after reviewing this idea, i will begrudgingly admit

there is ONE good use for nfts

and it is this

@wigglytuffitout I thought everything on a blockchain is there forever? And how will owning the receipt for a picture burn it?

@tastytea i don't actually give a shit about nfts lmao, i merely know enough to appreciate the joke


I'm not sure I'm completely happy that nerds have constructed a fully anonymous, automated blackmail system.

@celesteh oh it's awful but in terms of universal karma, i feel like this is an expected evil consequence to follow the evil of inventing NFTs


On the balance, this kind of use won't benefit women. It will become another abuse vector of "revenge porn."*

* This is not a good name for the variety of abusive acts it designates, but all of them involve an image or a recording of some kind.

@celesteh oh yeah, it's not actually a good idea. this is the digital equivalent of trying to actually do the acts of a grindhouse revenge porn flick in real life: a bad idea

but sometimes cathartic to daydream about lol

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