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Hey, I am Cyan. I am a rogue who drink, swear, repair and fuck around.

36, trans, reader of many books, parent to a few baby queers. Hell hath no fury like an actual Fury.

May post about: stuff

I CW as much as I can, ask me if you need something specific. I always describe images, even if it’s only a few words.

I mute, block and filter liberally and you should do so too!


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Friendly public reminder that my account is locked and toots to followers only until we get less scraping.
That being said, I am still a librarian and I love to help if I can. I am more than happy to talk to anyone who is not a giant turd.

Nothing like spending the day with a strong woman and a soft cat boy to validate my agender feelings.

Need more chaotic enby vibes though

There is an art installation with a banner “I piss therefore I am” and I need to bring it to mastodon

Computer has been whipped into behaving.

The ssd died between installations

Whatever, spouse can enjoy their new toy now!

Really fucking hate computers today. Spent all my day making the hardware work and fit this tiny case to get fucked over by windows.

Of course. Bloody crappy windows.

Spent two hours cleaning and rebuilding a pc with fresh components in an old case. Most notable thing was spending 1h45 fighting the cgu that got stuck in the pci port because the dude is fucking heavy and cost more than what I can conceive for a fucking cgu.

Pc is my spouse’s, I literally had to beg them to buy parts because they have been working on their 10+ years config through Covid.

They deserve nice things!

Now I will go back to install a fucking support rack for that monster. There is no space left in the case between the cgu and the noctua cooling system.

Doing some light reading and research while listening at mtg card analysis. Nothing to see here

Had a cool dream where I got to hang out with my (dead) friends. It did felt like a big hug from the other side and for once, my brain was not a jerk about it.

It was really cool to hang out with the original Benni and get their approval. Even if it is just in my head. Also, I definitely need more tats to be a good Benni.

Thanks ghosts, love y’all.

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I told the story to my partner. They proudly show me a fucking ikea tool that has been lying around our bed and said they were ready.

I lost it 🤣

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re: Lewd 

Imagine having to rebuild your ikea dresser at 2am

Sex has consequences, people!

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Neighbours are having sex and suddenly, some heavy thuds and a man yelling something about a cat.

I think the cat was on the dresser and it got tipped over :oh_no:​

I have been listening to sad music most of the day and you know what? I miss Layne Stanley.

I am glad ♐️ Mars are agreeing with me. We have to put our energy somewhere you know!

Mostly getting angry and frustrated at the people we actually want to date.

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