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I got.. I got the 2b coffee I’m so happy. I’ll show pics tomorrow

the best apology is a change in behavior

and money

If anyone on here has an Etsy lmk so I can like your store and also everything in your store

might fuck around and delegitimize an entire country's long, rich, and varied cultural history so i can justify my bigotry by turning a place I've never been to and don't understand the language of into a fake utopia of anime titties

Here’s how you can chart my type:

it’s a Venn diagram where one circle is “could be cast as dracula in community theatre” and the other circle is “vaguely suspicious”

The closer you get to the center the more I love.

fe3h, dlc news 

here's a take that's not that hot because it's clearly painfully obvious:
IQ tests are racist
IQ tests are ableist
IQ tests do not provide any actual basis for intelligence, wisdom, ability, or creativity which are abstract concepts all varying in meanings and degrees, and using IQ score numbers and results as a way to prove ones superiority over others is disingenuous as fuck and completely false.

Oh I have a fun idea.

Every type of musician in a school band has such a different energy to everyone else so I want to know what people think.

What instrument did I play in middle school?

@worm good news, he said she made his day so I’m no longer entirely too anxious

live-blogging my dad 

mh kinda? 

mh kinda? 

mh, ~, i'm fine talkin about coping 

mh, ~, i'm fine talkin about coping 

Every time someone says MuFo I think Muther Focker

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