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Hi, I am Benni, 33, your not-so-local agender librarian.
I am a crafter and love sharing tips, tricks and pics ( ).
Also an irl and online game master for and , like
I spend quite a lot of time on and other games.

Wanna play? Hmu :blobcatheart:

Fr / En / Jp

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ACNH question 

Can I gift materials to people sharing my island?

I am playing Animal Crossing and I have no idea of what I am doing. Probably going to turn this island into a bog though.

What Is A Kobold?
A Dog
A Lizard
A Monky
A Person
and A Friend

I still have 19 rounds on the lotus blanket, 36 rows of my second voyage shawl, all the supplies for an Ubuntu blanket but it seems I am not able to stay on track without following a video and it is going to take forever. Also a bunch of granny squares waiting to be stiched together in an actual blanket. I also want to to a nice wool sweater... And that's just crochet. Not knitting. Or sewing. Or painting. Or ... you know ... writing

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in my “there will be blood voice”: i’m finished!!!!

FF7R Discs 1-6 + Jukebox Tracks:

FF7R Disc 7:

thankts to everyone who has been patient about this, i bit off way more than i could chew but god knows that hasn’t fucking stopped me before lol :boost_ok:fixed

Sorry for the lack of posting, everyone! A dry late spring, ending in heavy rainstorms, meant we were busy tending to the nursery!

There's still more to do, so posting might be inconsistent, but I'm excited to show y'all what we've been working on when I've got the time!

Locals: We still have an abundance of free gifts for anyone who wants them. Bread and pastries from Weaver St. Market, sweet potatoes from Food Not Bombs, mulberries and rosemary from our garden, and clover sprouts from our hydroponics.

We've also got some small aloe vera plants that are getting established.

Call or text 814-367-3660 to arrange a pickup.

(Not local but want to support these efforts? donations are accepted at

The attached photo is a recent box prepared for pickup: two apple pies, three loaves of bread, mulberries, rosemary, lettuce.


Also I heard that it 'gets harder to make new friends when you get older' and... No ?

I am tired to babysit cis gay men through their feelings :ablobblewobble:

would anyone be interested if I made a guide about how to get into fighting games, with the assumption being that you have absolutely zero knowledge on the genre?? I am an intermediate player at best (low-expert on a good day lol) but I can write and I’ve definitely gotten good at learning these past few years. I have a pretty cool idea (I mean, I think) about how to make the guide but it’ll take a lot of effort so I wanna know if people actually wanna learn haha. boosts okee

travail, publicité, services numériques 


je travaille chez #Clic2000, une petite coopérative établie en France, nous sommes quelque peu impacté·e·s par le coronavirus et le confinement mais espérons survivre à cette période

si vous avez besoin de services numériques ou que votre entreprise recherche un fournisseur fiable, écrivez-nous !

nous offrons une large gamme de services sur mesure pour répondre à vos besoins, sans blabla et inutilités : ça fonctionne et vous payez le juste prix

voici quelques trucs que nous faisons:
- audit et conseil sur votre infrastructure existante
- donner des formations sur de nombreux sujets techniques (du débutant à avancé)
- développer, déployer et maintenir votre site web (personnel, entreprise, e-commerce ...)
- hébergez votre instance #Nextcloud
- héberger vos logiciels du #fediverse (#Mastodon et ses forks, #PixelFed, #PeerTube, #Plume ...)
- fournir des comptes e-mail + contacts + agendas avec #SOGo
- héberger la messagerie instantanée #Mattermost
- ... tout ce dont vous avez besoin

consultez notre site internet: et n'hésitez pas à booster ce message

merci ! 🙏🏻

Irl discourse 

Je pense que ma santé mentale se serait beaucoup mieux portée il y a cinq ans si on ne m'avait pas mis le couteau sous la gorge pour que je me trouve une étiquette à tout prix (parce que bi c'était pas assez, vu que je sortais d'une relation avec un mec) . Et que j'aurais milité plus tôt.
Mais heeyyy, c'est pas des attaques personnelles, c'est juste 'une opinion' .
Mon oeil.

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Irl discourse 

Wait, je suis hypocrite parce que je n'ai pas listé toutes mes étiquettes lgbt ? Really ? C'est l'étendue de ma légitimité apparemment.
Venant de la part de la même personne qui m'a reproché d'abandonner iel en français, ça me semble parfait.
On a passé 30 minutes dessus.

Dr Strangelove (1964); Techbro mention 

Things that Dr Strangelove got right:

🍍 That military guy in the war room who's just *so* excited about his team winning that he gives exactly zero thought to the fact that if they do, it means the end of all human life
🍍 The use of computers to automate eugenic programmes and launder the intentions of those who use them

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I am in dire need of unblanking a very big wall. Time to slap more art on it!


I made chickpea curry yesterday and it is so good :abunhdhappyhop:

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