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Joshi is pronounced like Yoshi and not like Josh.

oh man there's moves for summoning clones or small animals

hell yeah i'm gonna be a scarecrow who can summon crows

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making a character for a tabletop game inspired by Kingdom Hearts, where the GM has encouraged us to just use our cringiest OCs from whatever setting.

My character is going to be a Beam Mage, which essentially means they have the Beam ability from Kirby, although it's gonna be made of fire instead of sparks/light/Orbs or whatever. They might also have a few other tricks up their sleeve.

Also, they inhaled some S'crow Dust a few years back, and now they're permanently transformed into a mobile, sentient scarecrow, like in Super Mario RPG. They can still talk and walk (well, hop) and cast magic, they're just.. made of straw.

also their head is a carved pumpkin that changes expression when you're not looking

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i sent some money to a friend a couple months ago and now every time i open paypal it suggests their deadname as a recent transaction and i hate it

A few years ago a long-term online friend of mine moved to the same state as me. She was still about two hours away, but in the last couple of years we've seen each other every few months, and it was really nice.

Last week she and her girlfriend moved back out where she grew up. I was sad to see them go, and I'll miss them terribly, but from what she's told me it sounds like it might be for the best and of course I 100% support them.

On their way out she and her family, who had driven out to help with the move, stopped by my apartment and we got lunch. I'm glad I got to say goodbye in person, and also I got to meet her parents! And make a "hi [whatever] I'm mom!" joke in front of her actual mom lol.

One small thing that made me smile, that's been hard to put into words, is that while I was introduced to her parents as Josie, and that's what they called me, my friends called me Joshi. It was nice! I like being Joshi. I like being Josie. I like that I can be both those names and they're close enough to each other than people don't always notice so I can be both irl.

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microdosing hormones to fine tune the shape of my brain until it's a perfect cube up in there cause fuck idk everyone needs a hobby

Gwiggs put some of his painkillers on top of the fridge, but either he knocked my estrogen over or it was already knocked because he put it right where my stuff usually is. Really glad I caught that tonight otherwise I woulda been in for a bad time when I got up tomorrow.

Fucked up to like, be someone people See and Think About? But like, in a good way?

I've spent so much of my life trying to be invisible and fly under people's radars and appear unremarkable, because I could not stand being noticed. And now I am being noticed and it doesn't suck anymore?? Just, fucked up.

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i rang out a customer at work; she didn't say as much, but i get the impression she had been checking in somewhat frequently hoping to catch specifically me. she told me about how her friend had recently come out as non-binary and started using they/them pronouns, and that they wanted to get a pronoun pin. and she remembered that I had one on my nametag, so she's been hoping to catch me so she could ask where I got mine.

I added my recent Kirby plush acquisitions to the Boystack. It is now a Boydisplay.

that might have been the scariest bathroom I've ever been in

on my birthday, the year i figured out i was ace even, lmao

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just learned that ken penders decided to dunk on asexuality on my birthday a couple years ago and i feel personally slighted by this fact

Delete my pronouns. Refer to me by name or not at all.

at least this guy has a probable excuse, unlike the other dude

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