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dont repost my toots with cws without asking first.

i will probably say yes! but if you dont ask ill be upset

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Btw if I ever rec a movie or you are interested in a movie I talk about and want a list of CWs pls let me know. I might not get to you immediately and it probably won't be comprehensive but I'm happy to do it so you don't spoil the whole thing trying to figure it out of it's ok for you to watch.

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Lil reminder to followers both new and old:

I'm and real life sex and sex talk makes me uncomfortable

I'm and my pronouns are they/them.

I'm and no that doesn't conflict with being non-binary.

I am mixed , and am part Mexican. I don't view it as anything that supercedes potential white privilege but I am very vocal/touchy about bigotry against both and non-Latinx POC.

I have that is currently untreated and live life with that struggle.

so i guess florida just wants a bunch of dead kids?

this month 4 years ago chester bennington died, wtf world

calling myself out bc i got my rosacea from my white dad, meanwhile if my brown mom didn't smoke her skin would be flawless

the secret to having good skin is to not be white

Product Challenge 2021 Don't Name Your Black Shades After Sweets or Coffee

of the 5 darkest shades, there's 2 reds, 2 warms, and 1 neutral and the 3 darkest are.... predictably named after coffees.

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collecting some images for a marker set review and i already foresee some issues with deep cool and deep neutral skin tones

@revolverocelot it is only approximately on this same groove but

should you ever feel like you want to watch some makeup videos, may i recommend Nyma Tang, who is stunningly gorgeous and also cheerfully soothing while she roasts brands for their darkest foundation shades being shit

just thinkin about Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek, whom I think about often

ADHD is a superpower that gives you the ability to lose any object no matter how important it is

okay, i've been away for almost a month. are people back to normal now or is there still a cop problem on the fediverse.

I sure wish patreon wouldn't keep reminding me of the deleted pledge from my abusive ex friend

cottagecore and solarpunk have similar problems

UK #petition: Do not ban gender transition treatments for under 18s

2,468 of 10,000 signatures needed for a government response.

Deadline: 3rd Jan 2021.

[ #trans ]

UK #petition: Uphold current legal protections for transgender individuals and under 18s

27 of 10,000 signatures needed for a government response.

Deadline: 6th Jan 2021.

[ #trans ]

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@gonz0 yeah it'd be nice if people kept in mind whose land it is they're dreaming about homesteading on

i think its natural to desire to exist outside of capitalism. i would just say in any context to be careful of glorifying livin on the frontier as a white person

an easy dunk on CDProjekt 

I keep seeing the story about how Cyberpunk 2077 isn't going to be implementing wallrunning after all

this shouldn't come as a surprise, CDProjekt couldn't even implement good combat into Witcher 3

the bay turtles sucked but i kinda lowkey love em because of vernon and his chaotic bi subtext energy

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