Help I have to use these apples from my tree before they rot! 😭 they're all hail damaged, and I don't have space in my refrigerator to preserve them 😭😭😭

I'm rinsing them and planning to make apple butter, but I'm just one man. What uses a shitton of apples and doesn't require peeling?


@Alamantus you could try making cider! does mean you'll have to acquire a cider press of some type, but from what i remember of victorian farm and similar domestic history programs, you don't need to peel at all for cider. you just gotta squish 'em like super darn good. (then have the juice be filtered through some cheesecloth or similar.)

then you can use the juice as... just juice, use it to make clear jelly, or ferment it for hard cider, depending on how hard you want to go with additional effort.

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