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I got.. I got the 2b coffee I’m so happy. I’ll show pics tomorrow

the best apology is a change in behavior

and money

If anyone on here has an Etsy lmk so I can like your store and also everything in your store

might fuck around and delegitimize an entire country's long, rich, and varied cultural history so i can justify my bigotry by turning a place I've never been to and don't understand the language of into a fake utopia of anime titties

Here’s how you can chart my type:

it’s a Venn diagram where one circle is “could be cast as dracula in community theatre” and the other circle is “vaguely suspicious”

The closer you get to the center the more I love.

fe3h, dlc news 

Jeritza... jeritza... is so cute I’m happy m!byleth can romance him in the dlc.
I don’t own the game and I’ve only played a little bit but I’d always talk to Everyone during the free time phase. Especially jeritza.

Oh I have a fun idea.

Every type of musician in a school band has such a different energy to everyone else so I want to know what people think.

What instrument did I play in middle school?

@worm good news, he said she made his day so I’m no longer entirely too anxious

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live-blogging my dad 

He’s on speakerphone with someone in a call center RN and making disparaging jokes about the company they work for and how hard it is to get service and I can just hear the nervousness in the employees voice like, hoping he doesn’t yell at them.

mh kinda? 

i also thought i had super mild ocd, and when i went to a different psych he was like "i think your anxiety and depression have 'features of ocd'" and i was like.


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mh kinda? 

i really think i might have dyscalculia. maybe really mildly. but. a little.
i just. get so confused by numbers. any numbers. it always takes me like 15 minutes to do simple dnd math.
when i would do math for school my math would come out different every time even though it felt like i was doing the same things.

mh, ~, i'm fine talkin about coping 

i have a really hard time keeping track of... time? i can only really picture the future like, a few days in advance. so it also gives me like, a """sign post"" for the future.

birthdays and holidays do this for me too.

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mh, ~, i'm fine talkin about coping 

etsy is one of mty favorite websites for fighting depression.

i can buy a cute little bauble for relatively cheap, know the money is going to support small artists, and it gives me a concrete motivation to keep goin for a few days.

Every time someone says MuFo I think Muther Focker


I can only play ffxv for like 20 minutes at a time but I keep going bc I want to know who that disheveled man is.... he’s very much my type.....

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