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:blobcat: My Commissions are open! :blobcat:

DM me on here for questions/details/etc.
As always, I reserve the right to turn down a request if I don't feel comfortable doing it.

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my art, ffxv 

USA folks: GoodRX is an app that will find the cheapest prices for medications based on your location. A $200 medication cost me $14 at Publix, without insurance. Consider downloading it if you can!


Pokemon spoilers i guess but it's an important accessibility option 

Star Wars, extremely lewd 

Star Wars, negative 

Star Wars, I don’t know 

write chelsea manning a letter of support if you really wanna do something good this remembrance day

I actually think people’s dreams are fun to hear about. Dreams are cool.

Good morning. I’m listening to the Nier automata soundtrack and crying.

@worm wait wait hold on this is nearly perfect you've just got a little smudge there -

*brings out sharpie*

for the glory of *nyankind*

there we go

ffxiv shadowbringers spoilers 

sdr2 spoilers 

sdr2, i guess i'm talking about dangan ronpa now 

i took these pics in my friend's house while she was redecorating. fun fact, when someone moves furniture too close to you, it kicks you out of gpose.

it was worth it tho i love the warm sophisticated atmosphere there :blobmiou:

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