your monads guardian for the day is : goat, the goat goat

rise and shine, monads. today the guardian is these bovines.

today we have a special guardian. gloria la riva for president 2020! #imwithher #getoutthevote

your guardian for the day is this party of satyrs and nymphs . hopefully they stop partying and get to guarding soon...

Salutations, today we have a special guardian. Meet, Reginald.

your guardian for the day is cobra starship's gang symbol: Fangs up!

today we have a very special guardian: hannibal barca back from the dead!

bleu cheese 

today the guardian is a 5 foot diameter block of bleu cheese. yeah i don't understand it either.

today we have famed british journalist edward siddons himself guarding us!

your guardian for today: the final fantasy lesbians (daggers lesbian and warhammer lesbian)


@georgespolitzer this is extremely cute and i'm glad they're holding hands but boy i wish the artist had actually made ryne and her gf look their ages instead of aged up.... it's pretty jarring when in-game she's clearly 14 or so

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