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Joshi is pronounced like Yoshi and not like Josh.

oh my god i'm on estrogen. i'm on hrt. i've been on it for a few days and my brain hasn't revolted yet at having the wrong hormones flowing through it. i've been perky at work. perky enough that at least one person has noticed. i want to hug everyone. in a couple months i'll start changing shape.

i'm on estrogen and my brain hasn't broken from being on the wrong hormones and oh my god i could have done this years and years ago.

holy shit.

I guess the End of the World in KH1 was described as a being made from the pieces of Worlds that lost their Hearts, and equivalent to a Nobody. And the World That Never Was might be similar. And Traverse Town... appears to be special, but might also be made from pieces of other Worlds, at least in part?

So I guess Worlds don't leave behind Nobodies but they can leave behind shards and detritus that congeal into new worlds that grow new Hearts, like Nobodies do.

Like why would people be the only thing with Hearts that sometimes leaves behind an empty shell?

When a World loses its Heart in KH does it sometimes leave behind a Nowhere?

Maybe one day I can stop feeling shaped wrong. Hopefully.

Hopefully I don't just end up feeling shaped wronger.

Trans boys don’t get enough love. You’re all hecking great, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 💕

Going on Fedi to refill my meters, Sims style. Two are increasing. They are labeled "Gay" and "Trans"

trans stuff, caps 

I accidentally convinced some teens today that I'm some kind claw machine wizard

trans stuff, frustrating 

trans stuff, frustrating 

trans stuff, frustrating 

trans stuff, frustrating 

this post was half joke, half excuse to remind people about Yamato Yūga portraying Tuxedo Mask in a stage musical

Roses are red
I'm red in the face
Don't worry, Fox
Use the boost to chase

Roses are red
This war's not your fault
Tap on down-C
Try a somersault

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