i mentioned it in a reply, but folks, please be loud about how we don't actually have marriage equality.

if you're disabled and you get married, it is assumed that your partner can take over half of your expenses and care - and your benefits get cut. it doesn't matter if your partner is also disabled.

similarly, there are people who are disabled and have had to divorce in order to continue to receive access to necessary healthcare.

and they have to truly split up. because not being married on paper but continuing to present as if you are married can be considered fraudulent here.

it isn't marriage equality when people are out here having to make these choices. and it isn't marriage equality when disabled people are systematically discouraged from marrying - because, yeah, that's got roots in eugenics. is an article about some of this.

@wigglytuffitout Yupp, I married my partner and now that my disabilities have gotten worse, I deeply regret doing it. Our lives will be torn apart when I eventually need disability assistance. It’s fucking brutal.

@wigglytuffitout I dream I will be able to marry my partner someday. But until I recover (if ever) I’ll be stuck in this system too 😔 thank you for bringing awareness 💜

@gendertrash I know it's completely off topic but that blue lipstick is fuckin sweet as hell I LOVE it

@wigglytuffitout still loud about this, when I tell folks in other countries, they are horrified.

I can't marry my partner, it's.... bad....

@wigglytuffitout I know someone who's disabled and had to divorce but couldn't afford to have either them or their spouse move out even with cut benefits, so technically their spouse lives in the unit next door as someone's roomate (at least on paper.) It really sucks that disabled people get shafted repeatedly when it comes to getting any kind of assistance. Can't get married, can't have any kind of assets over $2k, and apparently being homeless can screw you over as well.

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