if anyone's looking for a "graphic design is my passion" example for today,

@wigglytuffitout Ok I know there's the obvious but the fact that this has a grind background really bothers me for some reason

@TheAmazingM the grid background is just really what elevates it into true Graphic Design Is My Passion

the text isn't even properly lined up with the grid and the more i notice it the more it causes me pain

@wigglytuffitout Plus there's the extra pain of being completely unable to understand what the sentence written here even is

@TheAmazingM it's supposed to be

"let it snow"

supposed. that word is doing a lot of heavy lifting in the previous full sentence

Wait wait wait, that's what it's suppose to say???
Why the fuck didn't they just make more space so it doesn't change lines that awkwardly?!

@wigglytuffitout it’s so... it’s got that level of amateur that lets you know management got their hands on it between final draft and first production. It just screams “professional tools in the hands of the new hire, guessing at the true nature of the clients vaguely written yet strangely specific request”.

And yet I’m pretty sure all of these implied people are the same person, the one who is selling it on their Etsy.

@wigglytuffitout it took me forever to figure out what this was trying to say. It's like that stroke-inducing garfield meme in my head. "Why DO they call it oven?" "Why DO they want tits now?"

@wigglytuffitout it’s a french expression. “I want to see Le tits now”, ahahahahha

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