@binchicken i think this is the part where i stare into the middle distance because existing as a woman and having every single action i take or will ever take be hornified at some point on account of misogyny and the sense of entitlement to women's bodies that exists in current society, leaving me with no space truly safe from this pervasive knowledge, including a joke post on this website where i joke about my faith and sex being suddenly made into a joke about me having sex in an intensely personal way that crosses a boundary i didn't think needed explicitly stating because i had assumed it would be obvious that not everyone is down for that, and just add it to the pile of ongoing trauma i guess because it's not like anyone is invested to change this attitude, even on this supposedly left-wing utopia of a website

or tdlr

hey dude, this is not a cool joke. there are some jokes that everyone can make, and some jokes that specific people can make. please let me make the jokes about how i am going to get turned into a sexual object. please don't make those jokes for me. it's deeply uncomfortable when someone else makes those jokes, because ultimately it is just them doing the thing of deciding i personally must be a sexual object at all times, without my consent, but with a half twist of pretending to be woke on top. this is not a great time. don't do this.


@binchicken you know i can see you palling around having fun shitposting at other people, right?

if being told to not cross this boundary is an incredible burden that you cannot fathom following, then all you have to do is say so. then i'll know to just hit you with a block and move on.

doing the passive-aggressive thing of just ignoring me saying "that was uncool of you and hurtful" and pretending that you never saw it is a jackass move.

especially when you then go around joking with other friends we have in common as if nothing bad has happened and all your jokes are totally cool.

@binchicken alternatively, this might be my cue that you just muted me!

because it's too hard to respect a simple boundary of "hey don't make sex jokes about my person, that's really fucking uncomfortable". or something.

the dump-and-run approach is also not a cool way to treat people. especially when you hurt someone, and then you decide the only response you need to give them is absolute radio silence, sweeping it under the rug, and moving on as if nothing bad happened.

because once i assert that i'm not comfortable with being made into a sex object for you, i cease to exist as a human being.

VERY cool and good way to treat another person. (the previous sentence was sarcasm. it was a lot of sarcasm.)

@binchicken if you've got the spoons enough to write funny jokes and pal around with friends, then, not to pull a "mom says that if you're too sick to go to school, you're too sick to play video games", but i would really appreciate even the barest fucking acknowledgement of how you crossed a boundary and made me deeply fucking uncomfortable.

or we can just keep sweeping this under the rug and hope your cool friends you're shitposting with, like @FirstProgenitor , never see this OH WHOOPS I GUESS MY FINGER SLIPPED.

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