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Joshi is pronounced like Yoshi and not like Josh.

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Maybe I'll get lucky and respond to hormones like someone half my age

I wish I.. felt like I'd ever be able to pull that off

One of my coworkers was dressed as a cute witch today at work and just. Man I wish I could pull that off.

tricked another pal into making a mastodon account hell yeah

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Attn writers and showrunners

Write! Non! Binary! Characters! Who! Are! Pretty! Much! Just! Regular! Humans! PLEASE!

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this post will become the most famous post of all of history

There was a Reddit "What does dysphoria feel like?" post, and even though I'm not 100% sure myself and was asking several friends as recently as a month or two ago, I decided to jump in and talk about how I felt about myself.

And, uhh, I guess how I feel about the face looking back at me from the mirror is /highly relatable/ because it's the top comment now.

The downside to asexual awareness week is that now nazis are aware of me

I mean I guess it could also say that the hyperfocus has kicked in but that doesn't usually last this long and also what a weird thing for a cis person to zero in on

(the thing it says about me is that I'm also an actual trans person)

Every time I talk about HRT and its side effects on Twitter one of the trans people who follows me reacts with surprise about something I say, and I think "How do I know this and you, an actual trans person, doesn't?"

And then I'll just kinda sit there for a second and remember that cis people don't generally know this much about transitioning and maybe that says something about me

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Normalizing girls with dicks and boys with vaginas will reduce harmful thoughts for kids. If you're a woman with a penis you're valid and I love you. If you're a man with a vagina you're valid and I love you. If you're nonbinary and have either a penis or a vagina you're valid and I love you. Stay alive friends :heart_trans: :heart_nb:

I met a kid at work who was VERY excited we had Kirby stuff. His mother told me about how he begged her for the big Kirby plush we got in recently. I got to tell them that when they came in I immediately claimed one, carried it around all day, and now he sleeps in my bed with me and I get to look into Kirby's eyes every morning when I wake up.

The mom I think was a little weirded out. The kid was awe-struck.

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Only 90s kids will remember being a kid between the years 1990 and 1999, inclusive.

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