@wigglytuffitout this is not the first time i’ve seen this and it’s just like omfg just drain the shit

“but then my cherry picker won’t reach!”

build a goddamn scaffold

@Ethancdavenport @wigglytuffitout hell, build the scaff underwater, it's an expensive call cause you need scuba certified hands for the initial setup, but it's been done.

@DissonantEevee @wigglytuffitout honestly you might not even! with some small rafts and a pulley, you could build each layer up from the bottom one and lower them a bit a time

it wouldn’t be very easy but that’s one way they used to build bridges

like there are so many ways to do this that don’t involve trying to float an extremely tall, top heavy vehicle on OPEN WATER with no support structure

@Ethancdavenport @DissonantEevee tbh if you built it with the idea of sinking the first few layers, i bet the sinking into the water of some weights would also make the resulting structure much more stable (ayyy counterbalance!) and depending on the depth of the pool, you might not even need somebody in scuba gear... just Steve, Who's Pretty Good At Diving And Brought His Swimsuit Today, and a helper to hand him some weights one by one

is this proper scaffolding? i mean probably not

but you could get a lot closer to something that isn't a nightmare

@wigglytuffitout @DissonantEevee just make it a pool day for the boys imo

like yeah we gotta get this shit built but also bring your trunks and your super soaker

@Ethancdavenport @wigglytuffitout nope. 29 CFR 1910.401(a)(2) This standard applies to diving and related support operations conducted in connection with all types of work and employments, including general industry, construction, ship repairing, shipbuilding, shipbreaking and longshoring.

No fucking shit Steve's lungs don't qualify as appropriate safety gear for the worksite

@DissonantEevee @Ethancdavenport on the other hand, i can tell you steve will have a more fun day dying if he's in his swim trunks with a water gun than if he's on the good bad ship USS We Put A Cherry Picker On A Pool Floatie,

@DissonantEevee @Ethancdavenport listen i am neither theater kid nor anyone who has ever done any sort of construction work, it should come as no surprise that i am MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING my ignorance 😂

do low-key wonder if someone has started manufacturing these Official Whatchamacallits, or if they are only spawned when welders are left unattended,

@wigglytuffitout @Ethancdavenport спасибо, я ненавижу ето.
Gonna have to take a pic of my podger when I get back from walking the dog.
I swear it's not a euphemism, the tool I'm talking about is literally called a podger.

@DissonantEevee @Ethancdavenport i believe there's absolutely a tool called a podger, it wouldn't surprise me if it's related somehow to bodging as a profession (e.g. someone who works with green wood - the wood then dries and shrinks, so that if the bodger is bad at his job, shit goes a tad wonky. hence modern british english - "bodging" means "fixing or making something but in a clumsy/shitty way")

i mean there's also a tool called a bonefolder

it's not one typically found in many makerspaces but


make sure you bone down hard youtube.com/watch?v=YG5GwwA7B3

@Ethancdavenport @DissonantEevee honestly even a hybrid scaffold-and-pontoon system would be much safer. like okay fine use the floaty to scoot the cherrypicker over to the right spot and then anchor it into the makeshift scaffold that's weighted down into the water. it would at least be BETTER! probably not osha-compliant, but BETTER

i mean it's kind of like trying to find a more nutritious meal than those awful zero-calorie konjac "noodles", doing much better is easy but also not guaranteed to be actually nutritious

...really just fuckin drain the pool. "weh water is expensive" whatever just fuckin make it weasel stomping pool cleaning day. drain it, scrub it, figure out what other little maintenance bits have been put off because "well it'd be hard unless we drain the pool", rent a higher cherry picker, It's Fine

@wigglytuffitout @Ethancdavenport @DissonantEevee I am still not convinced that it's for real/not photoshopped.
How does the load spread to the Edges of this ponton? the board is very small and too thin anyways. by the straps?
how did they get the scissors on the ponton without tipping it over when driving on/over the edge?
and what are they actually trying to accomplish up there without any tools. not even a checklist and camera, in case it's for inspection.

@adorfer @Ethancdavenport @DissonantEevee to be fair, "what are they even trying to accomplish" can be answered with "the type of people who think this whole thing is a good idea are also the type of people who aren't going to do their due diligence enough to bring a checklist and camera for an inspection"

to be additionally fair, at some point i really do not care if it's a photoshop or not because it is amusing, and i got a good laugh out of it. and this level of bad idea is absolutely something that exists and people try to do even if this particular instance could be faked. it is a good excuse to remember what not to do either way lol

@wigglytuffitout @adorfer @Ethancdavenport 10 seconds on Google. And I've seen many casual inspections where they don't take anything up but their phones cause they can take pics and file the paperwork on that.

@Ethancdavenport @wigglytuffitout нет. The scaff we use around here can't be built like that, cause it's the old ring lock system. Don't know what you're used to though

@DissonantEevee @wigglytuffitout that’s one type of equipment i’m not familiar with! haven’t done much construction work, and none requiring that type of support structure.

@Ethancdavenport @wigglytuffitout first show where the groupies discarded bras were big enough that I didn't have to worry if they came off someone underage.
Like I worry every fucking rave run by the promoter that tries to pay people in cocaine.

@wigglytuffitout@elekk.xyz i used to work in construction and osha was literally on your ass the whole time.
if they saw you doing this, they would be both very impressed and mad as shit

image description 

@wigglytuffitout i tried to post an image description but i don't know what those are called and i'm pretty sure "cranky jack" isn't it

anyway we've got two people standing on one that's lifting them up to the ceiling like 3 storeys up from the ground

except the "ground" here is a big floaty mattress floating on top of a full swimming pool

image description 

@noelle @carcinopithecus @wigglytuffitout

I'm pretty sure this is how portions of Dakha, New Orleans, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam were built 🤔

@wigglytuffitout looks safe to me as they might fall either on a giant matress or in water 😅

@wigglytuffitout I drove past this several years back, and that’s a real safety third sort of moment.

@wigglytuffitout @frumble Looks pretty safe to me as they have removed the power line before setting it afloat off the shore.

And looking at the propulsion system they don't use a nasty gasoline that emits noxious fumes, but instead pull themselves along the roof girders which they can hold onto in case of an emergency to wait until the construction fully capsized and they can safely fall into clear water or into the soft pontoon (underside).

[ no, so wrong on so many levels ]

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