my art, ShB 5.11 spoilers 

i finished the pixie quests.... i wuv them.... (wip)

body horror, death/undeath 

Also from the suits setting, he's a unicorn with the diamonds eye.

he's an ally and friend to the sailor. he's pretty weird becayse he's lived in the woods his whole life , but he means well. The antagonist did that to half of his face, but the power of his eye saved him.

(i just realized i forgot to caption the other images so i'm starting now and will go back and caption them in a bit)

He's the protagonist of the suits setting, a rabbit with a clubs eye. I think he really is a sailor.

she's a dog too, she's from a different setting involving magic eyes that have the suits of different cards.. i never figured out how exactly they were magic though.

she's the villain, she absorbed the power of another person with the spades eye. she was born with the heart eye.

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this was his counterpart, a sour cat with a bad personality. he is also immortal and he's not happy about it. they teamed up bc he wants to learn how not to get destroyed as easily.

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he's a weird wolf-ish dog. from a setting in which a certain subset of the population is immortal and regenerates over time from any injury. he's one of the ones who can avoid destruction the best through sheer luck and having a good personality. The collar is for tracking where he is, it's required for immortals.

yeah it's really similar to Ajin, but at the time Ajin hadn't come out yet. so o/

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self promo, my art, ShB spoilers 

I made a very silly t-shirt purely bc I want to wear it. You can also wear it if you want. :boost_ok:

my art, ffxv 

My wifi stopped working so I’ve taken up painting.

ffxiv shadowbringers spoilers 

my sister isnt' home time to draw [redacted]

cat pictures incoming 

This is her sister. They look very different in body type and act different in personality, but they are very similar in certain mannerisms. Her name is Alice and she loves people so much, she will run up to total strangers for rubs. And she can teleport.

cat pictures incoming 

Why is she so wonderful, what does she know...
Oh miss jack....

i drew oryx for inktober today it's not my best but i'm too tired to o more LOL

(wip) remaking my fursona's ref sheet bc i think i can do it better now

Day 29: "Google seatch: criss angel tickets CHEAP"

My first vtm character, Ricky! He's a nosferatu who's good at hacking and likes math and magic.

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