Also, and relatedly, how did I not know about this vertically-oriented large-scale open-source CNC router design? 😍

@djsundog i had dreams of building a CNC many years ago... a friend and i acquired most of the parts and started work on constructing the bed but never got a chance to make it happen.

now i live in an apartment where i have no room for a CNC even if i wanted to do it, but i've still got the controller, stepper motors and assorted other bits of electronics, all sitting in a box


@tcql @djsundog I'm entertained: I went to Maker Made CNC's website, then to Maslow CNC's website (the device Maker Made bases theirs on), and neither website actually stops to answer the simple question I had:

what the hell is a CNC?

(I finally looked it up on Wikipedia)

@tcql @djsundog anyway, the whole thing was in service of a joke. see, if the computer has fine enough control, you could actually cut wooden "records" out, and repeat the process easily

which would mean you'd have

a CNC music factory

@noelle @tcql @djsundog Or just use a computer to adjust the motor the way that some people use the motors in floppy drives to play midi files.

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