I wish the water supply in town wasn't fucked. wish I had some way of knowing on my own when it was fixed without asking friends who get campus updates

I like. don't even know how actually bad it is? like they're telling me we shouldn't even shower (ew) and noone's been washing their hands just using hand sanitizer (EW) but like. water that's not drinkable but still coming out clear usually isn't?? that bad??

update: all the kids who live on campus just got told to go home until sunday. lol I'm fucked

excited to live off of dry crackers and snow from the parking lot for a week, showing up to work an hour away completely unbathed

coworkers, completely unaffected: hey why do you look like shit
me, five hours away from dying of dehydration: water's haunted
coworkers: what?
me, grabbing gun and leaving: water's haunted


update again: they let us know finally that it was some kinda fuel leakage. cool. should probably still shower tonight

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