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Everywhere I play :
PSN: ishikusui
Bnet: ishikusui#1271 (current PC)
Steam: https://steamcommunity.​com/id/ishikusui (upcoming PC)
XBL: TakenIdiot (no Xbox Live Gold)
Stadia: <no plans>

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PSN: ishikusui
XBL: TakenIdiot
FC: SW-1660-2428-7610

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Moving over from @ishiku for a more dedicated instance, I'll be finishing the move later today when I get home. Expect a lot of talk about and complaints about being bad at video games.

I wish I had a picture of Hondomachi, but in the first 3 episodes most of her time is spent either tied up or in a hospital bed.

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pros to having a sword: fun to swing around, great exercise, one day you're probably gonna have to kill a man in the gas wars so you should get used to the weight of a weapon in your hands
cons: none really, anyone that isnt into you having a sword is an idiot and shouldnt be in your life.

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robots really taking advantage of the situation to snatch up humanity’s primitive learning certificates — what’s their angle? 🤔

Me: i need to be fiscally responsible in these troubling times. i must carefully divvy out the money i have to last as long as possible

my annoying as fuck brain: time-skip mint :thinkmint:

me writing softcore: this is cute. it’s almost scary how good i am. if your heartrate doesn’t up reading this are you really alive?

me reading the softcore i literally just wrote seconds ago. oh i do declare :O this is so scandalous, i can barely read it. who wrote this spicy action??? i am a pure mint, i cannot understand these words

what’s that? it’s time for me to post my tifa x aerith fanfic again? don’t mind if i do

Idk if I’ve posted it before but its funny to me how ATT is not charging overages for data right now. Instead of showing the accurate number and not applying any fees, they’re just rounding down to 1022 gb being used for the total month so their billing system doesn’t charge overage fees.

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on here, if you're just sitting there, ponderously thinking, pondering the different animals, and you say the name of an animal, that animal will show up and reply "yes?"

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Well, here’s my first serious try at making fanart.
(I’m not going to lie, this was very difficult for me😅)
It’s not my thing but I did my best :D

#SixFanarts #Fanart #mastoart #CreativeToots #art #digitalart #drawing

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