Fuck my university.

They lost my certified Transcript and Diploma request. Which you have to pay for.

they didn't send them to fedex, presumably they sent them to the fucking trash.

And they just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said we'll make sure it goes through this time, but yes fuck your social anxiety you have to haul your ass over there and pay for it AGAIN.


@lapis u g h

that's bullshit. that is 100% certified bullshit. if you have the capacity, kick it up the ladder. Talk to the Registrar or the Dean of Students. You shouldn't be paying for their fuckup.

@noelle @lapis yeah as someone who worked at their university's registrar you actually shouldn't be liable for paying for their mistake. you were either talking to a student or an incompetent employee, i would def keep complaining

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