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Everywhere I play :
PSN: ishikusui
Bnet: ishikusui#1271 (current PC)
Steam: https://steamcommunity.​com/id/ishikusui (upcoming PC)
XBL: TakenIdiot (no Xbox Live Gold)
Stadia: <no plans>

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PSN: ishikusui
XBL: TakenIdiot
FC: SW-1660-2428-7610

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Moving over from @ishiku for a more dedicated instance, I'll be finishing the move later today when I get home. Expect a lot of talk about and complaints about being bad at video games.

that's it that's the one! I didn't realize i haven't played in months

if you don't pronounce sql as squirrel you're on the wrong side of history, buddy

If this is an option in a late stage area already, please let me know so I can rush ahead.

Million dollar DLC idea: Pokemon Trainers but wearing suits.

Plothole: They called it "The Next Generation" but there were obviously at least 2 or 3 generations between Kirk and Picard.

And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

I’m at the scooter store/ i’m At the hat shop/ i’m at the combination scooter store and hat shop (my work neighborhood is wild)

Hey all, Thoughty is running an itch bundle until 12/7 with TONS of amazing games from wonderful designers to support our community member, artist & designer Whitney Delaglio, who has a surgery upcoming. Please share & buy the bundle!! #BundleUp4Whitney

where is bravely default 3...this picture came out August of last year and I've been feral ever sense

also apparently the official title for GG2020 is now Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, which works for me honestly, it's a nice title

and Faust got teased, and, appropriately enough, will be shown off at a tournament called Frosty Faustings in January

I wonder what a management game where you have to heal a dying planet would look like?

someone literally dropped an infected USB stick outside an American military base in the Middle East. someone picked it up and plugged it in to their DoD laptop and boom

TERFs, Westboro Baptist Church 

ever wonder what "90s surrealist link" would look like? thanks to nintendo official art, you don't even have to imagine

It really sucks that, at the university level, every "introduction to trans theory" is just telling people to read Judith Butler, a difficult and sophisticated philosopher, when what most cis people need is like, an image book with simple sentences in big letters with colourful drawings

pkmn swsh fanart 

And now, a vertical slice of (Bot, may be bad) 

i was 10 years old. i can have fun in the other office when nobody is there

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