this hamster gif is so good that i'm uploading it again on its own post so that everyone may properly behold and appreciate it

i would apologise to noelle for using the server space but i think she will agree: how to make thin hamster is worth it

@wigglytuffitout thank you harp now i know how to make thin hamster

@wigglytuffitout thanks to you, I now know how computer mice were shaped :ablobcatbongo:

@wigglytuffitout [image description: a short video on "how to make thin hamster". a hamster being held gently is displayed, and then is pet. text appears on top, reading: "ride a hamster on a hand and pet it gently. soon the body begins to relax. continue petting it to become thin."

then we see the hamster from side-on, and it has indeed been made thin. it is a cute flat loaf friend, like :blobcatmelt:​ new text appears, which reads: "completion! seeing from the side, it is so thin". end image description]

@wigglytuffitout This makes me seriously wish hamsters weren’t illegal down here... :C

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