warren's initials are EW and thats beautifully accurate

its been a long time before ive squished this hardcore on someone

the braces and lisp just contribute to the overall cuteness factor

jarvis johnson doesn't have any right to be as gorgeous as he is

that movie deserves awards for the score it will never get

my most popular review on there is 4 likes for me actually enjoying first man

I plan on going back through the 2019 movies I've seen and reviewing them, but spoilers, the best movie that came out last year was "Parasite."

i have a letterboxd account ive been meaning on using if anyone at all wants to follow that

no really he's just regular ass kirk thornton because a casting director was like "this is fine"

still truckin along in the game monster kingdom, a tale of an 18 year old anime protag who sounds like mr morooka from persona 4

so you think your a gamer huh? how many of your opponents have you banished to the shadow realm?

tale of the princess kaguya tho, that movie whips ass, saw it for the third or fourth time recently in theatre and it still fuckin made me cry

oh yeah, we finished avatar, and my husband fucking loved it. his favorite of the gaang is a toss up between katara and zuko, but his overall fave is iroh

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