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This is a screenshot-based Let's Play of Zelda Starring Zelda 2. It's a fan-made hack of , reversing the roles of Zelda and Link.

Zelda is still a princess, she still wears a dress, but she wields a sword and Link is a lord and has to be saved, along with seven other lords instead of seven maidens. The ROM hacker also altered some of the text to take into account that Zelda is now the protagonist, so let's see what the game looks like!

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He says he needs his partner before he can temper my sword.

Awwwww, the blacksmith is lonely.

So what is he working on anyway by himself?

Maybe he's just passing time whacking away at that heated metal.

Ah, a blacksmith! Cute little forge he's got going in here!

Hey there little fella!

Say, who's yard is this anyway? In her eagerness to explore stumpy obstacles, Zelda didn't even bother trying to find out.

Looking dejected for the sake of appearances, in case that devil bat-thing is still around, Zelda heads out, smirking inwardly.

Alas! More magic power? That's the curse? Zelda is now an even more powerful witch! What will she ever do?

Oh no, it's glowing! What sort of devilish tricks are these? What did Zelda bring upon herself?

It talks!

And forgets its manners at first but promptly regains composure and addresses princess Zelda by her proper title.

Hey, this is totally new! Some demonic-looking altar? Oh boy, Zelda gets ready to channel her inner witch and summon some devils!

Total letdown! There's nothing here!

What's the point of putting a stump here if nothing important is hidden behind it?

Every obstacle must serve a purpose!

Oh well, these soldiers are total pushovers anyway, especially now that Zelda is more buff and has a better sword.

Hey, look a stump. This looks like it could be hiding something important.

When she gets to Kakariko, she discovers that it's become a police state! All of the villagers are indoors due to an apparent curfew imposed by the castle soldiers!

So earlier during that elided timelapse through Kakariko village, Zelda actually found a curious-looking thing in a cave somewhere (it's always in a cave, isn't it?)

She's now heading back there with magic powder and renewed purpose, but mostly with magic powder.

Back outside, Witchy (her canonical name is Syrup and her assistant in the shop is Maple, har har har), is back to her Macbethian antics.

Inside Ye Olde Potion Shoppe and there it is!

Magic powder!

Let's start sprinkling this around all over the place like a hyperactive fairy and see what happens.

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