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I only play 2 games now.

Steam: ishikusui
PSN: ishikusui
XBL: TakenIdiot
Stadia: ishiku#5142
G'ranat [email protected]
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Moving over from @ishiku for a more dedicated instance, I'll be finishing the move later today when I get home. Expect a lot of talk about and complaints about being bad at video games.

the entire institution of the stock market is built on lies of market rationality and it's good to see that exposed

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hey wallstreetbets gamestop people, the hedge funds have shorted my follower count. please follow me to stick it to them!!

Wonder if I could create a script in Glimpse to make fake subs for me

nothing has changed in my time off mastodon other than I'm the next friend you had that won't shut the fuck up about destiny now

Overpopulation is a racist and colonialist idea.

I will not stop referring to Yoshi as Mario’s horse until he gives me back my yugioh cards so we’re at a stalemate

It would be nice if the workers at GameStop, who are seeing stores close and job loses, actually benefit from the random stock shit but of course they won't

*crosses off "class consciousness achieved through a subreddit" from bingo card*

These sunglasses are actually two scorpions and a broken karaoke machine! Oh noooooo!

@Morgan Games Top is not a sexual thing :hornyphobic:​ It's actually a place that sells standard issue Tops and Beyblades

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