I finally have a switch and I’m playing a lot of three houses and the only thing I can say is:
Fe3h professional wrestling au

@worm also a doctor administered me with the vampire hormone

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I had a dream I saw some new lost boys behind the scenes pics that I’d never seen before and cried with happiness

I’m the vampire reply guy, when someone says “oh no a vampire killed my entire family“ I angrily reply “not all vampires“

My favorite Pokémon is yamask, just in case anyone needs that information.

@eightbitsamurai I own the fairy one Nd my friend had the wizard one and we’d just go out into the woods and find Sticks to make Magic Wands bc it’s all very serious and real.

@eightbitsamurai oh my GOD stationary supplies are always my merch weakness....

Ghost Pokémon are my favorite bc every Pokédex entry raises some deeply unsettling questions about the metaphysics of the Pokémon world.

@worm dragonolgy: dragons have really sensitive senses of hearing, taste, smell, and sight, but their scales mean that their sense of touch is dulled.
Baby me: *nodding, taking notes* this is going to be so important when I magically turn into a dragon.

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My enjoyment of HW is probably directly linked to the fact that in elementary school I checked out the dragonology book from the library like once a week.

@suivran HW was my favorite of them all so far, (except maybe SHB?) but doing POST arr was such a slog.....

I’m so hype for that bc then I can be like You Will Play Final Fantasy Fourteen to everyone I know

American insurance 

@MmeLibertine the most wild thing to me about people fighting against Medicare for all is when they’re like “ur FORCING me to get rid of my favorite insurance plan ))): what if I really LOVE my insurance” like regular people have a super personal relationship with their insurance company that isn’t like, marked by desperately begging them to cover whatever procedure you need.

Trying to convince people ffxiv has good story but that ARR and post ARR Is not the part that is good please god I’ll pick you up and carry you through it. I’ll play your chatacter. Please just play through heavensward.

what if all jobs were phrased like "attorney at law"?

programmer at computer

chef at food

barista at coffee

surgeon at brain

Someone needs to make an index of concepts/things/creatures/etc that are in fantasy or sci-fi

But indexed by copyright status

E.g. [Talking to snakes] Found in many common Public Domain mythologies; however avoid the terms "Parselmouth" and "Parseltongue," as they are under copyright until 2118 (estimated)

@sandrockcstm all other organizations resign.... acknowledging organization xiii is the only one.

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