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Joshi is pronounced like Yoshi and not like Josh.

once upon a time I was stomping koopas
now I'm only falling apart
gotta learn to race
it's totally mario kart

orcs 🤝​ dwarves

that's it. there's no meme they're just holding hands. they're dating

hi i didn't expect audie's photo caption to make me emotional

Apparently a few people who follow me are interested in or planning on starting old school forums.

Reply here if you are, lets see if we can get a little group together.

Boosts please.

Love the simultaneous narratives of "trans men/women are ACTUALLY simply Very Confused gay women/men and transitioning is homophobic," and "trans men/women are trying to trick gay men/women into having nonconsentual het sex. Just. Love that they're suddenly so concerned for the wellbeing of the people they were trying to deny rights for being sex pests within the last decade.

it's almost like the whole thing is a crock of shit......... 🤔🤔🤔

I mean likely it's some combination of a few of those things

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I've been feeling so aggressive and emotionally wound up recently. I dunno if it's been caffeine or the idiot customers at work or how weird shit's been or just a result of working after quarantine.. or if this is just a thing I'm gonna have to deal with once a month or so from now on.

thinkin' of forming a band with a couple of friends. we'll call ourselves Joshi and the Pussycats.

might self-actualise today. y'know, as a bit.

i found the vector file used to make the template for the gay ghosts and now i can just make my own with any arbitrary size and pattern and i've gone made with power

I hope you're having good Father's Days, random customers who consistently called me "miss" and "she" and otherwise gendered me female even after getting closer and hearing my voice.

comic books, illustrated dismemberment 

jesus christ, comics.

Any of my coworkers: "How's your day goin', Josie?"
Me: "Pretty good. I got to have some human rights today, so that's cool!"
"The Supreme Court ruled I can't be fired for being gay!"

I'm pretty sure this is the first time many of my coworkers put together that me being a girl, and me liking girls, means I'm gay.

Explained to my mom for like the third time that, no, the gender feelings aren't new, that catching a bad case of gender in my 30s wouldn't be that weird, and that developing them at the onset of puberty is, despite the narratives, actually probably the most common way these feelings manifest.

one of these days it'll set in. maybe. hopefully.

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