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Men are getting on your nerves?
You need to hurt someone with a rusted spoon but it is frowned upon?

Have more than 2 hours of fierceness:

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I am putting this here, in case you want to add me in

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Hi, I am Benni, 33, your not-so-local agender librarian.
I am a crafter and love sharing tips, tricks and pics ( ).
Also an irl and online game master for and , like
I spend quite a lot of time on and other games.

Wanna play? Hmu :blobcatheart:

Fr / En / Jp

Me, getting up to get a glass of water:
My dog, rolling over and asking for belly rubs: 👀

Playing Destiny with friends is good but pushing your partner off a cliff? Heaven. Sitting on their head while they change their mods? Perfection.

Ooh got my Sugarbones package! And we have journal stickers this month too. Puuuurfect

I have been out of Instagram and Google News for two years now. I still spend a lot of time on my phone but no more doom scrolling or blank staring at my feed.
Just a few ebooks and a reader.
I don't have to find the time to read. I already had it.

I wasn't online those past weeks. But today is the equinox and it deserves a lavish celebration :abunhdhappyhop:

I should get a commission for my OC. We'll see if she survives tomorrow underwater expedition first :zagpls:

Also, the head of a very notorious house just kept talking about his Greek mythology inspiration for his last collection: Diana.
My soul left my body.

I am rolling my eyes really hard. Repurposing fast fashion items to reduce 'waste' is a joke. Or a stunt.
And marking this shit up for double the price of the items is plain cynism.

(I have no idea, I drink all my hot beverages without milk or sugar)

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Me, listening to bossa nova all day and not including a single title in this week playlist: :pika:

Windows pc has been brought back from the hell pit it was stuck in.
Now I can do space chores with the partner

Me, not correcting strangers in the street about my gender is not "the proof" I am "choosing my gender when it suits me".

It is called surviving, you giant turd.

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Guess who argued for 45 minutes about their gender with a bunch of women spewing TERFY rethoric without "knowing"?
Long time since someone dared to call me, an enby, a gender traitor.

If I could escape sexism, I would def love it. Being an enby has nothing to do with that, strangers will still put me in the "woman" category. And treat me accordingly.

I cannot escape gender binary because I wish it "in my head".

The audacity.

SSD & external drive bought. Will do the Big Bad Back-up this week-end, get rid of the raid 0 and hope I get my computer back in time to work

Personal pet peeve: gigormous paperback with poor choice of paper and easy marking cover. A disaster that I can't hold (and therefore read)

Dang, the printer I used for my custom stationery has closed shop since.
And nobody is doing custom notebooks with grid paper?!

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