which bell do i ring again to summon the trekkies to get a meme i stole for them in the spirit of jolly cooperation,

@platypus incredibly earnest AND acting on a tip that he heard glory holes were a good option in covid times

he can only assume they're a good option to earn glory, right? ....right?????

@wigglytuffitout I emailed to 3 friends because I’m a dork. One of them: I mean this is how Martok REALLY lost his eye. You can’t tell Klingons about these without more context

@platypus well i know a concept i am now promptly stealing for my lewd ao3, when i feel the urge to once again write something deeply fucking cursed about a fandom i'm not in or at least not really in anymore

if the readers thought revolver ocelot's "revolver" tricks was bad, just they wait....

@wigglytuffitout i dont get it but that doesnt mean it is not funny

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