@wigglytuffitout mathematically perfect peak shape etc., and I do like it 🐀😍

@wigglytuffitout Image description: A large, ratlike animal. A golden spiral, with matching Fibanocci squares, is overlaid on it, and closely matches the curve of its body from approximately where its back feet are to the tip of its nose.

@alilly it is indeed a rat, a fancy rat and likely a male one as they get this chonky :>

@alilly fwiw, i appreciate the help! however after reading this part in your profile -

I will hesitate to boost anything with undescribed attachments, and I will not be happy to even see it around. If I reply to your post with a description, consider that a reminder that you should do so in the future.

i hope that the gesture is done with less condemnation as described above, as i enumerate my own policy in my own pinned posts here elekk.xyz/@wigglytuffitout/104 explaining how it is a clashing accessibility need.

if this truly makes you unhappy to even see, i fully endorse and recommend blocking/muting me so our accessibility needs don't clash :) thank you!

@alilly I realized that by now you have probably blocked me however, I think now is a pretty good time to perhaps remind you and/or suggest that you reward your warning slightly, as I can now demonstrate an even better reason right now why I'm unable to write image descriptions and why you should perhaps consider not immediately condemning those who do not. This morning I had shoulder surgery, my entire left arm is currently immobilized and embrace, and I've had a nerve block which means I cannot feel much less use that hand whatsoever. All my previously stated reasons for not doing image descriptions are magnified at this point, and compounded by the real physical barrier to doing this, one which I am only dodging thanks to patiently working with Google's voice to text.

I know you were zealously trying to remind people to do the right thing but I think it would be best if you also consider not tarring everyone with the same brush there. I think you can agree that in fighting against ableism doing more bigotry against disabled people isn't the solution. Thanks!

@alilly correction: by embrace I actually mean in a brace. You see what I mean about the voice to text

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