i regret to inform you all that i have found a picture of the ultimate gaming setup

@wigglytuffitout you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

@wigglytuffitout If the desktop background isn't something that makes them looks like eyes with glasses I'm gonna be really disappointed

@wigglytuffitout "I looks like a mutated cell that tried to split but couldn't" -wife

@wigglytuffitout I did not know this monitor existed, and now I want two.


@craigmaloney @wigglytuffitout It‘s a well made fake.
The “Macintosh Portrait Display” did exist though. (Introduced 1989) with a whopping 640x870 monochrome resolution.
It was colloquially dubbed “Page display”.


@MacLemon @wigglytuffitout I know. I had one for a bit on a IIci. 😁


@craigmaloney @wigglytuffitout
IIci, aaah, what an incredible machine. Still have mine. Sadly missing the display in my collection.

@wigglytuffitout This is the tiling window manager they've been telling me about

*lol* SM124 :-) Fond memories running Aladdin with one of these.


@wigglytuffitout This looks like an GAN generated photo from

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