thinkin about my old pictochat-clone-for-fedi idea... yet again...


if I were to try and design a workable frontend for a pictochat clone that runs something activitypub in the background (so users can be followed by mastodon users and such), how important do you think it is that I keep the DS screen low-definition pixel art style (scaled up ofc) for the UI/post creation/etc

I just got a second job and a very belated birthday game to finish but here I am like "what if I started this up again?"

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pinning the poll so it stays on my profile for the span of the poll

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note also that I probably can't get away with it 100% getting away with stealing assets and art from nintendo, so like. the aspect ratio of the max size post might be tweaked. and the font altered. and the icons replaced. but like, it would still be around the same look

and if I were to make it hifi instead I'd still do the highly minimal style of old pictochat, just like. at a normal pixel density

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majority extremely important: I'll work on the pixel style before anything else
majority somewhat: I'll work on the pixel style after a functioning prototype is made
majority not: I'll work on the pixel style after a hifi version is running somewhere (which would require someone else's help in teaching me and/or helping me build activitypub backend)

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features I would prioritize in a prototype before pixel style if somewhat is chosen:
- typing and dragging text, and drawing, in the post box
- copying the image of the chosen post instead of/alongside(?) a boost-like function
- "rooms" that you choose before posting, a list of users in said room visible somewhere
- impermanent posts, only exist in that room as long as at least one user is there to see it, a clean slate on each session start
- rainbow pen / text function

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forgot this was still going lol. once it ends hopefully I'll be not sick and I could maybe work on it

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@woomy make it the DS screen way first, and add an option for a more hi-fi vibe after

@byttyrs the reason I ask is because the way I was making it the first time, it's significantly harder to do that pixely style... so if I were to do both I think I would end up doing the hifi first? but if enough people really want the pixels (bc I do too, just not enough for the extra work only for me) I'll prioritize that

@woomy i did some thinking along these lines for GlitchSoc way back when, but stopped once the drawing pad got implemented. so if you ever wanna chat implementation specifics hmu

@jellyfish_link yeah, the drawing pad there is neat but I definitely want a more fully integrated system than mastodon can give. thank you, I might have questions once I'm back in it!!

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