neurotypicals are always making things so complicated. like okay, you want me to work? why do you need my personal social media info for that? why do you need me to socialize with people in specific sanctioned ways during my breaks? why do you need me to wear specific clothes? why is *doing the work* not enough???

you’d think capitalism would want to emphasize productivity as much as possible and get rid of all of that fluff but… i guess not?

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@winvi i think it mostly has to do with forcing you into a certain way of thinking and operating which is much more insidious

@winvi physical and emotional conditioning afoot?

go up and give it the damn boot

@winvi for real though i worked for a news media company and they didn’t even ask about social media pages. why would anyone ever need them besides trying to find ways to control you????

@Stevarow yeah i’m sure it’s not a HUGELY widespread thing (yet?) but i have heard of it happening in places

it is bad

@winvi I'd say that one actually makes SOME sense to me. Sharing a physical space with people you actively try to avoid having any further relationship with for, like, 8 hours a day can get emotionally draining for a lot of people

@socks i suppose so! personally if i have to work 8 hours a day i’d rather just… do that and not have to worry about socializing, unless i have something in common with the others that we could bond over?

besides, it’s usually very superficial stuff, and i have no interest in wasting energy on small talk with people i may not even like, y’know?

@winvi Yeah, I mean, I'm with you there. It still comes off as a very forced way of socializing that only works for some people. But I do try to at least make some conversation and stuff with my coworkers.

@socks yeah i don’t mean 0 social interaction, of course

just… not super formalized interaction? actually genuine stuff?

@winvi they learned modern hiring practices from studying cults i think
@winvi [this is a joke with a chance of being true, i don't have any evidence of this]


This would depend a lot on the type of job, wouldn't it?

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