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Hey, I am Cyan. I am a rogue who drink, swear, repair and fuck around.

36, trans, reader of many books, parent to a few baby queers. Hell hath no fury like an actual Fury.

May post about: stuff

I CW as much as I can, ask me if you need something specific. I always describe images, even if it’s only a few words.

I mute, block and filter liberally and you should do so too!


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Friendly public reminder that my account is locked and toots to followers only until we get less scraping.
That being said, I am still a librarian and I love to help if I can. I am more than happy to talk to anyone who is not a giant turd.

It has been 0 day since I got interrupted by a cis man asking if “I was a real woman” while wearing my trans flag.


I had a crochet project just started but now I don’t know what I can do with it.
Guess it will go into The Pile of Shame.

Lewd & MtG 

“There is no bad cards when I play them! I am the pile driver, baby! I am the Lumbernaughty!”

Okay, plotting went okay. Mostly. I like making little train lines and intersecting then.
Works well with my two protagonists too

Trying a new way to plot today. I think I might be able to pull out a full novel this time? Idk. No expectations.

Trying new stuff.

I knew I wrote better but I hurt but fuck, if that’s not a fact I don’t know what’s real anymore

That weird moment when you are wearing clothes with very different size tags. Shirt is a Small, t-shirt is an XL, pants are a M, underwear is a L.

Fuck sizing

As a palate cleanser, I have elected to read Natural Twenty and now I can feel good about my choices in life again

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