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Hi, I am Benni, 33, your not-so-local agender librarian.
I am a crafter and love sharing tips, tricks and pics ( ).
Also an irl and online game master for and , like
I spend quite a lot of time on and other games.

Wanna play? Hmu :blobcatheart:

Fr / En / Jp

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Dimanche je monte une table de sur discord pour quatre potes รฉparpillรฉs. Si รงa t'intรฉresse, hmu :blobcatheart:

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Aprรจs concertation avec des potes qui vivent trop loin, je vais passer ma campagne en ligne.
ร‡a sera l'รฉveil des seigneurs des Runes, via... Roll20 et peut-รชtre discord ? :blobcatgooglyshrug: Probablement 2x par mois. Y a deux dรฉbutants pf et on est tous des vieux du jdr mais des vieux cool qui aiment faire du rp et dรฉvelopper des histoires ensemble. Hmu si t'as envie de jouer !

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I am a soft enby, an insomniac librarian and a friendly void.
I GM and , play a large bunch of video games on and .
I read and , suck at poetry.
I love to and will probably make you a blanket.

Expect pics of my , wtf screenshots and memes.

Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely and leave something of the happiness you bring.

You know your trauma is showing when you get excellent news but feel absolutely nothing. Except exhaustion. Ah. Who would have thought.

Morning struggle update: I want to take a shower but coffee is served. The partner insists I cannot take my mug under the shower for some reason. Lies and fairytales.

Currently dreaming of buying my own ps5 next year to play destiny 3 with the partner. Would still be way cheaper than my 3 months insurance bill.

Imagine if we approached any other product or service with the same mindset gamers do when it comes to grinding a shit ton in games or dealing with battle passes or all the other ways game companies do their best to see how long you'll put up with their garbage

"this restaurant is overpriced, and their food always makes me sick! Iโ€™m THIS close to not going there on a daily basis!"

The peasants hath become accustomed to speaking a most detestable phrase: โ€œas you say, Elder.โ€ They utter it with a most indecent tone, implying disbelief and rebellious sentiments. This phrase might rightly be compared to the gravest insult of our age, which I dare not write.

Ptsd related 

I am sorry for being so silent these days. I hope it will get better soon.

Ranting like the old being that I am 

Have you considered buying anything from Humble Bundle this month?

If you use do it through my link you can help me reach my payout level this month! Only $20 or so missing!

Ahhhh the beast is back! It was the power supply!
But it may have damaged one of my disk in raid0 with the reboots. We'll see.

well time to buy the tenth pillow and set of sheets in like three months because my dog is awful

if you have anything to spare i can always use it. my dog is destructive, i make very little money, and am disabled. my food is smaller portioned and more expensive due to allergies and capitalism. i donโ€™t live near any public transportation so i also have a car that will need money for inspection and probably repairs (at the very least, a new windshield) soon.

Bought a small ocher color marker and played around with it a bit more today. I like the mix of black and ocher, which I find looks like gold then. :)

#art #mastoart #marker #watercolor

Selfie, ec 

Ohhh my gambit jersey arrived today. Definitely gonna wear it at the gym tomorrow! Maybe I 'll take a pic?

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