As an instance admin, I decided to check out Toot! for iOS. It's $3.99 USD, but after a few hours' use, it is definitely worth it. This is a genuinely pleasant Mastodon experience, and the only feature request I have is the ability to turn off boosts in my home TL. (If that exists already, please point me to it!)

@noelle Are you getting notifications? I've been using toot since beta and just a few weeks ago notifications just stopped. Maybe I should reinstall it?

@baronvonjace @noelle notifications broke because of cloudflare problems, not sure if @WAHa_06x36 has managed to fix that yet

@WAHa_06x36 @halcy @noelle Both my iPhone and iPad don't get notifications and I've not changed any settings.

@WAHa_06x36 logged out and reinstalled. Lets see if that did it.

@WAHa_06x36 THAT DID IT! Thanks! I should have done that from the beginning.

@noelle it's pleasant but still lacking functionality unfortunately... as are all iOS mastodon apps, sadly. but toot! is the best of those offerings for now.

Yo uso Fedilab en Android, que creen? Hasta ahora me ha funcionado perfecto 👌, habrá una app mejor para Mastodon?

@yankritt I use "Subway Tooter" -- but many people like "Tusky" for a simpler app

@noelle Have you checked out Tootle? I’ve been impressed but I’m also interested in others opinions.

@noelle I stumbled upon it after doing an “alternative to” search for Amaroq just to see what was available.

@noelle I’m checking out Toot! now. Never hurts to check them all out!

@noelle So I was going to say that my only complaint was how Toot! handles media. Then I turned off the “Open in Safari” option. This is a sweet app. Thanks for the callout on this one.

@noelle for someone just using the service, I really like the PWA. It looks better than the majority of Android options I could find

@noelle I've been enjoying it. ^_^ What sold me was implementing filters as set up on the account (and without the web UI's awkwardly superfluous "filtered" that isn't even a placeholder, just a reminder), but they've also begun adding a iPad-specific UI. It's definitely a commendable option. ^_^

Agreed, Ellie. That’s been my experience, too. I’ve tried nearly all of the clients out there and Toot is one of the best. Still wishing there was a way to schedule Toots. I have friends on the west coast and want to delay stuff for to appear on their timeline after I’ve gone to bed here in the east.

@noelle @Gargron

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