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Ko-Fi page // :boost_ok: 

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Hi friends! I made an Elekk community on both PS4 and Xbox One! I made them so that we can potentially all find each other and play some games and chill. Look for Elekk in the community search area. Feel free to boost this so everyone here can see it.

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for the new folks from Tumblr.

I'm Jace Ravenfield! But call me Jace. Pronouns are he/him. I'm a omnisexual but I want to explore more of my queer side. I play video games, mostly retro games. I'm a Search and Rescue volunteer and a ham operator. I'm pretty much an open book so feel free to ask me anything! <3

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Seriously tho, i need more ram. 4 gigs is barley enough.

I need more ram for this laptop.

Piracy re: transphobia, dl link 

Lewd Joke 

Piracy re: transphobia, dl link 

Piracy re: transphobia, dl link 

in all ways but mechanically, i am a battlebot

AWW YEAH! Mechwarrior is abandonware so its free to download :D

4 bases 

you've made too many commits to this repository recently, please wait 30 minutes or use 4 gems to commit instantly

Old games are weird. Because you can get one for .50 cents or $500. Crazy

Bought the Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pak off eBay. Yay old games

The idea of a ‘convenience fee’ is fucking bullshit

If cyberpunk isn't real then how come a bunch of us have stupid haircuts, online alter egos we identify with more than our real names, alter our bodies and hate cops

Damn it. I want to dabble in Arch because I like its logo and want to stick it on my laptop.

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