In which I discuss an unsolved mystery.

And also start out talking normal instead of doing all babytalk voice at my dog, as a treat, just in case somebody... Wants to know that i guess? Anyway look at my dog

Hollydog has become a communist. I must learn there is no "MY chicken pot pie", just "OUR chicken pot pie"- each according to his need. And a little dog needs a pot pie for dinner

My dog was very suspicious about why exactly I chose to sit outside. But my sharing the last bit of popsicle with her has changed her opinion somewhat

The face of a dog who is quietly hooting at the subsonic level for want of goldfish crackers

Sometimes I try to capture my dog looking cute but by the time I take a picture, the adorable puppy face ends up being a "momther why are you paying attention to that loud rectangle instead of petting me" puppy face

Which is still adorable, just not quite what I was trying to photograph.

It was hollydog's 11th birthday recently!! So here she is getting a luxurious treat while helping to deliver a little known hollydog fact

Okay I lied about getting all the way offline but it's hollydog pictures time instead.

Somepuppy wants my vanilla wafers and is making soulful eyes at me about it

I am glad that hollydog is unfazed by the fireworks going off, just sleeping and farting contentedly

I already did all of my teasing her earlier

My shoulder may have woken me up yelling at 7am but my dog helped

And by that I mean she noticed I was awake and had put one of my hands palm-up, so she promptly wandered over to flop her head on my hand in order to trick me into giving her scritches. While wagging her tail every time her 'trick' worked and I did indeed scritch a dog head that just flopped into my hand.

Dogs are very good

It is grey and rainy and good sleeping weather, so hollydog insists that I should continue to be in bed (aside from bathroom and snack-getting breaks of course). I am complying with demands

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