it says a lot about the state of video games right now that i consider warframe to be one of the most ethically sound free-to-play experiences, because of the steadfast innovation of

asking me if i want to pay for a thing and me going "yes, i'll buy that thing i want please" and them going "okay! here's your thing you want!"

instead of like "well i can sell you a chance at the thing you want. you might get it at some point if you keep buying. here's a bunch of psychological tricks to make it seem really tempting also! don't you want to get that thing you want (by sinking a completely variable amount of cost into a random pull)"

can you imagine if grocery stores decided to adopt this model lol

"i would like a can of green beans please, grocer!"

"well, i can sell you a can."

"does it have green beans in it?"

"green beans are on the loot table of possibilities, yes. here's the table that we're obligated to provide due to certain regulations in china, and as you can see, green beans is on there."

"...with a 1.5% chance???"

"well yes."

"and it's 45% chance for it to be mouldy beans that i hate?! that's the thing i have the greatest chance to get??"



"but it's also a 0.05% chance to get the rare and special golden green beans, which are new for this limited event!"

"but harp capitalism is bad" ok yes i know but like this is even not doing capitalism very well is the thing

@wigglytuffitout This kind of already happens in some countries due to a severe lack of regulation. You buy a product that says "milk" and you have a 0% chance of getting actual milk and a 100% chance of getting a milk-like calcium-rich drink.

@wigglytuffitout i like how in this even china has better consumer protection legislation than where this is taking place

@carcinopithecus @wigglytuffitout hey sorry, i'm from america, what's "consumer protection legislation"

@carcinopithecus the chinese government's stance on video games can get a little weird, what with the demanding there are no skeletons in warcraft for the sake of the moral health of all chinese citizens, or making PUG's map of soviet ruins get call cleaned up with some spiffy new posters

but on the lootboxes

the lootboxes...

they got a point about the lootboxes.

@wigglytuffitout I feel like gachas are way more evil than say ccg card packs, because in those you're at least getting guaranteed pulls from each rarity tier.

@wigglytuffitout They actually banned loot boxes as gambling in a couple of jurisdictions I think. Honestly, I don't blame them.

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