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Everywhere I play :
PSN: ishikusui
Bnet: ishikusui#1271 (current PC)
Steam: https://steamcommunity.​com/id/ishikusui (upcoming PC)
XBL: TakenIdiot (no Xbox Live Gold)
Stadia: <no plans>

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PSN: ishikusui
XBL: TakenIdiot
FC: SW-1660-2428-7610

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Moving over from @ishiku for a more dedicated instance, I'll be finishing the move later today when I get home. Expect a lot of talk about and complaints about being bad at video games.

For Halloween I'm dressing up as the most terrifying of fictional spectres:

The invisible hand of the free market.

Jeez, the Sunshot catalyst requires an ungodly number of Sun Blast kills

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And this is the superior platform to consoles?

But having said that, I did fire up Destiny 2 on Xbox to see if I experience the rumble issues there (not that I could tell from the Lost Sector I ran into), and has it always looked like this?

I've been using the Hyperkin Duke controller, which is a recreation of the original Xbox controller, and it works pretty well for the most part. However, rumble can be kinda funky (vibrates longer than it should mostly) and I think it's a driver issue. So I tried installing an older set of drivers manually, but now have like 9 drivers instead of 5 and half those don't seem to work because they're too old, but Windows doesn't display version information and doesn't give me an option to uninstall?

Internet Service Provider, World Wide Web and Cryptocurrency are all words that went into the Merriam Webster dictionary when i was born. Dope

random thought of the day.

did my kobold dnd group fight a miniature version of king ghidorah in our last game?

Holy I fuck I just remembered about the McRib. See you all in hell losers...

eva rebuilds be like 

game idea:
Your Parents Never Signed the Permission Slip

Most of the class is at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, having fun. You and your fellow players never got your permissions slips signed, so you're in a classroom, bored.

Find a way to bring the aquarium experience to yourselves. Flood the room. Paint scales on a school bus. Perform damp rites and transform into fish people.

Game ends when the school day ends or when the ocean reclaims you forever.

Interviewer: "So what kind of art do you have to show me?"

Me: "CW: Giant robot tiddy."

Interviewer: "..."

Me: "...this is the part where you say 'show more'."

Interviewer: "No."

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🎶Brand new loooove song

“Is it possible for me to legally marry the Nier Automata soundtrack?” - ‪@EliteFourJosh ‬on Twitter

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And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

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