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Joshi is pronounced like Yoshi and not like Josh.

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Referring to turn based strategy games as "chess-likes"

selfie, ec, oh no im cute??? 

when did this happen?? how did this happen???? have i just always been this cute and never noticed?????

My legs are slowly, gradually looking more ladylike

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screenshot spelunking is when you wake up to meta and gotta find out wtf is goin on

does it count as a male fail if people "mistook" me as a girl pretty regularly before I realised they were right?

I was linked to a cute Spider-Man comic on twitter that I wanted to share. The creator doesn't have a presence on Mastodon to boost from, so please go read it on their twitter and check them out!!

@JupiterSkye note that I don't want you to stop. i would prefer you continue

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@JupiterSkye sky please I need you to stop I can't handle all these lovely ladies 🥺

all friends are friends with benefits if you consider that getting to hang out with cool people who love you is the greatest benefit of all


January 2020, December 2020

at some point last year i got SUPER cute and learned how to smile

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Breath of the Wild made a terrible mistake, giving me a torch and making most of the map flammable

hey just a quick end-of-year update: i am extremely gay

i love... explaining kingdom hearts to people.........

hello my name is joshi and i am an adhd stereotype

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Running around getting ready for work because I'm late and I stopped and literally gasped "squirrel!" when I saw this friend on my balcony

spoken references to misogynistic violence 

Yesterday at work, very first customer I had, in the middle of checking him out his friend sidles up and says "If that whore is there when I get home I swear I'm gonna fucking stab her." My customer agrees, and laments that sex work is still around. "It just seems so old fashioned. I mean it's 2020, c'mon."

Like, what the fuck??? What the fuck, you're really going to threaten violence on a woman just trying to fucking live? And you're gonna do it out in public, where you apparently think it's nbd????

I don't even, like. Have words for his that made me feel. Jesus Christ. I just needed to say this, to someone. Get it off my chest, not carry it alone.

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Happy Solstice!
You may know that Santa Claus was modelled after Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children. But did you know: he is also the patron saint of sex workers! The true meaning of Christmas is that Santa supports sex workers, and so should you.
#Santa #SaintNick #SupportSexWorkers

please appreciate how aggressively pink my cheeks have gotten

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